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Dexter’s Laboratory: “Rude Removal”

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has posted the “lost” Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon, Rude Removal.

Produced in 1998, Rob Renzetti directed this episode that was originally meant to be shown only on late night television. The cartoon contains all manner of foul language and rude behavior. Cartoon Network changed their mind about airing it and pulled the show at the last minute. Since then, this episode was only screened at selected Comic Cons.

The version placed online today still censors all the dirty words – but it’s great to finally see what the fuss was all about:

(Thanks, Tom Smith)

  • ******** Ya. But all in all swearing over and over again for a joke is bad taste. 

    • Capital_7

       Oh brother.

  • Deaniac

    It was much tamer than I was expecting. But to know that this episode’s existence was completely legitimate is very, very satisfying. 

  • Wow, I honestly thought this was a bunch of *$%#in’ baloney made up by nerds to impress other nerds on the internet.

  • Keegan

    What happened to “skull f*cking d**cheb*g”? 

    • Yeah, I was waiting for that but it never came up.

  • NoNameMoe

    Just change the title card and they could have aired this as a regular episode.

    Anyway, it’s nice to finally see something new from a “classic era” Dexter’s Lab show, which ended…good god, 15 years ago.

    • Joseph Hudak

       It was originally intended as a Season 1 episode segment (the bleeps obviously included) so it’s not really a surprise there.

      I think the censor bleeps were originally suppose to be part of the cartoon.

      • Well, the first season had the yellow THE END cards, while this episode had the green THE END card, thus being an intended season 2 episode.

        • Joseph Hudak

          You’re probably right on that.

  • Wow, it’s quite surreal hearing swearing (although bleeped) in Dexter’s Laboratory! Thanks for posting this!

  • Glad to finally see this one! At best, I’ve hoping to find it leaked somewhere, so seeing it officially released by Cartoon Network is a nice surprise.

  • I feel the same way as Deaniac, and that it was much tamer than I was expecting. But I’m relieved that it was.
    Good to finally see it though!

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I will admit, I was expecting more cursing from the rude counterparts, but this is still a really good episode. I love Dexter and Dee Dee’s little British accents.

    • AM

      Posh English.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Also, this is Glowworm–using my google account which I never realized I actually had.

  • The thing about the episode only being meant for late night television is incorrect. Genndy
    said in a recent Reddit AMA that it was intended for kids. Maybe the
    title card was made after it was deemed unsuitable for air. 

  • Toonio

    F**K this was the best thing ever! Genddyyyyy!

  • JodyMorgan

    How can you flip someone the bird if you don’t have a middle finger?

    • I think that just blew my mind. At first I was like wait we don’t have middle fingers, between the 4 of them, then I realized that it also includes your thumb.

      • I usually argue that the middle finger of a 3-fingered person could double for both the middle and ring finger anyway.

        And don’t get me started on the thumb issue, we could be here all night!

  • Seni

    ****IT! It’s censored! Ah well, at least I was able to see it.

  • Judging from the green THE END” ending cards, looks like it was made in mid-1997, Dexter’s hair was more poofy and was actually orange, verses the later episodes of the original series where his hair was shortened and it was red. 

  • Jason

    Why didn’t Cartoon Network air this? The SpongeBob episode “Sailor Mouth” is more dirtier than this.

    • AM

      The clue’s in the title. SPONGEBOB.

  • Alex Printz

    Wonderful! I actually like bleeps in this. Sometimes the hint + your imagination is more powerful than the profane :D

  • The censored version could totally be aired on normal TV. Heck, Spongebob got away with a similar episode.

  • Charles M.

    I heard about this but didn’t think it would ever come out. All I can say is f**kin’ nice! Dexter always holds a place in my childhood.

  • Jason Duncan

    So let me get this straight, dolphin sounds are ok, but not bleeps. Only thing that really stuck out was Dee Dee flipping the bird in the title card. That was quite shocking as it’s censored even most TV-14 shows.

  • Frank

    I liked the SpongeBob cursing episode better. Not sure who was first, but Bob was funnier with the Porpoise sound effect instead of a bleep.

  • AM

    Anyone remember Fowlmouth from Tiny Toon Adventures? He did this all the time and no-one batted an eyelid.

    • jhalpernkitcat

      As a child, I never realized Fowlmouth was swearing. I just thought he had some really bad hiccups. XD.

    • wever

      I don’t think he was actually swearing. I think he was just spouting nonsense words and post just put bleeps over his sentences for effect.

      • AM

        But it has the same effect if it’s bleeped out.

  • wever

    As amusing as it was, I think the over-hype really ruined our expectations. It doesn’t help that it’s censored, but I’m confident that the Rude versions of the characters are in fact swearing and not just using fake curses.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    And 13 years later, the Evil Stewie ep of Family Guy airs in prime time. No profanity but still pretty much the same premise. Go figure.

    • wever

      That’s because for the most part, Evil Stewie preferred to be silent and carry a large stick. Both Stewies are pretty posh-talking by default anyway.

  • joesutherland1

    I wish this episode was shown when I was a kid!

  • Hannah Sanders

    As a person who loves story telling,acting and animation some of the reactions in the episode lack a bit.Although I do understand the show and the style I can see why it would lack reaction to the foul language. But overall I am glad to finally see this after years of reading about the episode in articles.

  • Mike Russo

    The big tip-off that this is a season 2 episode (besides the animation and the green main-title and ending card) is that Kat Cressida is voicing DeeDee, and not Allison Moore.

  • macboer

    Best part: “Yeah, we’re gonna go f*** up your lab” :)

  • Marc Baker

    I’ve heard of this one for a while on various animation forums, and couldn’t believe it actually got made, but it did. And this was made in the pre Adult Swim days of the network. Funny thing is that ‘Regular Show’ has gotten away with some mild language, and it’s not even Adult Swim material.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the cartoon, Jerry and Tom.

    Can you please show the cartoon again this time uncensored?
    When you watch it for the 1st time, it’s funny.

    • AM

      I like how you said Jerry and Tom.

  • Professsor Widebottom

    Is Dexter’s mom related to Nell from Dudley Do Right? This cartoon has a nice design the but not a fan of the one trick pony style of writing.

  • Pretty amazed at how wrong this article is about Rude Removal. First off, it was meant to be paired with “Mandarker” but was pulled after standards and practices didn’t approve of the (albeit censored) foul language, “Dexter’s Rival” was put in it’s place as a re-run and tie-in to “Mandarker”. Second, it wasn’t meant for “late night”, it was going to be in standard rotation.

    Spongebob did a similar episode years later, in fact this was a common bit in childrens shows to have one character speak using foul language and have the curses bleeped out and another character either give a shocked reaction or not understand what the words were and ask someone else who gives the shocked reaction. PBS’s Arthur is probably the most notorious for that. The difference between Spongebob/Arthur and this is the context in which the curses are being said. In Spongebob they would just say the word and bleep out more than just the word, usually the spaces before and after as well, and in Arthur the camera would move away from the character completely and something bad would happen (something valuable would break, a cow would moo in a scared way, etc). Rude Removal more or less clues you in to what they’re saying.

    Needless to say, that title card was definitely an after-thought added when the show was pulled.

  • All i need to to do is to watch the non-censored version and than my life will be complete.

  • Mr. E

    Now all i need to do is watch the non-censored version of this and my life will be complete

  • Brad

    Wtf I watched this video a week ago and now it’s private!!!, come on it just got here and now you bastards took it away again. This is bull shit.

  • I cant see the video, it says: “this video is private”