Tinman Creative: February 2012 Tinman Creative: February 2012

Tinman Creative: February 2012

Morghan Fortier and Brett Jubinville are so excited about their upcoming project at their newly established Toronto studio, Tinman Creative, they’ve posted a video showing off their first month of production. They plan to create such a video every month. I don’t know if their mystery project is a commercial, short film or TV production, but it sure looks intriguing with its great character designs and great sense of color.

  • Does anyone ever animate the legs anymore when doing walks. Or are all walks only the upper halves of bodies moving through the frame? With their legs designed on opposite sides of the body and seemingly no connecting link, it’d be interesting to see how these guys move. The dynamic song helps buy a lot. I’d like to see more though.

  • tomm

    cool cats

  • Deaniac

    Inspirational stuff!

  • Congratulations for the amazing works! Really inspiring!

  • I can see they are working in Photoshop, but I wonder what the studios typical workflow would be. I didn’t notice any other programs.
    I haven’t used Photoshop much and am fairly clueless to this type of animating and how they would export the images to another program.

    • Since 2007, the ability to animate is built-in to Photoshop – CS3 to present. Of course, folks have used Photoshop to animate since the very beginning 20+ years ago…

    • Brandon

      I imagine they are using secondary software, such as After Effects, for the movements and animation. In Photoshop, If you keep the elements in your image separated by layers, the layers can be imported into AE.

  • Love the style and their way of sketching (transforming the head shape in photoshop for example with the marquee tool). Yeah it looks like photoshop layers animated to after effects. I’ve animated completely in photoshop before.. but that’s more useful for frame-by-frame work.