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Chris Sanders Answers Your Mermaid Prayers

Having trouble finding that very special mermaid statuette?

Well, Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch, The Croods) can commiserate. “I’ve always kept an eye out for a mermaid sculpture that I really like. There’s a lot of them out there, but I could never find ‘the one.’ They were either too serious, too stiff, or just not very cute.”

But unlike you, Sanders has decided to do something about it. “I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Nimue, the mermaid sculpture I’ve always wanted.”

The first collaboration between Sanders and sculptor Anders Ehrenborg, Nimue (pronounced “Nim-way”) is “the right combination of fluid, cute and sexy” and presented in Sanders’ distinctive signature style. She is resin casted, stands 7.25 inches high and is being offered in two styles; blonde hair with a blue tail or green and green – a topless version of each color scheme is also available in limited quantities.

“How many sailors would have given their last weevily biscuit to capture such a creature in their sea-chests?” Sanders muses. Fortunately, you won’t have to make such a sacrifice; online preorders have begun and all four prototypes will be on view at San Diego Comic-Con this week at booth #5534, between the convention hall entrances from Lobby B2 and Lobby C.

  • Amirite?

    “Sea chests” is right!

    wokka wokka

  • Pedro Nakama

    Going against all of the readers here at Cartoon Brew let me just say.. I’d rather have a real woman!

  • Kyle_Maloney

    Proof that Sander’s designs translate just fine in 3d. I just wish Dreamworks (or whoever he works for) would embrace that.

    • SarahJesness

      If he does another CG movie any time soon, I really hope it has Sanders designs translated well to 3D.

    • Cheese Addict

      Wasn’t How to Train your Dragon in his style? Toothless was super Stitch-y to me.

      • Kyle_Maloney

        I’d say so, sure. Thing is Chris wasn’t brought on board that until later. You only get to see his style in the dragons. Those are cool and all, but I want to see his humans brought to life in 3D. (well, another 2D would be fine too, but that’s unlikely) It should have happened in the Croods but didn’t.

        • Animator606432

          The people in the Croods looked REALLY off and I thought it was just me. Chris Sanders is a huge inspiration to me as an artist and animator, but his stuff just doesn’t translate to well to 3D. At least when Dreamworks get’s a hold of them.

        • xrtgx

          Actually Toothless was the only dragon that was his design, and the only one that looked appealing IMO. The rest were designed by Nico Marlet.

  • SarahJesness

    I LOVE Chris Sanders’ mermaid drawings. If I had the money I’d definitely buy one of these!

    On a side note… Why are the topless versions so much more expensive than the regular ones?

    • Nikolas

      Evidently nipples are very time-consuming to sculpt and very expensive to airbrush pink paint onto! Who knew?

  • misseditbythatmuch

    Have to agree… I was a fan of his films for a long time, thinking: ‘this guy really GETS female characters! How refreshing!’. Then I saw his personal work: “…..oh….”

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I like it.

    • Ben

      You can ‘get’ female characters and still think chicks are sexy.

      • misseditbythatmuch

        Thank you, Mr. Strawman. But the questions is: Can you legitimately stand behind why ‘getting’ female characters is important while you’re off drawing exoticised erotic mer-babes?

        I believe that’s called having your cake and eating it too.

        It affected how I watched his films, is my point.

        • SarahJesness

          You can respect women and see them as people while still thinking they’re sexy. True story. There’s a difference between sexualized and objectified.

        • SarahJesness

          I meant to add, also… I don’t think this mermaid girl is very sexualized anyway. She’s pretty, she’s sexy, but she’s not sexualized. She’s topless, but it’s not like she’s making any kind of suggestive face or pose. Nudity isn’t inherently sexual, really.

          • canimal

            So you’re saying there is nothing suggestive about posing a woman in this arched-back way with gigantic breasts and using the underwater mermaid thing as an excuse to make them the prepubescent male comic-book nerd’s wet dream of how boobs would look if there was no gravity. No she’s not doing anything thats openly sexual in nature, but the intent here was CLEARLY to sexualize.

          • SarahJesness

            The arched back is a pretty common mermaid pose. (I look at a lot of mermaid pictures, I’m super into them) The big boobs, I think, are just part of the drawing style and their main purpose isn’t to titillate. Sanders often draws women very curvy, with a lot of round shapes and proportions. The rest of the mermaid follows this style so I think it would actually look a little weird if she had a more realistic chest.

        • Mac

          What do you think artists do all day? It is an intimate relationship with with the world outside of yourself. Drawing is a crude word, for the relentless pursuit, the meditative experience of this personal love story with the universe. It is erotic to draw anything, observing, taking an action, responding, understanding, over and over, receive the universe, giving back, staying open, to the continual back and forth. No words for this, I think you are just incapable of relating to where these mermaids come from.

          • e. small

            i just had to say i love how beautiful this above comment is. perfect.

  • SarahJesness

    I want Sanders to make a mermaid movie. Right the hell now. Don’t care what it’s rated.

    • Mac

      Like Heavy Metal, but only based on that sketchbook stuff. Hours of the hot lady and her sassy little animal sidekick meeting all the mermaids and the fishes and the other hot chicks and their animals, all doing vacation sports, trying on different costumes, eating quaint americana food and drinking lemonade. Soundtrack is just a Phish concert.

  • Toast

    I know this is weird of me to say but, THOSE HANDS ARE GORGEOUS! The whole sculpture is exquisite, yet I keep going back to how the hands are well sculpted.
    I wonder if the prototype is made using the 3d printing technology or was it done by hand? And by looking at the sculptor’s website, I’m thinking of the former? I could be wrong, hehe.

  • Robert Fiore

    Looks a little porny to me.

  • SarahJesness

    Sometimes he draws Hawaiian girl mermaids.

  • vic

    He gave you Stitch what more do you want?!!

  • Kate

    I wish her boobs didn’t look like balloons… anatomically this would only happen with a bad boob job! I don’t mind if they are big, but the curve to the chest/ neck is weird. The rest of the model is very cute and sexy (gorgeous hands, face + hair!), so it’s a shame the freaky tits are so prominent.

  • OtherDan

    Looks great! Almost as good as my Freddie Moore/Kent Milton sculpt.