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Cartoon Network on Craigslist

Filmmaker Gavin Freitas found this notice on Craigslist:

Cartoon Network seeks Teens (12-18) for new competition show! (Los Angeles)



Are you fast on your toes and quick on your trivia knowledge?
The Cartoon Network is looking for FUN & ENERGETIC teens to show us what they know in a fast paced competition show that’s big on thrills!!!


Shoot Dates (MUST BE AVAILABLE ALL 3 or 4 DAYS):

Contestants will be paid a participation fee + a chance for CASH PRIZES!!

Participants MUST have or obtain an entertainment work permits. If you do not have a work permit we can provide you with the paperwork, but your legal guardian and school will need to approve ASAP.

Parent or Legal Guardian must accompany teens under 18 to shoot.
MUST provide age verification at audition (Birth Certificate and School ID) and a copy of current work permit if available.

If interested, please email [email protected] with a recent PHOTO, your age/birthdate, and a quick couple lines to introduce yourself

Location: Los Angeles
Compensation: daily participation fee + cash prizes

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Gee….really sounds like they are dedicated to a world of great cartoons, doesn’t it?????? Why don’t they just stop the charade of being a cartoon network and call themselved, TTN, Tween and Teen Network. They obviously want to become another Disney Channel. Too bad.

  • Corporal Al

    They forgot to mention the contestants must be CARTOONS!!!

  • uncle wayne

    So what’s the #$%&@%^ing point of HAVING an entity called “The Cartoon Network!” And the sad part?….there are ennnnndless hours of animation out there to be aired…..and that’s just prior to 1960!!!!!

  • Dave G

    Good thing CN doesn’t know about the hordes of unemployed people milling on corners outside of every Home Depot. Oh, yeah. They’re not teens.

  • EricW

    Pardon me for pointing, but am I wrong in being suspicious of a “Cartoon Network casting call” ad that directs all responses to a GMAIL address? Please correct me if I’m missing something obvious…

  • Brad

    I already saw this POS show, I forget the name but it hardly matters. They go to a theme park with a couple of kids and an obnoxious teen host, ask them some lame pop culture trivia questions and then give them $50 and go ride a roller coaster or something if they get the answer. One of the questions was about some lame movie from two years ago that’s already been forgotten because it was crap (I think it was “What was the name of the sequel to “Bruce Almighty”?). The girl they were asking couldn’t remember the answer, so the rode the roller coaster anyway. lol. Worst piece of garbage I thought I’d EVER see on CN.

  • Jesus Crunch Cereal! What happened to you Cartoon Network. You used to be cool. I remember having dreams of animating shorts on What A Cartoon. Now it’s all going to Hell. It’s just like MTV. The “M” doesn’t stand for music any more. It’s more like Mediocre TV now. The “C” in CN is going to stand for “CRAP”… I think it already does.

  • vzk

    Why couldn’t they apply this change to another Turner network, like TBS? Call it TBS Kids or Tween BS ;)

  • CRS

    Why is CN using a gmail account? Are things that bad or is this some pedophile’s kiddie hunting craigslist scam? The good thing is once CN goes “real,” kids won’t care about it anymore, and the pedophiles will no longer be able to attract kids with CN craigslist scams…at least the ones with good taste anyway.

  • I used to think it was illegal to falsely advertise as a specific genre channel and not even broadcast that genre.

  • Graham

    Man, talk about hogging all the exclamation points.

  • chdr

    I’m pretty sure they’re talking about Season 2 of BrainRush.

    On this note, I love how Cartoon Brew seems to obsess over CN’s (small) amount of live-action content than focusing on their CARTOONS. It’s not like the second CN Real started, all the cartoons just up and left. On the contrary, the network has been dropping most of their live-action content for the last few weeks and hasn’t been advertising two new live-action shows, set to premiere in two or so weeks.

    There’s plenty of great animation on Cartoon Network like Adventure Time, Chowder, and Flapjack (and Superjail if you count AS). Unfortunately, those things would invoke some sort of positive outlook or satisfaction, and apparently animation is about constantly complaining about things.

  • Matt

    I recently checked CN’s schedule for next week and they have ONLY ONE CN REAL AIRNIG for the entire week, excluding Wed. night premieres.

    I dunno guys, CN might be learning their lesson.

  • I’ve heard the overall ratings are terrible for these shows, but I must confess my kids watch that roller coaster show and the ghost one.

  • DanO


    Pay close attention folks. You don’t get to see a tv executive’s career implode as quickly as Rob Sorcher’s is about to. If he isn’t making a lot of money right now he’s going to hit a rough road after being bounced out of Turner with his tail between his legs when this reality tv boondoggle fails spectacularly.

  • This is most likely for another season of BrainRush. The trivia thing kinda gives it away.

  • cartoon

    Nickelodeon is still showing cartoons, & even holding contests to find new talent that doesnt involve a years worth of work & giving up the rights to your property.

    Oh wait it’s easier to complain, my bad.

  • darin m

    Say goodnight, Cartoon Network.

  • Tom Heres

    Who says there are no jobs in animation?

    I wonder if there will be cash prizes.

  • vzk

    “Why is CN using a gmail account? Are things that bad or is this some pedophile’s kiddie hunting craigslist scam? The good thing is once CN goes “real,” kids won’t care about it anymore, and the pedophiles will no longer be able to attract kids with CN craigslist scams…at least the ones with good taste anyway.”

    Maybe CN should air Boku no Pico.

    (I’ve been waiting a long time to post that sentence, ever since I found too late about this article:

  • Mike Russo

    Cartoon Network may be cutting back on the CN Real crap, but I’m positive they’re looking towards the next live action genre in the meantime. Believe me, this isn’t over.

  • Ugh. Craig’s List pimping for teens for more uneeded nor wanted “reality series” on CN?!?!

    My disgust grows daily with this mismanaged network.

  • I think I know what happened to the cartoons…

  • I pray no kid is dumb enough to fall for this junk.

  • The roller coaster show (“Brain Rush” I believe it’s called) isn’t that bad of an idea. Basically they have a host who takes a kid on a rollercoaster and asks trivia questions while they’re riding it…so they have to think and answer while enduring a terrifying rollercoaster ride. It’s kind of like that “Cash Cab” show where they pick up random people in a taxi cab and drive around asking questions…but EXTREME.

    The problem is, they’re showing it on Cartoon Network. Why not have a kids’ block on TBS, or TNT and show this stuff there?

  • Grusinosky

    Art Linkletter did the “riding a rollercoaster while questioning a contestant” thing fifty plus years ago on “People Are Funny” except it was entertaining. Linkletter is still alive and might sue CN’s microgenitalia off.

  • tn

    “Contestants will be paid a participation fee + a chance for CASH PRIZES!!”
    ahh… so THAT’s where the budget for our show went. quelle perte!

  • We should start calling it CRAPTEEN Network.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > The problem is, they’re showing it on Cartoon Network. Why not have a kids’ block on TBS, or TNT and show this stuff there?

    TBS used to had kids’ blocks back in the day. Don’t know why they don’t try that again.

    And I hope Linkletter does sue!

  • zimbach

    TNT even had cartoons and Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock reruns in its early days. But I think more fertile fields for kid oriented “reality” shows might be found in Turner’s existing “Actuality” channel, truTV, its self a victim of network decay and rebranding (formerly being Court TV). Ironically enough, there is already a show called “Man vs. Cartoon” on that channel, wherein a bunch of old farts go Mythbusters on Wile E. Coyote’s gadgets.

  • If “Reality Network” is not taken, that ought to be their new name. (Both are 7-letter words.)

    Or, my favorite, “Crass Network.”

  • The Nightmare is Near

    Something sounds fishy here remember that other Craigslist article?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’d rather just call ’em “Careless Network”!

    Just got flooded with memories of TNT’s “Wild World of Shorts” block I watched daily around 1990, back when they were still young and fresh with ideas. Somehow that ended up in a whole different direction later on.

  • Chris,

    I’d think you’d have to lose the last “s” in “Careless.”

    But then, you’d wind up with odd spelling (“Careles Network”, “Careless Networkk”) or an extra box in the top part of the logo to accommodate this. ;)

  • Good bye Cartoons….
    Hello, to me changing the channel…


  • Lindsey


    I am a freelance TV casting director. I work with all the major TV networks and Production companies nationwide (mostly in LA and NYC). There are projects I cast where I am only at the company for one or two weeks before I move on to cast my next project.

    Since I have so many projects and like to keep projects separate and organized I have used Gmail and Yahoo before. When I cast anyone under 18 I ask them to bring a parent with them. We use industry sites as well as craigslist or other online outlets.

    The teens that I cast love the experience and the parents have all been great…..just wanted to through my two cents in. :-)