Disney XD Will Reboot ‘DuckTales’

'DuckTales' fan artwork by Pirate-Trish.

‘DuckTales’ fan artwork by Pirate-Trish.

Disney today announced that they will reboot the 1980s TV series DuckTales on Disney XD in 2017. The original series, which ran for 100 episodes, was a well produced show for its time, and helped usher in a new era of higher quality TV animation during the 1990s.

Disney Television Animation, which will produce the series, offered no details on which artists and writers would be involved with the show. The only thing we know at this point is that it will have the same cast of characters as the earlier series, and that the show will retain the “same energy and adventurous spirit” as the original, according to Marc Buhaj, Disney XD senior v-p of programming and general manager.

  • Fried

    Considering shows like Goof Troop, Chip n Dale, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck were more products of a studio rather than someone’s vision (Like Dexter’s Lab or PPG were), I don’t mind.

    I actually kind of miss the era when ducks ruled TV rather than the current trend of ball-on-stick (or ball-on-ball) character designs we have right now.

  • Nadez

    Why not? Disney Toons are great these days. I’d love to see get kids into Ducktales again, especially after seeing The Kids React episode with Ducktales where most kids didn’t even know it existed. :D

  • http://www.doodlesinanimation.blogspot.com Annie T.

    Hmm… quite interesting. I’m interested to see how it turns out.

  • aimeemarie

    There are so many Carl Barks and/or Don Rosa story lines to be influenced by that even the original series didn’t touch upon that they will be hard pressed to really screw this up. Unless they don’t go back to the source at all. I am glad to see a major studio rebooting something worth rebooting, and not just a next generation toy commercial.

  • truteal

    Why? (Aside from Nostalgia)

    • AmidAmidi


      • Mesterius

        Hey, $$$ is what Uncle Scrooge is all about!

      • Jamie

        You should have at least posted that “We’ve got to have….MONEY!” clip from the cheesetastic Tom & Jerry Movie!
        (Funnily enough, “money” was most definitely the only reason why that movie was ever made! Almost as if it was the scripwriting equivalent of a Freudian slip.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    That fanart picture almost had me worried that that was going to be the style they were using for the show. Anyhow, could this be a sign that another popular duck themed show may make a comeback as well? (Darkwing Duck)

  • Aaron Sparrow

    Actually, the Disney Afternoon shows weren’t “products of a studio”. The producers had far more control than they do today. Once Eisner and Katzenberg approved the show and first few episodes, they let the creatives run with them. There was FAR less interference during that period, which is why it’s known as “The Golden Age of Disney TV Animation.”

    Love your point about today’s “ball on a stick” animation though. :D

  • Kirielson

    I know people are skeptical, but Disney isn’t really hurting in the animation department so yeah, it can work.

  • http://tresportfolio.tumblr.com/ Tres Swygert

    Not feeling this at all. This whole reboot syndrome for animation is starting to become a bore. What’s next down the pike?! Bonkers?!

  • Thomas Lapsley

    Maybe we’ll see a DuckTales-Phineas and Ferb crossover.

  • Justin Dike

    About time. I hope Uncle Scrooge is a dot-com mogul now. Founder of FaceDuck .

  • Mr-Famicom

    From what I gathered, TMS (through Telecom’s digital unit’s blog) hinted at it back in December 2014. when they said that they renewed a contract they signed 30 years ago (that contract was for Disney when they started production on Wuzzles & Gummi Bears).

    There will be a 99% chance that TMS is doing this.


    In short; Welcome back TMS, we missed you.

    • Mesterius

      Um… I ran the main text in your link through Google Translate, and the only thing that came out was this:

      “December 20, 2014
      ~ Other people work! ~
      This year, georgette of X, Sengoku stuff,
      Theater idle activities,
      And, and that anime … first time in 30 years,
      It was a busy-phrase is spent Dejijo.

      Well play, eat well, shiny everyone was extremely healthy and (new)

      What …, it is not a children Asease it (flying sweat)
      … Everyone, pretty, grinded good old (laughs) Yay (happy face)

      I became a week after this year.
      It is early … dash (start running a wide)

      Now, other people work, and Ganbarimashō exclamation × 2

      (Hyun shakes Heart)”

      It does say something about “30 years”, but I can’t see anything mentioning DuckTales or Disney. Not that Google Translate is always to be trusted anyway, but… this all seems a bit vague to me. Could you provide a more accurate translation of the relevant parts?

      • Mr-Famicom

        I will pin point it for you.

        Other people’s work refers to Disney as that other as Blue Jacket Lupin III is their own production.

        The 30 years part is about renewing their contract with Disney as it was that long ago that they started production on The Wuzzles & Gummi Bears, I was expecting season 7 of Gummi Bears but New DuckTales was a very nice surprise.

        Heres hoping that Toshihiko Masuda is the chief director for New DuckTales.

  • Meredith

    The new Mouse shorts are cool in an artsy sort of way, but they also have that off-kilter, Ren and Stimpy grotesque style that puts me off. I hope they don’t do that to the ducks.

  • aimeemarie

    hahah more like completely date it.

  • LupusSpirit

    Basically everything they remake now a days is crappy in comparison. The artists are lazy and the dialogue is always uninventive and doesn’t teach kids anything like they used to… If that is the actual art on it as pictured above, it just turns my stomach.—- being an artist myself. I’m sure others don’t care about that part as much..

    • Adzl33t

      Nick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      My Little Pony

      Those are great reboots, that I considered superior than their original shows

  • jhalpernkitcat

    The fanart itself is cute, but I agree with you that this style simply isn’t right for this show in particular.

  • http://craaaaazycanuck.tumblr.com John McBloom

    I…don’t really know what to think of this. I liked Duck Tales don’t get me wrong, but it’s not a show that I thought that NEEDED a comeback; unless of course, it ended on a cliffhanger or something. (I didn’t follow it from beginning to end)

  • Mr-Famicom

    Because that was the only outside company that they signed a contract for someone else in 1984 as Mighty Orbots & The Blinkins were their own productions (they were co-productions with MCA (Blinkins) & MGM (Orbots) rather then contracted work like with Disney).

    • Mesterius

      Hmmm. This still seems a bit vague if DuckTales or Disney has not been mentioned anywhere by TMS. :/ I’m not sure I can believe that TMS will work on the new DuckTales series until more definite proof emerges.

      Another thing that makes me sceptical is that, as far as I know, TMS stopped doing outsourced work for other countries around 2000. It would really surprice me if they suddenly went back on that for DuckTales. (Though it would also be cool.)

      • Mr-Famicom

        TMS never uses names until after the show is announced for legal reasons, also unlike other Asian studios used by the likes of Disney TMS was not a “subcontractor” per say, they had say and got payed royalties for their efforts (in fact most of TMS’ money comes from western stuff), Zorro was the only outsourced show TMS did for the west (they do lots of outsourcing for other Japanese studios like Sunrise & Bones however).

        TMS also did Green Lantern First Flight (2009), Justice League Doom & Superman Vs The Elite (both 2012), however the later 2 DTVs were outsourced to lesser studios due to TMS doing much bigger projects (namely Buta).

  • http://comicaboutballs.com/ Sean Pendleton

    It’s not like the original show wasn’t based on a twenty year old comic back in the day

  • Savolo

    I’m not sure if you people in the US are aware of this, but Carl Barks and Don Rosa aren’t the last word on these characters. Scrooge et al have been featuring in original comic-book stories in Europe for 50 years or so, all officially published by Disney. There’s a plethora of material to take inspiration from, should they choose to do so.

  • Chris

    I remember the old Nintendo game-developed by Capcom (Also known for the Mega Man, Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises)-was quite popular, and considered a classic game by many… it also recently received a remake. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DuckTales_(video_game)

  • http://comicaboutballs.com/ Sean Pendleton

    Wow I was going to clarify that I meant twenty years at the time of DuckTales, but I stand corrected! I had no idea they went back to 1947.

  • Mesterius

    I completely agree, Travoltron. Nickeloden’s new CGI series is better than the 1987 series, but it just pales in comparison to the fantastic 2003 series.