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David OReilly Talks About His Glitchy “Adventure Time” Episode

Rhizome.org published a great interview with David OReilly about his recent Adventure Time episode “A Glitch is a Glitch” and the challenges of making convincing styistic glitch:

“In general, doing stylistic glitch is easy compared to doing good character animation. Mixing the two gets very tricky though. One of the hardest things was corrupting the scene near the end of the entire broadcast so that the earlier clip is superimposed over Finn & Jake to give them an idea (i.e., using glitch as a kind of thought bubble). It was easy to storyboard that idea, but making it work properly took a lot of grind…It was all generated from ‘real’ glitches—but since everything is run through compositing software and sort of controlled you could also say it was all fake. The glitches needed to begin locally—inside objects—then spread out until they became part of the scene itself. The local stuff was done by generating a ton of sprites that had random pixels move outwardly to create the colorful flourishes we associate with video compression. These had a decent amount of control—a blob of glitchy stuff could move around a scene, for example. Once the scenes were fully animated and rendered the global full-frame glitches were done. There was some jpeg corruption added on top of the battle scene at the end.”

  • I love this guy’s work. Thanks for posting this.

  • JodyMorgan

    That was an interesting article, and I enjoyed reading about the challenges of making “A Glitch Is a Glitch”. Still, I was hoping for some clue as to why that episode hasn’t been aired (as far as I can tell) since its debut. Is it just an April Fool’s Day gag that will only be aired on that day, or is something else going on?

  • jmahon

    that episode was arguably one of the best ones Adventure Time has ever seen or might ever see. It perfectly encapsulated the creepy, surreal, not-quite-for-kids feel the show has and nobody was better suited to the job than David OReilly. Many fans of the show knew his name and I was really excited when I heard he was involved, though I had no idea HOW. If you get a chance to see the episode, even if you haven’t ever watched Adventure Time before, do it. There’s a ton of references to the work 3D animators do in it, as well, like context menus and wireframes and the like. Very very cool!!

  • Zekey

    This episode was wicked sick. O’Reilly never disappoints.
    Adventure Time and Regular Show continue to barrel ahead, leaving a thick slimy trail of quality episodes behind themselves.

    I wonder if this could soon become a regular thing. Having guest directors doing things in their own unique style again.

    • I really hope it does. How cool would that be if they gave one 11 minute episode a season to an outsider?