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Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Mash-Up

Cartoon Network’s birthday bash continues with ten glorious character mash-up bumpers. Atlanta-based Primal Screen is responsible – Check them all out here. This long-form one is particularly good:

  • Tony McCarson

    Bugs Bunny:”alright everyone, now think of your favorite Daffy Duck cartoon!”

    Everytoon: (disgusted)

    Bug Bunny:”or, think of one of mine.”

    some good things never change! ^-^

    • Quiet Desperation

      Two words

      Duck Twacy

      One of the best toons ever made. All the weird villains at the end freaked me out as a kid.

      • Jim Roebuck

        There’s no cartoon with the title “Duck Twacy.” I think “The Great Piggy Bank Robbery” (1946) is the cartoon that’s meant.

    • Annie-Mae

      Duck A-Muck
      Book Revue
      Duck Dodgers
      The Scarlet Pumpernickel
      The Wise Quacking Duck
      I could go on…I’m really tired of this running gag of Daffy cartoons being worse then Bugs.

  • “The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Sorry about that.”

    Don’t we Brits get any breaks any more? We were the first country to have a CN headquarters outside of the US, after all…

    • Geoff

      Canada too…

    • Try this site: It lets you view sites from other countries, including those from the US.

    • Hi Chris,

      We are putting the 2:00 interstitial on our site within the next 24 hours and we love GB, so there you go.

      Hunter from Primal

  • It reminds me of the bumpers where the cartoon characters were working at corporate!

  • Charlie

    I like the little touch of Jake stretching to get Scrappy out of the picture.

    • Vzk

      Before playing the video, I thought something else was going on between Scrappy and Jake.

  • I think this is better than the music video. It includes more characters and isn’t too focused on Regular Show or Adventure Time.
    Ah, no one does cartoon crossovers better than Primal Screen.

    • Charlie

      Yeah, in this version I saw Og (Mike, Lou, and Og), Sheep, and classic Hubie from Looney Tunes.

      • wever

        Juniper Lee!

    • Funkybat

      Agreed. This one had a wider range of characters from across different eras of CN.

      One nitpick: it didn’t sound like they used John Stephenson for Mr. Slate. He’s still alive & doing voicework, so I wonder if maybe it was just a matter of $$$. Or maybe his voice has just changed a bit, a la late-era Mel Blanc.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Who knows at this point. I still feel he could do Slate perfectly anyway but I haven’t heard much about him lately to know for sure if it is his age or the money issue, but it is kinda sad when those who have done the voices for as long as he did start getting dropped anyway.

  • Sarah

    I liked how it included Larry and Otto from Time Squad this time. I laughed at the scene with Benson, Mr. Slate, and Mr. Spacely.

    I am glad about the Jake/Scrappy thing and the fact that there’s not a lot of Regular Show or Adventure Time (though I do love both).

  • udx

    My favorite one so far is the one where Mordecai and Daffy Duck are playing video games and Daffy does his skit from “Rabbit Seasoning” only to be blasted by a laser.

  • Gee, you’d think that with publicity they’d want it the world over. Ah well.

  • Juliusaurus

    They’re really not drawing enough attention to their two greatest cartoon shows to ever grace the network… Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory. I wonder if it has something to do with their relationship with Tartakovsky’s after Titan was cancelled.

  • Arthur F.

    But….no “Foster’s Home…” characters?! Yet that cheap cartoon Johnny Test? An example of corporate think (promote whatever we have now) over two decades of real value. Their history isn’t about the Time-Warner archive, Flintstones or Top Cat, what turned it around for them was a new modern classic, about Dexters, Fosters, Power Puffs, J Bravo, and so on.

    • Nate W

      “Cheese” that strange yellow creature coming out of the bathroom is from Fosters home from Imaginary Friends, and Johnny Test characters didn’t even play a role in any of those scenes…

    • MattMan

      Coco from Foster’s was talking to Johnny Bravo, and Cheese was walking out of the bathroom.

    • wever

      Bloo is in the back as the DJ.

  • Ryoku75

    This one was decent but not as good as the music video. The jokes were a little hit and miss.

    But, why on earth does Porky have horse hooves?

  • Michael

    The three bosses- Sam Marin is Benson, Jeff Bergman voices Mr. Spacely and it sounds like James Arnold Taylor as Mr. Slate. I like the part where Mr. Slate tells Mr. Spacely to relax and enjoy the party, while commenting about Porky with Benson.