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FIRST LOOK: ‘Regular Show’ Creator J.G. Quintel Goes Adult For New TBS Series, ‘Close Enough’

TBS has released a teaser for Close Enough, its upcoming mature animated series created by Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel.

The show is described as a “surreal comedy about a family growing up without getting old,” and according to the network, will be relatable to 20-somethings transitioning to 30-somethings.

“We couldn’t be more excited to add one of animation’s most impressive and popular voices, J.G. Quintel, to our growing slate of animated series,” Brett Weitz, executive vice president of original programming for TBS, said in a statement May when the series was announced. “J.G. hit the center of the demo target with Regular Show, and we’re counting on him to bring this younger and more engaged audience to our network.”

Close Enough will be produced by TBS’ production arm Studio T and its sister company, Cartoon Network Studios. It marks the first time that these two branches of Time Warner-owned Turner Broadcasting have collaborated on a series.

"Close Enough."

Quintel, who also produced Regular Show at Cartoon Network Studios, has joined a rare group of animated series creators who have successfully transitioned from children’s entertainment to primetime shows. In the past, only a handful of creators who work in children’s animation have developed adult series, and vice versa.

Close Enough will join TBS’s expanding animation slate, currently headlined by the Seth MacFarlane series American Dad! The network has committed to numerous new adult-oriented series over the next year including The Cops, a buddy comedy co-created by and starring Louis C.K. and Albert Brooks; Tarantula, a dark comedy from Carson Mell (Silicon Valley) about the residents of a seedy hotel; and Final Space, an interstellar comedy created by independent filmmaker and comedian Olan Rogers.

  • Marc Hendry

    I didn’t laugh too much at the trailer, but I really like Regular Show and Quintel’s student films, so I’ll check it out if I can

  • D

    I am excited for this. Based on first looks you can definitely tell it’s J.G Quintel, some of the characters and some of the stoner humour within the trailer makes Close Enough feel like a spiritual successor to J.G Quintel’s early short film 2 in the AM PM. I will say, however, not all of the jokes in this trailer hit, some of them felt really steeped in that whole forced/faux “adult” edginess that has made a lot of contemporary adult cartoons anything but, take that dynamite joke for instance *shudders*. On the other hand though, the trailer held my interest, I did laugh and it left me genuinely enthused for the actual series. I hope Close Enough does a good job of balancing both the character development/sense of community within Regular Show with the more unhinged sense of humour J.G an co. are going for here.

  • Gojira007

    Honestly, I smiled ‘n’ chuckled all the way through that trailer. The humor/tone feels an awful lot like “Regular Show” with the kid’s-show restraints thrown off (I’m sure the trailer editors deliberately emphasized the cussing and drug references, but even so it seems pretty clear Quintel is game to indulge those things now that he can, and while there’s an extent to which that’s kind of cloying, there’s another level at which I honestly find it weirdly charming), and given that “Regular Show” itself was already pretty much a Stoner Teen comedy, it means there’s already a clear sense of control here I really appreciate.
    I don’t imagine this’ll be appointment viewing for me or anything; “Regular Show” itself never reached that level for me either. But it honestly looks like a lot of fun, and I hope it finds an audience.

  • Too Many Cooks

    Since this is a CN production, I don’t understand why they’re choosing TBS instead of Adult Swim. Is it because AS has a demo of people in their early 20s, and this show is more late 20s?

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      I think this was done as a part of Kevin Reilly’s push to create greater synergy between different Turner sub-units (in this case TBS and CN Studios).

    • Adult Swim may not have wanted to pick this up….or another reason could be that it was a better opportunity for J.G. to go with TBS than with Adult Swim (not many animated shows on TBS, gives J.G. more attention for that channel). Just possible reasons, as I’m guessing.

  • Jeremy Grant

    is that ZOOOOOOKS!?

  • Ben F

    Awesome. I love his style and I am pumped to watch this! Im not usually a fan of adult animated stuff, but I dig this.

  • Michalis Dragomir

    Looks fun, but I hate this minimalist art style that Cartoon Network is adopting for ALL OF ITS SHOWS

  • Inkan1969

    Looks like a promising show. The joke about it among cartoon fans has been “It’s not ‘Regular Show’, but it’s ‘Close Enough’.”


    This trailer is hilarious. as a fan of The Regular Show, I’m super looking forward to this. I love the way they nail the 80’s vibe. Relatable to 20-30 somethings, but the 40-50 year old crowd is all about this.