9/11 Shorts Directed by the Rauch Brothers 9/11 Shorts Directed by the Rauch Brothers

9/11 Shorts Directed by the Rauch Brothers

Make sure you have tissues handy before you watch these three 9/11 shorts directed by the Brooklyn-based Rauch Brothers Animation. Each story is narrated by someone who lost a relative in the destruction of the towers; the recordings are part of the Storycorps oral history project and the animated shorts were commissioned by the PBS documentary series POV. All three shorts feature painterly backgrounds by Bill Wray that find the sweet spot between cartoon and realism. (Earlier this year, I interviewed the Rauch Brothers at length about their production process. Read our interview here.)

  • Dan Turner

    This is what that day was all about, the people and those affected by the event, and these three shorts bring it home in an especially poignant way. Thanks to Storycorps for animating these stories so that we will never forget.

  • N

    Sitting here at my desk animating on a Sunday morning. First video has me in tears and wishing that I was home to hug my daughter right now.

  • Toonio

    This world has to be in the wrong end of terrible when a father loses his 2 sons, kids lose their father, a guy loses his partner and many others lives get cut short for the mistakes of a few.

    Only love and compassion will keep us from seeing another 9/11.

  • Story Corps and the Rauch brothers are real class acts.

  • AaronSch

    I rolled out of bed early this morning, threw on some clothes and immediately went to put the flag out. Ten years after the terrible events of 911 and despite the many tributes and recollections, I didn’t really feel emotional about the day . The fact that my sister-in-law’s brother, Gary Herold lost his life in the World Trade Center that day wasn’t really registering with me. I just noticed that it was a beautiful Phoenix morning and the air was cool and crisp for a change. A pleasant sign that that the oppressive heat of summer was coming to an end. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a donut and sat down at my computer to browse through my favorite web sites before heading out to do some chores. It was just another Sunday until I viewed these three films. I should have grabbed the Kleenex as advised. I’m no longer emotionally numb.

    • Ju-osh

      Exact same story as above.
      Less than an half hour ago I was talking to my girlfriend about how I was not actually sad today. I didn’t know anyone personally affected by 9-11, so all I can really draw upon are memories of how shocked and scared I was that day. Then I watched these videos. Now I’ve got snot and tears falling down my face in equal measure and my girlfriend has had to get up twice to come hold me.
      From the bottom of my heart: To all of those who lost loved ones on 9-11, I wish you only the best. Having lost both parents myself, I urge you to hold on to your memories! They are like rocket fuel on some days, helium on others, and laughing gas on some of the worst days ever.
      And to all those involved in making these shorts: Sustained, sincere, emphatic applause.

  • christy

    these are really powerful.

  • Celia

    I worked on “John and Joe” as an animator. I lived a mile away from the WTC on 9/11, and I’ve posted images from that day on my blog : http://www.celiabullwinkel.com/uncategorized/91101-living-in-lower-ny

  • Paul N

    I’ve been avoiding all the 9/11 coverage; the constant drumbeat of the date and its events over the last 10 years has left me fatigued and apathetic. These are the only pieces of tribute material I have watched, and I’m so glad I did. They put a human face on the events of that awful day. StoryCorps and the Rauch Brothers are to be commended, thanked, funded, and assisted in their terrific work. If only all the tributes were this sensitive and meaningful.

  • FANTASTIC JOB! Beautifully done, all of them, Bravo! WOW!

  • These are absolutely amazing..!

  • These are prime examples of what animation can do, and StoryCorps and the Rauch Brothers have created a phenomenal memorial for the people who lost someone on that tragic day. Thank you using your gift to speak to peoples heart.