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Sometimes I think the most creative place in TV animation is in pre-school programming. Here’s a preview of Flipos from the Chile-based PunkRobot studio. Animation director Antonia Herrera says the project is “a labor of love, made with little money and a small, talented team”. A production blog features concept art and storyboards, and the trailer is candy-cane sweet:

  • Thank you for the nice review! I just want to make a small correction: The director of Flipos is Gabriel Osorio, I am the art & animation director. Sorry for the mix-up!

  • Jay Sabicer

    I mirror your feelings, Jerry. There’s something about little kids that compels people to go to great lengths to impress/entertain them. For one thing, in the eyes of a young child, everything is new and possesses a certain sense of wonder. Animators in general, get this, otherwise they would’ve picked a different profession. I encourage those who have soured on the mainstream animated product out there to view a couple episodes of Sesame Street (new or classic), Yo Gabba Gabba, or shows similar to one mentioned above, and at the same time, catapult your mindset back to your early childhood – treat everything as brand new. You’ll be surprised, trust me.

  • Ron

    Awesome. I bet that was as much fun to make as it was to watch!

  • FP

    I’d watch it! It reminds me of POCOYO, a little.

  • Saturnome

    I love the way the rocket move, oh and the little yellow guy is so cute.

  • it makes me happy when chilean animation shows up on the brew, that’s how much of a nacionalistic asshole I am, so congratulations.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I always think the same thing about pre-school programming when watching Qubo. Well, most of the time anyway. With my non-cable TV, Qubo is the only thing worth watching sometimes.


  • vzk

    Cool. With this and 31 Minutos, Chile does know how to educate AND entertain children.

  • a monsoon of cute
    a typhoon of d’awwwww

  • Would make some very fond childhood memories :)

  • this is fun and simple has great music and designs. really inspiring. thanks for sharing this one.

  • Looks fun, cute, and professional.

    Seems highly influenced by Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy, one of the most imaginative and fun games in years.

  • Ricardo

    It’s cute and pretty easy on the eyes.

  • Really dig that yellow buck toothed character, and you can’t go with with retro video game style music, and there’s a ghost with a top hat! Very cool.

  • Really nice stuff. Loads of fun! :)

    You can tell the crew is having a good time making this.
    I too put this right up there with Pocoyo. Great work!

  • Loved it. My kids loved it too! They laughed the whole time. Fun music too. That was what made it for me. Very happy!

    “ONE of THE GUYS”

  • Congratulations to the Flipos’ team! Their work is amazing and getting better and better.

    (A fellow animation producer from Chile)

  • Cute… but can you say, “Pocoyo”?!