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“Ratatouille” Ride To Open at Disneyland Paris This Summer

Visitors to Disneyland Paris will soon have the opportunity to experience life as a rat scuttling along the baseboards of a charming Parisian restaurant, sniffing out crumbs and bits of discarded food. Or, at the very least, its theme park equivalent: careening through a giant animatronic-filled restaurant in an adorable multi-seater rodent car. The new $150 million dark ride, Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, is based on the 2007 Pixar film Ratataouille and scheduled to open this summer.

Set in the Le Monde de Rémy (The World of Rémy) section of Disneyland Paris’s Walt Disney Studios Park, the ride is scaled to appear a few inches from the floor of the fictional restaurant Chez Gusteau. “By developing this new Ratatouille attraction,” says Euro Disney president and CEO Philippe Gas, “we continue to ensure our guests can experience their favourite Disney stories in memorable ways that only Disney can provide. The theme, which is very français, is a tribute to our capital and the unforgettable characters that make Ratatouille the ideal choice for an attraction that fits perfectly at Disneyland Paris.”

Of course, guests will be able to purchase souvenirs in the new gift shop Chez Marianne, Souvenirs de Paris and dine in Le Bistrot de Rémy, a new human-sized bistro created under the supervision of famed French chef Paul Bocuse.

(via Pursuitist)

  • Annie Li Saunders

    oh god yes

  • Mike

    Man, I’d forgotten about this ride! There’s been tidbits about it floating around for years. I think one of the most interesting elements of the plan for the ride is that it’s going to use Disney’s trackless ride technology to randomize the paths the cars take and so make every ride at least nominally different. Still waiting for them to bring one of these rides to America…

    • otterhead

      I think they’re using that same new trackless tech in the new Mystic Manor (Haunted Mansion type ride) at Hong Kong Disneyland. I know there was some talk about recreating Remy’s restaurant, complete with animatronic rats running around, as well.

  • RatatouilleFan

    When I look at this, the first thing that springs to mind is Chef Gusteau’s line of frozen food products. Time for some microwaved burritos and tooth-pickin’ chicken!

  • Tim

    Such a good opportunity for some mind-blowing forced perspective

  • Strong Enough

    i wonder if Brad Bird gets a check from this

  • Mark Mayerson

    Please fix the typo in the headline

    • AmidAmidi

      Fixed. Thanks for the eagle-eye, Mark.

  • Funkybat

    Sounds cool. I think it’s important for each of the Disney parks to have things that “you can’t see anywhere else”. This has always been true to some extent, but making Disneyland Paris distinctive from Florida and Anaheim is a good thing, especially if we want European tourists to want to come to those parks. Otherwise, they could just see it all at Paris!

  • phil

    ratatoing needs a ride too! just kidding