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This is How You Review A Doll From Disney’s “Frozen”

I’m not sure that this review convinced me that I need to buy an Elsa doll from Disney’s Frozen, but I give credit to reviewer Chad Alan for proving that doll critiques can be entertainig.

(via @HeyBruceWright)

  • sashatemp

    Didn’t expect to watch it all the way through haha. I remember going to the Disney store before brave came out and the figurines spoiled the ‘secret’ they were trying to keep about the movie (that the mom/brothers turn into bears). I find it odd that they start selling toys of movies that don’t come out for a while but Disney knows what they are doing.

    • Funkybat

      Because of just such concerns, I am actually trying to avoid looking at too much “Frozen” pre-release promotional material. When I was a kid, for whatever reason, knowing a lot about the movie weeks before it came out didn’t “spoil” anything for me. I was just as excited to see the Genie pop out of that lamp on screen for the first time as I would have been if I hadn’t been bombarded with Robin Williams interviews and key clips from the film itself.

      These days, I find all of the trailers and promotional material gives away too much of the story. Some of it is probably my more sophisticated film knowledge; with just a few clips and scenes I can form an idea of what kind of arc the characters are going to go through, what is the climactic scene vs. a more incidental action scene. Now that I can piece together a rough outline due to knowing something about film formulas, I try to remain ignorant going into the theater.

    • SarahJesness

      Maybe it’s a form of marketing that feeds into itself. The movie sells toys, but maybe the toys also sell the movie. If a girl goes into the toy aisle before the film comes out and thinks the Elsa doll is pretty and her parent buys it for her, it might push her to go see the film.

      Though regarding Brave… The trailer didn’t attempt to keep either of those things secret.

  • martin

    fantastic review.
    couldnt have said it better myself, she is absolutely GORGEOUS. totally buy her flowers and stuff.
    ordered 20.

  • Mike

    Ahh. Just the sort of hard-hitting content for which I come to Cartoon Brew.

  • Tori Rhodes

    Cool guy! As an adult I’m more of a plush enthusiast, but he kind of made me want that doll. The dress is pretty gorgeous for a play-quality doll.

    Also, the slightly foreboding music gave me the impression throughout the whole video that he was about to pull a face heel turn and do something psychotic. Kept me interested!

  • AmidAmidi

    One of our most popular posts for a long time was this:
    We’ve always been interested in how companies market their animated characters as well as how fans react to the tie-ins. True, you could argue that the doll is a minor accomplishment or that it lacks artistic merit, but when you add all these seemingly trivial components together, a well-defined picture emerges of the animation industry and its impact on pop culture.

    • Céu D’Ellia

      So, Amid, you should also look to its impact in environmental and social issues. Take this doll, for instance. Is this recyclable? Who did it and how? Did its production polluted the environment or did explore children labor? Does animation industry include industrial aspects or does not? Or shall we keep always as stupid consumers, dying for the crap on soft plastic skin?

    • philipwesley

      I think the merchandise for animation is just as important to the over all experience of the art form. Would I buy Waltz with Bashir action figures? Umm.. actually yes. Yes, I would. Mainly because that would be weird.

      But the action figures do not diminish the art. A playset based on the final scene of “A Cat in Paris” does not make the film any less great. In fact, I think that having merchandise of any quality adds to the original animation. Also, it gives collectors and young fans something to remind them of the experience of watching the animation. And now I am saddened that I don’t own Secret of Nimh statues. o_O I want that so bad now. I mean, think about it. A statue of the last battle between Jenner and Justin would be sweet. Or maybe one of Mrs. Brisby and the Owl. I LOVE seeing toys and merchandise. I think Amid is perfectly right in posting this. Besides, it’s kind of funny.

    • jmahon

      ……all things considered, compared to other similar dolls this one looks to be of great quality both in terms of value, but also because it looks great- they captured her wide strands of geo hair perfectly, I love it, it’s like right out of a rendering

  • D. Harry

    I mean Honey Boo Boo!

  • Funkybat

    While I too prefer the more art and artist-oriented stories on here, I find stuff like this to be a nice occasional diversion. Stuff like the “Monsters U” diapers or even the more outlandish ones, like the NSFW He-Man fan art, was funny (to me at least) even if it wasn’t something “worthy of critical acclaim.”

    A “light” story isn’t the end of the site. There really hasn’t been anything to indicate a decline in quality news, though I do miss Jerry’s postings.

  • Mark

    I’m genuinely confused as to what in particular makes this review better than most other toy reviews or worth bringing attention to?

    • AmidAmidi


  • Tim Elliot

    I liked the post. The toy looks good enough for a turn-around construction study. I’m planning on buying one.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Does the character really have big eyes like that or is this doll made to look like the popular “Brat” dolls?

  • Dartzy

    I like stuff like this. It’s animated related content. Does anyone know who he is? Does he have a web site, etc. have a friend who collects dolls and if he does this a lot, she might like to know about him.