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Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Scholarship

Calling all students! Warner Bros. Animation is trying to get the word out on an animation scholarship program that the studio is offering to graduating high school students/incoming college Freshman. Below is the basic info along with a link to the application. It’s a great opportunity… don’t be a moroon – go for it!

2013 Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship

Who: Any graduating high school senior enrolling in a college, university, or trade school to study animation.

What: Through the Warner Bros. Reach program, one outstanding student is awarded the Hanna-Barbera/Animation Honorship each year that includes a scholarship and four full-time paid internships at the company during four consecutive summers while enrolled in college. Successful Reach program graduates will be eligible for full-time positions at Warner Bros.

How: Application (w/ instructions) can be downloaded via this link.

When: Application deadline is by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 4, 2013

  • Moonie

    Thank you for linking! This high school senior is super grateful.

  • Pedro

    Is this scholarship is only available for students in the US?

  • ahw awesome! i wish i could aply


    Is there anything for a college student going for animation and is a junior in college

  • Wait a minute, this isn’t how the whole exploitive intern thing isn’t supposed to work! Someone at Digital Domain please explain how this is supposed to work to Warner Bros./Hanna-Barbera.

  • Piotr Wojciechowski

    I’m a high school graduated first year Art History student living in Poland. Do I count too?

  • AC

    Little too late for me but I would’ve lit up at this opportunity back when I was in high school, although I’ve now turned most of my focus to musical theater at this point (with animation more or less on the side)-this is a great opportunity for the aspiring high school animators to seize though. :-)

  • Nickyle Edwards

    Do you think they will do this again? I would love to apply, but I’m a junior in high school, not a senior.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Too bad this didn’t offer this to me 17 years ago.

  • Paulie

    Three more years…three more long, long years…

  • Laura Douglass

    WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS 3 MONTHS AGO!?!?!?! I’m so angry at myself. GAH!

  • sally


  • TDO

    Its exciting to learn the scholarship offers paid internships as early as high school graduation!!!