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“Angora Napkin” By Troy Little and Nick Cross

Nick Cross and Troy Little directed this funny half hour pilot for Teletoon At Night, based on Little’s graphic novel Angora Napkin. It’s packed with everything I like: Zombies, girls, rock and roll, Sea Monkeys, Lorne Greene jokes and meat. The pilot was finally broadcast on Halloween night in Canada and posted online today. It’s also now available for download on iTunes (for free!).

  • Haha nice Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! reference.

  • Wow, my mind is blown! It’s like a PG-13 Josie and the Pussycats with LOTS of boob jokes!

    Loved it!

  • me gusta.

  • I watched it some time ago and I also read the comic book and I think it’s a crime that such a fantastic pilot has not turned yet into a whole series. It has everything I like: the animation is great, the jokes are fantastic, the characters are charismatic (especially Bea) , the songs are beautiful and the musical numbers are inspired. Go Angora Napkin!

    In the negative side I can see the structure getting a little reiterative after several episodes, but the Powerpuff Girls worked pretty well even with that handicap.

  • I recently interviewed both Troy Little and Nick Cross to promote this pilot.

    It’s the best thing to come out of the Teletoon Pilot Project, in my opinion. It’s also educational. Before Angora Napkin, I never knew Lorne Greene was the guy with two legs.

  • Congrats Troy! Keep on making the PEI folks proud.

  • a6m7zeke

    Symbionese liberation army? References to Francisco Goya paintings? The humor is both low brow and sophisticated at the same time.

  • I saw the pilot on iTunes a while back (But this version has the intended title sequence! Awesome!), and I later bought the graphic novel, which I enjoyed immensely! Finally, everyone can see this awesome pilot! I think it really should be made into a series.

    If it ever makes it to the States, it’ll no doubt be on Adult Swim, and it’ll be the best show on that program next to THE VENTURE BROS.!

  • I got this ages ago in a 10-gig torrent labeled “animation rarities”. I liked it.

  • TheyCallMeShine

    Up until the zombie fondled the girls through the door…

    What a fun cartoon!
    Here’s hopin’ it goes places!

  • Mr. Critic

    Lots of positives, but some negatives, ie, the generic voices and dialog heaviness.

  • rghbr

    Nice animation, didn’t like the character designs though.

  • Vince P

    I saw this on Teletoon on Halloween and my eyes exploded! I’ve since watched it another dozen times and I’m running out of eyes.

    The animation is great, I love the designs and the writing is hilarious!

    I’ve seen the most of the other pilot project shows and this is by far the best (in my opinion). I’ve been a big fan of Nick Cross since I saw his “Yellow Cake”, and I also love Troy Little’s comic.

    If Teletoon does not give them a show I will be very, very disappointed.

  • Thanks everyone! It was a blasting making this show, I hope we get to make more someday!!!!


  • Haw! Lots of cartoony fun and imagination! This show deserves five seasons at least!

  • It might be the flat voice acting but the energy for this is spread too thin. could be all the “trying too hard to be CARTOONY” jokes too. i gave up after 5 minutes.

  • Dr.Truth

    I absolutley love this!
    It’s like Spumco meets The Monkees.

    The funny think is, when I first saw it, I had no idea what to make of it. I thought; “It’s cute, but I don’t understand if they are happy go lucky types, or crazy band sluts. It seems like an odd mix somehow.
    But hours later, I couldn’t get the show out of my head, and I watched it again and again, loving it more and more. I love the off model-ness spumco style animation, and, the bouncing boobies everywhere. Bea is actually an endearing character that sticks in your head.
    This show is a winner!
    I really hope it gets picked up! Loved it so much, I ordered the graphic novel this morning!

  • Really loved this. Great animation and designs. It was like watching an adult version of a kids cartoon. Would love to see more of this.

  • I want to see think, but I downloaded it from iTunes, and while I could hear the audio, the picture was all black.

    And I might buy the comic this is based on. After Scott Pilgrim, the world needs more great Canadian comics.

  • I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. The whole time watching I was this close to turning it off numerous times – but for some reason, I didn’t.

    And I wish I knew why.

  • Spencer

    This could be on Nickelodeon and commence a half decent rival against Adult Swim! Better than [email protected]!

  • Maya A.

    I finally got around to watching this and I was blown away. It reminds me a lot of retro cartoons from the 90s. I especially loved the style of the second half. Extremely entertaining.