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Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Video

This mind-blowing video greeting card – animated by London-based I Love Dust – commemorating the 20th anniversary of Cartoon Network features what seem to be every character the Network owns the rights to. Let us know if you spot any missing. CN made its debut at 12 noon on October 1st, 1992; This video will be premiere on Monday night at 6:58pm. For reference, Variety posted a list of Cartoon Network milestones.

  • kwert

    Fun, but for something commemorating the last twenty years there was a lot of emphasis on just this past year.

    There was also no Batman or Teen Titans, but CN probably doesn’t own those rights.

    • Jon H

      Robin from Teen Titans in in the last big group shot. Really wish I could see an HD version, I can hardly make out some of the smaller figures!

  • Sarah J

    I agree with the above poster that there mostly seems to be emphasis on their more recent, more popular TV shows. But it was still nice.

    Also, I totally like how Samurai Jack was looking all serious while riding Lady Rainicorn.

  • Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! Congrats to Cartoon Network!

  • akira

    hello, adult swim? i think there were lots missing, maybe they were super small but i didn’t notice juniper lee, class of 2000, camp lazlo, clone wars, that squirrel show, monkey gym teacher, korgoth, periwinkle, kids next door?… symbionic titan?

    • Peter

      I saw Camp Lazlo, My Gym Partner’s A Monkey, Juniper Lee, Kids Next Door, and Star Wars, so I’m sure the others are in there somewhere too.
      Trying to find Mike Lu and Og myself.

    • Jon H

      Juniper Lee, Lazlo, Kids Next door and My Gym Partner are all featured in the last big shot. There might be more, some are too small for me to make out.

  • “not” available to view in my country. damn.

    • Yeah me too. Damm damm damm

      • Funkybat

        I think if I lived overseas, I’d probably have to look into ways of spoofing my IP so that I appear to be in the US. These content restrictions I keep hearing foreign folks complain about would chafe me to no end. I don’t run into “not available in your country” restrictions when I go to European or Asian web sites…

        • Unless you want to use BBC iPlayer.

    • Here ya go, my fellow Outcasts:

    • Ursaring93

      The animator as on Vimeo without region blockout; .

  • Mac

    Who directed this? Awesome trip.

  • siemasko

    Awesome and super fun video! It’s an epic station ID.
    Does anyone know who made it? Was it done in-house at CN?

  • Yeah, I don’t like how much it focuses on Adventure Time or Regular Show.
    A lot of cartoons are missing in the video, but the mural/poster from Comic-Con at the end of the video has a plenty:

    “Sheep in The Big City”, and “Mike, Lu and Og” are missing, though.

    • Jon H

      Wow! That’s amazing, I have to get one!

      Though now that you pointed it out I’m sad that Sheep and ML&O missed out, really two of the more underrated shows on CN, and as much as I love Adventure Time and Regular Show I’d gladly trade some of the minor characters from those shows for sheep and Mike.

  • Karl Hungus

    Dave Wasson’s “Time Squad” is missing and so is Greg Miller’s “Robot jones”

    • Robot Jones is there, at 1:48

    • Chris Sobieniak

      While I’m sure they’re not in the promo itself, I did spot both Robot Jones and the Time Squad characters on the poster anyway, but yeah, Mike, Lu & Og as well as Sheep is nowhere to be seen, like they completely swept them under the rug.

  • Tony McCarson

    despite few missing “cartoon network” characters, I’am so glad that deedee is here! she is one of my favorite characters. I’am happy that cartoon network is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.

  • Vik

    That was great and a very nice tribute. Congrats on 20 years, CN! :)

  • droosan

    Cartoon Network has a long tradition of solidly fun ‘interstitial’ segments .. but this is definitely among the super-awesome-est!

    Happy 20th Anniversary, Cartoon Network! ^_^

  • Saw a preview of this a few months ago in London. Truly fantastic work by the guys at I Love Dust. Hard to believe it’s all animated in Flash using the line tool for line work. Great job visually unifying all the characters without compromising their individual styles. Top notch!

  • That was epic! Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab…. all my favorite shows!

  • Jer

    They’ve been showing a lot of bumbers recently that focus on past to present properties. A quick google search for – Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Bumper – will reveal some pretty interesting ones. Here’s one that collects a bunch of them in one video

  • Peter Hale

    Ironic that the work of a UK studio is unavailable for viewing here!

    But I don’t think it was supposed to be seen anywhere before its first airing on CN (Monday 6:58 EST). After that it may be up on their website (

  • stephen judge

    This is the best Show!!! This made me watch cartoon network again. If you like this show you should check out my cartoon about cartoon book here

  • somebody

    Where’s Chowder!?

  • wever

    The only thing I don’t like about the video is how it appears to pick favorites with its more recent hits (Adventuretime, Regular Show, etc…), but I know a lot of the older shows would be harder to reunite the voice actors for anyway. It’s good to see some old forgotten characters again. Great stuff!

  • Mike

    That five seconds of Daffy Duck was more promising than anything I’ve seen in a whole season of the Looney Tunes Show. How about we give the reboot to these folks?

    • wever

      Remind me never to come here when the second season of that show premieres in 2 days!

  • The Space Ghost crew also seem to be missing. Brak and Zorak had left Adult Swim this past summer for Cartoon Planet, so I’m surprised they weren’t acknowledged here.

  • Peter

    Noticed Tom v1. Glad they referenced Toonami too.

  • Funkybat

    This was very well done, and reasonably comprehensive. There are always going to be some favorites missed. I do feel like the DCAU properties were neglected, with only small acknowledgement of them in the final graphic. I also wish they had featured more characters from their early 2000s shows, most of the ones I saw seemed to be from the 90s or the last four years. I still remember when Billy and Mandy, Kids Next Door, and Samurai Jack were the biggest hits on CN, and they were hardly shown.

  • Jason P.

    so lame, no megas xlr.

    • Coop’s in the final shot. He was actually the first one that I fully recognized. :)

  • Im speechless for how good this is. About time CN does something right for a change.

  • Mike

    So good! They didn’t get much reppin’ but they’re there in the final graphic!

  • Every time I watch anything associated with this corporate behemoth, my immediate thought is, “Did everyone forget how to draw?”

    • Gobo

      Having watched their recent shows: they haven’t forgotten at all.

    • wever

      This was outsourced to a London studio that probably never did work for them previously.

  • Charles M.

    As much of a wild trip this has been, I feel like this video celebrating 20 years of CN feel flat on its face. What I mean is that this video been fleshed out a little better than what people give it credit for. Adventure Time had more face time than any other show and has only been on the network a few years. I’m surprised not to have seen the new Looney Tunes characters make an appearance along with the old but I may check later.

    Anyway, I think CN could’ve done a much better retrospect like this one:, going down the line instead of this roller coaster fiasco. But what can I say, Happy 20th Anniversary Cartoon Network!

  • Gray64

    I saw characters from both I Am Weasel and Cow and Chicken, but I didn’t see the title characters from either show. Didn’t see Megas XLR or anyone from Sym-Bionic Titan either.

  • 2 stupid dogs?

    • Ben

      Yeah, I didn’t see them either, or Secret Squirrel. Quite a lot of the other Hannah Barbera characters either, but maybe those aren’t included since they’re relegated to Boomerang, like the Smurfs, Josie & the Pussycats, etc…

  • Not that I want to see it, but Total Drama Island is missing. Secret Squirrel, Two Stupid Dogs, Space Ghost/ Brak Show. Would have been cool to see a salute to the What a Cartoon Show, and do the shows from Adult Swim not count? Venture Brothers, Home Movies, Super Jail?

    • droosan

      TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND is a Teletoon show, imported from Canada. 2 STUPID DOGS ‘pre-dates’ Cartoon Network Studios (it was an H-B show aired on multiple Turner Networks), but it -should- still count as CN IP. And Cartoon Network has always been careful not to place ‘CN’ and ‘Adult Swim’ characters in mixed company.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        This would certainly excluded stuff they would acquire from outside sources (including the programs on Toonami or Adult Swim) rather than productions they may solely own from the start or along the way (including 2 Stupid Dogs since it was an H-B show anyway).

      • Vzk

        They should at least had Meatwad there; he’s the most “family friendly” character from [as].

      • Ted

        If you are correct, then Cartoon Network did not consider the Space Ghost crew to be Adult Swim characters, as seen in the old BooBoo Baba DeeDee promo (which incidentally had a much more satisfying cast that much more closely tracks the mix of stuff many of us wish CN would do (lacking some good things since its creation, obviously), altho the new piece is more nicely animated, in that it is animated):
        If your statement is true, this could be because the SG crew pre-dated Cartoon Network, because SGC2C pre-dated Adult Swim, or because the original Cartoon Planet was clearly not an Adult Swim style show. Whatever it is, there should be room for SG characters in the 20 year promo. Of course, if we go by the BBBBDD promo, there’s room for anime, too.

  • anonymator

    Where’s Secret Mountain Fort Awesome? Oh yeah, must be in a secret location, sshhhhhh…..

    • wever

      Another obvious exclusion is Robotomy. It seems they do not include Old Shames.

    • Slog can be seen in the final shot in the bottom left. I’m glad they chose him as he’s my favorite character from the show in terms of design. I’m not sure if they included any Problem Solverz characters, though.

      • wever

        A character from that show appears in the poster tied in with this spot.

  • As a kid, when I first started watching CN (somewhere around late 1998/early 1999), I loved it as a kid. Even during their toughest times (2004-2009), I always found at least something from CN to keep returning. Today, I’ve think it’s improved quite a bit in recent years. They barely show live-action shows, they’ve been showing at least 2 shows that have classic animated shorts (Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry) and they’ve have some very good shows, like Regular Show and especially Adventure Time.

    Hope Cartoon Network can stay around for 20 more years.

  • Matt

    No Jonny Quest???

  • Ryoku75

    Fun video, but I can tell that they were focusing on their popular stuff a bit (Regular Time, Adventure Show).

    I’d ask where the CNReal stuff is and the things from “Out of Jimmys Head”, but thats a period that best be forgotten and not repeated.

    Makes me wonder if Squirrel Boy deserves a cameo.

  • joshua

    I Have loved cartoon network. from mad to bugs bunny it has been a good 20 years

  • bones

    Here’s a link for everyone that Turner Broadcasting doesn’t deem worthy enough to view their content:

    For myself, I love the short, but it feels almost as if I’m watching a commercial for a different channel, considering CN hasn’t been very cartoon focused lately.

    • wever

      Uummmmm…… Adventuretime? Regular Show? Those are very big hits. …you know… the two that had more screentime in this TV spot than any other cartoon?? I’d say CN is VERY cartoon-focused at the moment.

  • Some Guy

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Problem Solverz is nowhere to be found. Same for SMFA.

  • Gray64

    Ah! I just found Coop from Megas XLR in the final composite/group image…and Numbah 1, Numbah 86. and one of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane…There’s a Superman Shield, too, but I still don’t see Sym-bionic Titan or Sheep in the Big City…

  • Mister Twister

    Good job featuring Samurai Jack. You cancelled it, CN, remember?!?

  • JSG

    Wow where literally does the time go.What I love about Cartoonnetwork’s homage to their 90s and early 00s cartoons is that the characters even though not shown regularly anymore still feel so connected to the network.I mean seeing the Foster characters,Ed ed n eddy and Johnny bravo makes me say hey there is the Cartoonetwork cartoons.Even though Adventure,Gumball,and Regular show are currently airing.All the characters can co exist so to speak even though in more ways then one they are drastically different styles of cartoons.

  • Honey Badger Don’t Care

    Disgraceful. Sheep in the Big City, and Mike, Lu, and Og were completely omitted from this. They were two of the funniest shows Cartoon Network has ever had, and the way the network treats them is deplorable.

  • dopey me

    i miss knd i will always stay a kid no matter what …..I Miss KIDS NEXTDOOR SOOO MUCH!!

  • I love how Cartoon Network themselves blocked the video.