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“Beavis and Butt-head” Turned 20 Years Old Today

I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that the TV series Beavis and Butt-head premiered twenty years ago today—March 8, 1993—on MTV. The show’s crude production values and even cruder humor look quaint today in a South Park/Adult Swim/Webcartoon world, but it was a bold experiment in its time and cleared a path for much to follow.

  • This show is the reason why I chose to be an animator

  • C O R N H O L I O


  • Axolotl

    Jeez…I guess even axolotls feel old sometimes…

  • RotnG

    So what’s the status of this show? I just now realized how long its been since the last season. The new episodes were nothing short of fantastic.

  • Mike Russo

    Are we getting another season of this show or what?

  • Looking back, it’s amazing how much I owe to this show. Watching this kicked off my love for crude animated humor which ultimately led to my career. Thank you Mr. Mike Judge.

  • I was still a freshman in high school when this debuted, I remember this show fondly well, even got me an A in a essay I wrote about the show for school once.

  • Pedro Nakama

    This show and Ren and Stimpy revitalized television animation.

  • Stéphane Dumas

    20 years already! Time pass so fast….

    I spotted an article from writen in Fall 2011 back when B&B (Beavis & Butthead) returned with a promo featuring a song made by T-baby titled “It’s so cold in the D” with Beavis asking if it’s the Real Housewives of Detroit?

    Here the clip, enjoy.

  • DrNobody

    I have to also ask where/when will we get a new season? I can’t imagine that the new episodes did so poorly as to not warrant another season… (the show that followed it on the other hand… Well… I can understand THAT one not coming back). I believe it’s been well over a year since the season finale with no word one way or another… If the answer is ‘No More,’ just tell us already!! Don’t do that ‘the glitch will fix itself thing’ and make us all have to assume it’s not coming back…

  • kiptw

    Having seen FROG BASEBALL, I wouldn’t even look at the TV series for quite a while. Finally, a good friend browbeat me into it and I found that although the title duo were idiots, the show was far from stupid, and actually (in the non-video segments) explored interesting concepts, such as how a couple of idiots can warp the behavior of the putatively responsible adults around them. I remain a fan.