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New CG “Alvin and the Chipmunks” TV Series Set for 2015

A new Chipmunks series, ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks, is set to debut in 2015. The show, which has been in development since 2010 when it was called The Chipmunks and Chipettes, represents the first time that the characters will appear in CGI for the television format. The 52×11-minute series will also be the first original Chipmunks television show in 25 years.

The new series was created by Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and his wife Janice Karman, who have overseen the characters since 1972 when Ross Bagdsarian Sr. passed away. According to themselves, it’s a great revival. “Janice has created a show that I feel is the best thing we’ve ever done,” said Bagdasarian Jr.

The show will be produced by Bagdasarian Productions and French production studio Genao Productions, and distributed worldwide (except US and France) by PGS Entertainment.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    At least that design for Alvin looks a lot better than those awful live action ones. It’s almost kind of cute.

  • Crystal

    The 2D designs on the side actually look kinda cool. I just remembered that the Chipmunk Adventure has good animation (although I don’t know if I think it’s great as a movie).

    Even if this series sucks, I don’t think it’s worth “raging” about (if I do, it’ll probably be because it outdoes something I like). I wonder if they could pull a Scoody Doo: Mystery Inc or Thundercats on this, but I’m trying to figure out how. Those 2 at least have premises you can do something cool with, I’m wondering if the Chipmunks do as well.

    • One of the reasons The Chipmunk Adventure had good animation was because Glen Keane animated certain scenes!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        They had a lot of of talent on that film surely.

    • Roberto González

      Yeah, the 2D designs are actually kind of appealing, which makes it even more annoying that 1/they did this in CGI and 2/ the CGI is not trying to reflect the appeal of the other drawings at all.

      I mean, I’m not especially mad about the ‘design’ per se, maybe if he looked less humanized it would be better, but the actual poses and faces are very cute in the drawings. The CGI respect the model but not the appealing expression. Maybe it’s the TV budget but probably they just didn’t try it enough.

      • Drac

        I think you’re spot on there. Alvin basically looks like a kid with a tail.

        • Melissa Ann Smith

          agreed , they look really human,,

  • Mark

    Just looks like a kid with a tail. Meh, who cares. Alvin and his cohorts have been poorly designed for years. Might as well go the next step…

  • Tim Hodge

    This is still my favorite design:

  • Make it Stop!

    Dear God please no… The LAST thing television and film needs is more 3D Chipmunks. Stop the insanity.


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  • Mister Twister

    Franchise zombie.

  • SarahJesness

    For a second I thought the design was a human version of Alvin. I think they could stand to make him look more like a chipmunk, but I guess they want the more humanoid look because the “cooler”, “sassy” stuff is what’s in today. Twenty bucks says this is going to take place in a school or school-type setting.

    On that note, I don’t like 3D TV animation much anyway. 3D animation rarely looks good unless you can go all the way (quality wise) with it. That said, 3D TV animation is starting to look better than it used to. “Dragons: Riders of Berk” looked pretty damn good. The TMNT reboot doesn’t have the same detail level but they use a style that does very well with what they have.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Thinking about the school setting, they would redeem it for me if they can find some way to stick Clyde Crashcup into this, say a science teacher that Alvin often pops on over with his problems every once in a while just to watch the madness happen with Clyde’s theories or inventions going heywire, leaving Alvin to sort his problems on his own as usual. Just a thought anyway, but fat chance I’ll get that.

      • SarahJesness

        When I saw your comment the first thing I saw was “science teacher” and I thought you were going to suggest that there should be a science teacher who was obsessed with figuring out why Alvin and his brothers could talk and stuff, perhaps wanting to dissect one of them. That would be hilarious. But your idea works too.

        • Chris Sobieniak

          Either way works I suppose.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Why not just use the latest movie designs/models?

    • Mesterius

      Because the movie designs look awful?

      • ShouldBeWorkin’

        Not as bad as this.
        But my question comes from a point of budget. The models are supposedly made. Why redo?
        The only thing I can think is maybe they think the humanoid models are easier than animal models to animate? Maybe to go along style wise with the CG Dave/Ross? Oh yeh, just let’s wait for that.

        BTW, never seen the movies, but I think the CG movie chipmunks LOOK quite appealing.

        • B

          I don’t think that they’d use the movie models…too much hair to animate for a TV show most likely. I’m guessing it’ll end up being a cheaper model.
          The movie models are all right, but their faces look a little uncannny.

        • Mesterius

          I disagree; I think the movie models look far worse. Besides, those models were created to fit into a live-action hybrid universe. This new TV series will be 100% animated, and will obviously be made in a style much closer to the popular handdrawn cartoon series from the 80s. As such, more cartoony designs feels like a natural choice. Remember, too, that there exists an audience for the Chipmunks who might not adore those god-awful hybrid movies.

  • Alex Dudley

    He looks like Justin Beiber.
    Probably intentional.

    • Sam

      You’re right there was something bugging me about his design and now I can’t stop seeing Beiber.

    • Daniel J. Drazen

      I think you’ve got it backwards: Justin Bieber looks like a small cartoon rodent.

    • SarahJesness

      A TV show about a Justin Bieber rodent would be HILARIOUS.

    • SHouldBeWorkin’

      Justin Beaver!

  • Emanuel Alfredsson

    Good they increased the size of Alvins sweater. Too “small” and the uncanny valley sets in, big time.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Well he’s got pants on now so no fret there!

  • Joshua Marchant

    If you’re going to make a new Alvin show, which I think could be done well, at least start with pleasant designs.
    This redesign is plain offensive to the eye. The glossy photoshop rendering doesn’t help.

    That’s just my taste but if I’m already turned off by your models, that’s bad sign. I had the same reaction to the wonky ‘Pup-Named-Scooby-Doo’ style rediesgns of the Archie characters posted a few weeks ago.

    • Funkybat

      Comparing the two black & white drawings of Alvin above to those reimagined Archies is like comparing an Andreas Deja drawing of Scar to a drawing of Johnny Test’s dog. Yeah, the difference is *that* bad.

  • jmehsling

    Wow. They completely lost all the charm of the original character design.

  • TStevens

    Looks like the lead characters from Rock N Rule finally had a kid…

  • jmahon

    why does he have a tail?

    • jhalpernkitcat

      So that we know he’s a chipmunk and not some weird fuzzy kid.

  • Thomas Paul Jennings

    Hey, as long as it’s not half live action/CGI movies I like it already!

  • Matt Sullivan

    I always thought they should look more like actual chipmunks. Never liked that mutant toxic waste kid-hybrid look. Just give them wider lower bodies to make them look more animal. I like the tail. Just don’t like that Photoshoppy center…thing.

  • guest

    annnnnddddddd….. let the furry art begin…… :-/

  • MaskedManAICN

    I remember the days when Reboot and Beast Wars was on TV. CGI animation had so much promise for the future! Now that the future is here, that promise was pretty much killed with shows like this :(

  • Tory

    If they’re going to do it do it RIGHT! I know they want to make the design “fresh and new” but they should just show the original cartoons instead of trying to revive something that was good to start with.

  • CG Animator

    No worse then any of the other Chipmunk designs (people call the CG ones “ugly” but the designs from the 1980s aren’t all that great either…).

  • Draw_John

    You cannot convince me, under pain of torture and death, that there is any demand in the market for more of this property.

  • This is soo cool! I can’t wait two years ;A; Oh God! Anyway, I hope they make the same episodes as the old cartoon…Stills make my life

  • Shifty101

    I agree with you completely, the design looks way too generic
    – but, keep in mind, the Chipmunks have had terrible poster designs for a long time. The posters for the 2007-11 Chipmunks were very inaccurate with regards to the characters in the actual movies.
    I’m hoping this follows a similar trend, and will look better in action.

  • Marmalade

    My first reaction was”D= Ohgod, they’re doing it in CGI?!”

    My second reaction was “=D We’re getting a new Chipmunks show!!”

    I’d prefer traditional animation, or at least cell-shaded style, like Treasure Planet was, but so long as the episodes are good, I can live with CGI.

    As someone who was… *okay* with the CGI/Live Action movies… eventually… but still preferred the style of Chipmunk Adventure BY FAR, I really like this hybrid design.

    Let’s be real, they ARE chipmunks, or at least mutant ones? As adorable as the old designs were, are kids nowadays really not gonna ask themselves the heck are they Chipmunks? What, they have an animal nose? That’s it?

  • Matthias

    As a child I grew up watching the original series form the late 80’s & early 90’s and to be honest when I first found out that they were going make new movie in CGI/ Live action, I wasn’t immediately sold on that it would be a good thing. But then I actually saw it and was plesently pleased with how well it turned out, ever since my fandom has been re-inginted. Now I have know that there are people out there who didn’t like it but you can’t always please everyone, and I actually enjoyed that about the new movies and wouldn’t have minded it if the series redo was like that also. I’ll probably end up watching it anyway, reguradless of its styling just as long as they don’t mess with the overall format to much and hopefully select new tracks for the musical sections.

    As a fan of both Dreamworks Dragons:riders/defenders of Berk, and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness as well, it proves that a CGI cartoon can work for todays fans no matter their age.