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Warner Bros. cartoon murals

When the Warner Bros. Animation Department was located in Burbank in the 1980s (the period when they were producing the Greg Ford/Terry Lennon movies, shorts and TV specials), veteran animation artist Richard Thomas and background painter Alan Bodner created several murals to decorate the hallways at the studio. The murals were eventually removed by Warner’s Chuck Seaman in December 1992 when the animators were moved to new offices in Sherman Oaks (at the start-up of Tiny Toon Adventures).

Mr. Seaman has held onto them for the past 18 years and now needs to find them a new home. Either separately or all together, Seaman is looking for a buyer. They are on drywall and steel studs. Click the photos above to see enlarged images. If interested, contact Chuck Seaman wcsthink-at-yahoo.com

  • Kelly

    Holy crap do I want these. If only I had somewhere to put them.

    • Chuck

      I will build you a room.

  • Ephraim

    The start-up of Tiny Toon Adventures was 1989, not 1992. Warners was in mid-production on Animaniacs and Batman The Animated Series by 1992.

  • top cat james

    If only the cartoons they were producing at the time looked as good as these murals.

    “Tiny Toons” premiered in September 1990. Wouldn’t the start-up be around 1989?

  • Mark

    VERY Nice. The great Alan Bodner was the chief designer for the film Iron Giant, too.

  • holyduck

    This a cartoon fan’s wet dream.

  • Beautiful. I have fond memories of visiting the studio and chatting with Richard Thomas back then. (And it was Jerry who let me tag along.)


  • Bryan

    I really like the Ford/Lennon era, it’s a guilty & not guilty pleasure of mine. I’d like Yosemite Sam Mr. Seaman.

  • The Yosemite Sam mural was outside the office I shared with Dick Thomas and later
    Pat Keppler. This was indeed a great time to be at Warner Bros. It’s wonderful to see these images again. Thanks.

    • Kurt Thomas

      I visited the department with my then girlfriend (now wife) and my dad, Dick Thomas gave us a nice tour.
      Kurt Thomas

  • Katie

    These are fantastic! So glad they are still around and hope they find the home they deserve.

  • John

    These should be reproduced and sold as wallpaper for people houses!

  • How can I get one? Very interested buyer here…

  • I recall these appearing the background of the 1990 UK television documentary Rolf Meets Bugs And Friends In Hollywood as Rolf Harris toured the studios.

  • Mich

    Where can I make an offer on these ?
    Thanks Mich

  • Gone sailing.

  • Tooney

    I heard they are now in the Seattle area

    • Iveseenthem

      YES they are.