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John K. Draws Uncle Grandpa

Here is Uncle Grandpa, who is everyone in the world’s uncle and grandpa, as drawn by John Kricfalusi. The drawings were posted on Twitter a couple days ago by Pete Browngardt (Secret Mountain Fort Awesome), who is the creator of the upcoming Uncle Grandpa series on Cartoon Network.

  • So wait! This means the show WILL be made?! That’s neat!

    • The series was announced last September. Announcement is HERE.

  • Ever since the Simpsons couch gag, it’s been nice seeing John K. floating around and about in the TV industry again. Makes me wonder if he or any Spumco alumni will be working on Uncle Grandpa.

  • I’m so happy this is becoming a show, it has so much wacky potential.

  • Damn, John sure knows how to make a surprise for anyone. I never thought I’d see him draw Uncle Grandpa.

  • Pete’s work is the best thing Cartoon Network has made since Chowder (which Pete also worked on)

  • Julian

    Wow, first The Simpsons, now this. I’m glad to see he’s not cynically bashing these shows for not being in his style anymore and actually making them in his style via his amazing drawings and animation. Keep it up John, I might actually start following your blog again.

  • Hey Amid, whatever happened to your book on John K?!

  • Alex Reynard

    I cannot look at anything John K. draws anymore without flinching. It’s the kind of ugly that makes me want to spray it with Lysol.