“Duck-ticks and Catapults” by Almir Correia “Duck-ticks and Catapults” by Almir Correia

“Duck-ticks and Catapults” by Almir Correia

Think American TV animation is bad? What if you tried to sell a series about ticks with duck beaks, who catapult their way around the universe? Even Cartoon Network would reject that one.

Not so in Brazil. I don’t know what they are drinking down there, but the most ridiculous concept to emerge from last week’s MIPCOM (the annual international television marketplace in Cannes) is something called Duck-ticks and Catapults. Thirteen episodes are being produced by studio Zoom Elefante for AnimaTV (here’s the pilot in Portuguese). Almir Correia is the creator, writer and director.

  • Jackson

    I honestly don’t see (or hear) much difference between this and everything currently on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

  • Is it worse than ASSY MAGHEE – a talking ass for the lead character? Cartoon Network can’t be beat by any Brazilian studio,.

  • Tom

    Is it just me or is this show encouraging kids to commit suicide?

  • akira

    well it’s certainly original, i’ve never seen cartoon characters who WANT to explode before

  • Shmorky

    I want to explode so I can live in the world of duck-tick-ghosts.

  • Chris

    Yeah Assy is kind a hard to beat….hehehehe

  • Lucy

    Wow, I mean, I knew it would be bad, but I can’t think of another time where I’ve felt more cheated out of two minutes of my life…

  • Mark McDermott

    Why is the first thing I thought of “Zuma Patrol?” Maybe the character design.

  • I quite liked it. I mean, at least you can’t say it’s unoriginal.

  • FP

    That filled my head with good crazy like coffee in the morning. If this was broadcast in the US, I’d never miss it. I guess I’ll have to download the series, as with POCOYO.

  • On the contrary, I believe the creator deserves a friggin’ medal for successfully pitching a show to a network about ticks with duck beaks who catapult themselves everywhere and love to explode.

    I mean, I never thought I’d ever write all that in the same sentence in my life.

    Also, I would be glued to this if it were on Adult Swim right now…

  • This looks a LOT funnier than most cartoons these days.

    The whole ghost element is just so fantastically bizarre. That element alone would make me watch it. How everyone cheers when someone explodes. I wonder if there is just some strong cultural element I am missing.

  • Vzk

    At least it’s not a show about Duck-tits.



    • Steve Gattuso

      Ah yes, a reminder that George Lucas lost it LONG before reworking Star Wars…

  • I don’t care for realism – the more absurd the premises of a cartoon, the better. Ticks? No problem with that, could be a good vampire spoof. Catapulting everywhere? Much more fun and crazy movement than beaming, or just “be here – be there”. About the explosing, I don’t know, maybe I’m just not getting it.

    But the design! What a horrible mess without any direction! I like the cutout photo elements, but everything else is either bland or confusing and crowded.

  • Now this is REAL, right? This isn’t something dreamed up by some scam artist who goes about raising venture capital for this project and then disappears from sight?

    Because if it isn’t real, I’m disappointed.

  • holyduck

    Are we supposed to LIKE that music theme?!

  • Juan Alfonso

    This is the result of drinking too much cachaza during Carnaval.To be honest,it’s better than most brazilian kids tv fare since Xuxa left the scene…

  • Randy Koger

    Well, yes it’s stupid….but it’s no worse than most of the crap on Adult Swim. In fact, it’s about the same. (Only more fun.)
    So what’s the problem?

  • oh geez

    It was probably the most original idea at MIP.

  • here we drink caipirinha a lot, but not at work.

    the series in brazil is called “carrapatos e catapultas”, which sounds worse in portuguese than in english.

  • I don’t know why, but the scene at the beginning with the belching cow-planet made me laugh REALLY frickin hard.

    Anyways, I don’t see what’s so wrong with this, Amid, it looks unique, fast paced and fun. It honestly reminds me of something that would air on 90’s Nickelodeon. I can definitely say I laughed more than once throughout that clip. That “exploding” thing is so crazy it’s hysterical. Hell, I wish Cartoon Network WOULD have greenlit/aired this show.

    I wish the pilot episode online had some sort of English dubbing/subtitles, but oh well. It still looks great.

  • thomas

    That show looks great! It’s whacky and the characters like to hurt themselves and eat a lot…we need more of that!

    Looks more interesting than 98% of cartoons I’ve seen on American television.

  • I agree with Deaniac, this show seems to have a lot of the lunacy there was in “Cow and Chicken”, “Rocko´s Modern Life” and the first “Ren & Stimpy” episodes. It sort of follows the “so weird that it´s funny” principle.

    • BE

      Totally agree with Rod. When I was kid I saw many episodes of those called “awfull” shows and honestly I don’t see any difference of the all concept behind it… This “so weird that it’s funny principle” is what give credits for the idea… So weird that could work! lol And I really thing that it will!!! It is a great step for the brasilian animation – bee free from the “moorings”…

  • Wow, kudos to the creators for getting such a…I hate to use this word..random idea made into a full TV series. Shame America isn’t willing to take risks like this much anymore.

  • Wow, I have a new appreciation for American animation after watching this…

  • Tha Hyena

    “Look Mamma, he’s gonna blow!!”
    I really don’t know what I’ve just saw…

  • Carraparo #1000

    É isso mesmo, cara, mostra pra eles!

  • Rachel

    You know, this is bullshit. The design is very good, well produced and the script is great. What we need are critics good enough to understand the target audience.

  • Rubens Belli

    also take a look at http://carrapatosecatapultas.blogspot.com/ this is the original blog in portuguese, but with a lot of cool artwork about the series.

  • In the new blog (ENGLISH): http://duck-ticksandcatapults.blogspot.com/ you can know the universe, the characters, see some artwork. Visit it!

  • BE

    Let’s see what they have to us! Let come the full episodes!
    But I thing that goes to call more attention from the adult audience… who like Beaves and Butthead… South Park… Rocko… Ren and Stimpy… these kind of non-sense show… For this public… I thing that the Idea, the artwork and also the wacky music will appeal…

  • Doug

    Thanks for the encouragement!!! \../