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Wacom Is Launching 24- and 32-Inch 4K Cintiq Pro Tablets

Wacom has announced its largest graphic tablet ever: a 32-inch 4K Cintiq Pro (its largest previous model was the Cintiq 27QHD).

A new 24-inch 4K Cintiq Pro is also in the works. Both the 24- and 32-inch displays will be available starting in 2018. Wacom’s current Cintiq Pro line-up includes only a 13- and 16-inch tablet.

Wacom has said that it will continue to release information about the tablets throughout the end of the year, but here’s what we know so far: The 4K displays will have a billion colors and “maximum color accuracy.” They will also have edge-to-edge glass screens and use the Wacom Pro Pen 2 technology, which with its 8,192 pressure levels offers four times more pressure sensitivity than the standard Wacom Pro Pen.

Wacom’s expansion of its Cintiq Pro line should help reassert its positioning in the tablet market, which has grown more competitive thanks to Microsoft’s entry with the Surface Pro laptops and Surface Studio workstation.

Wacom’s 24-inch display will be priced at USD$1,999, while the 32-inch will set you back $3,299.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    I understand a 24 inch model, but isn’t 32 kinda overkill? Even the 22 seems fine for me.

    • schwarzgrau

      Same here. I use the 22″ and never felt I could profit from a bigger one. I also worked on the 24″ and didn’t noticed any difference. But maybe other people prefer to use their arms, instead of their wrists.

      • Pablo Pereyra

        Hi Mate! I see that you are using Cintiq 22. I am making the decision right now to buy a Cintiq 22 Touch… But I am with a big doubt… Should I wait the new cintiq 24K or maybe buy the current Pro 16.. What would you do?… Nowadays I am working with an old Intuos Large 12×18 (I think it is 15 years old!)… So i am familiarazed using my arm to drawing. I combine that with a 23″ Samsung monitor… Therefore, What do you suggest? 1- Buy Cintiq 22 touch; 2- buy Cintiq 16 4k or 3- Wait for the new 24K…?

        • Kyle_Maloney

          Personally I think 16 would be a bit cramped for me. It would be a fine size if it were not for all your tools taking up screen real estate. I would go for a larger size. Though I love my 22 HD (non touch) my one complaint is the paralax, which is the distance between the tip of the pen and where the ink gets layer down under the glass. This is mostly ignorable but can lead to some imprecise strokes. As I understand it the recent models have all but eliminated this.

          • Pablo Pereyra

            I think you’re right: 16 is too small for me too for the same reason you say (I’m used to having many tools open!). So, believe me I’m at a crossroads! Buy
            now the 22 (I do not think the paralax is a problem for me) or wait
            (although who wants to wait ?!) until they launch the market 24.
            Decidedly, the 32 is gigantic for anyone (in a short time the Wacoms will have to use on skates !!!)

        • schwarzgrau

          I would recommend the 22″ without touch (I also own a Companion 2 and never use the touch, but maybe others use it more often?).
          But if you can, you should probably try some models, since it’s a lot of money. I tried the mobile studio on the wacom booth in Annecy and was pretty impressed by the matte display (it looks and feels great) and the non-existing parallax, even if the parallax never bothered me.

  • Jarrod Simpson

    I wonder how useable a 32 inch tablet would be. I use the 27″ everyday, and, though I’ve adapted to the size, it still feels a bit too big and takes up so much desk space. Additionally, it’s difficult to maneuver even with the ergo stand that Wacom sells.

    At the very least, its size should impress your studio mates

  • guybrush3000

    I’m curious about this “edge-to-edge glass screen”. Will there still be much bezel beneath that glass? And will the glass be slick and lose the nice resistance of the current models?