“PigGoat BananaMantis!” By Dave Cooper, Johnny Ryan and Nick Cross “PigGoat BananaMantis!” By Dave Cooper, Johnny Ryan and Nick Cross

“PigGoat BananaMantis!” By Dave Cooper, Johnny Ryan and Nick Cross

PigGoatBananaMantis! is a wacky teaser trailer created recently by comic artists Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan, and animated by Nick Cross. The network that commissioned the pilot prefers to remain anonymous, but feel free to guess in the comments. This is not the first collaboration between Cross and Cooper–they worked together a few years back on this music video.

Created by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan
Written by Johnny Ryan
Directed by Dave Cooper and Nick Cross
Animation by Nick Cross
Art Direction by Dave Cooper
Music by David Burns
Sound design by Ray Gould and Wayne Bartlett
Voices by Matt Jones, Candi Milo, Tom Wilson and James Urbaniak

  • I love this so much. Apart from being hilarious, it’s got beautiful visuals. Why are there not 100 episodes already?

  • I like this a lot! Too bad that I also had a cartoon series idea featuring a goat and a pig…


  • THis is great, crazy stuff. I can see the banana being a huge break-out character. The color styling is really nice too! Top notch work to all involved! You were robbed.

  • So damn fresh! And always great to see Dave Cooper’s drawings come to life.

  • Uli Meyer

    Wonderful! The bit when pig is holding the jar under the tap made me spit out my beetroot salad with laughter.

    • Stop to have your lunch and CB at the same time, Mr. Meyer.

    • Beetroot Salad???? I’m totally stealing that idea.

  • Jake

    Wow! The best post on Cartoon Brew this year! How a network would turn this down is beyond me.

  • Gorgeous work!!! Whoever the network is, they should be commended for supporting the work of these three amazing artists. More please!

  • Chauncy

    so beautiful

  • Looks great, moves great, sounds great and acts silly… what’s not to like. Three cheers for these lads

  • Scarabim

    Not bad, although I could have done without the river of snot.

  • John

    This is so GREAT! Can’t believe Nickelodeon rejected this… That network is so lost right now. Maybe Cartoon Network will pick it up like they did Adventure Time after Nick rejected it.

  • Wow, Matt Jones has a great voice for animation! He has an inherently humorous tone to his voice that suited Pig perfectly.

  • Ryoku75

    Sorry, but I just found this to be obnoxious more than humorous, certainly “wacky”.

    This would be at home on Cartoon Network.

  • Wayne

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  • Manu R

    I love it. Often, “wacky” comes at the expense of character development, but I certainly got a feel for the four characters and how they can bounce off each other in this pilot. This is more than just a beautiful design exercise. This deserves to be on tele.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    everythang so pretty

  • Brandon Lyon

    This is a lot of fun to watch! I love Nick Cross’ work.

  • alooloo

    Great stuff, would prefer it if it was completely set in a submarine.. might give it that Red Dwarf cosy-feel (I think I’m not hte only one who found Red Dwarf cosy )

    Also hopefully it won’t be non-stop a.d.d induced psychedelia and some more quiet breather moments

  • dave launderz

    the gags and jokes are kinda lame and cliche..the spotty timing doesn’t help, with better direction the jokes could really hit better.. it just seems like they’re picking and choosing what lil things networks would say yes to (“on-trend” network gimmicks) and half-hazardly throwing them in all together. the visuals and all that are cool, but id say its kind of a waste as the show isn’t as unique as the art would make it seem

  • D

    This needs the green light man. Almost three minutes of pure awesomeness. Nick Cross’ animation on that was pretty tight and the art and design of the pilot courtesy of two of my favourite comic artists really made the whole thing pop. I’m going to venture and guess that either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network commissioned this but I could be wrong. Hopefully this gets a show and soon.

  • Richard

    As usual, a bunch of people you’ve never heard of are complaining about a great early version of a new and inspired piece of work on Cartoon Brew.

    • Ryoku75

      As usual, a bunch of people are praising and chanting about a new piece of animation on Cartoon Brew, and then after a few comments against it some hypocrite has to complain about the complainers.

  • Dr. Truth

    Honest opinion:
    I am a lifelong fan of Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan.
    And Nick Cross is always amazing. But this seems like a “kiddie-fied” version of their talents and artistic visions. I didn’t care for it at all.

    Cooper, Ryan and Cross are WAYYYYYY too talented, edgy and funny to sell thier souls to this god aweful Adventure Time fad. You guys are too good for this.

    The real comic work of Cooper and Ryan is such legendary alternative comic genius that I was shocked to see such mediocre kids show rubbish.

  • Rob

    Love it! Was that a Cthulhu reference in there?
    PS, I love how spell check knows how to spell that

  • Magnusson

    There seems to be potential in the visual style, but the labored timing sorta kills the attempt at manic humor; it feels like a half-hearted version of a network show that wants to be spongebob, mixed with shrill x-treme affectations.

  • akira

    let me guess who didn’t pick this one up…

    is it the same guys who fired John K from Ren and Stimpy and rejected Adventure Time????

    • Isaac

      It’s been twenty years already. Let it go.

  • Geneva

    Dang!!! GORGEOUS and funny! WHYYYY

  • Super Venom

    Sorry for the dumb spelling on the last post.
    I meant to say
    OMG Mantis is Phantom Limb :D

    I hate fingers!!! and keyboards.

  • christy karacas

    how can this not get picked up? its beautiful and really cool! wish they at least let them make a few episodes and see how it went. its funny-pilots often seem like ‘pilots’. it’d be nice to let things develop and breath and become what they will become by doing a few shorts …

  • Calin Fernandez

    I love Dave Cooper! Lush and textured backgrounds, rich designs, and off beat hilarity! I pray that this makes it big!

  • i watched it on a loop, and forwarded it to many close friends.

    why is this site so damn snarky and eliteist ? why does this attitude ruin things ?

    what have you complainers ever done ? im looking at you, Magnusson, Scarabim, Ryoku75, dr. truth … dave launderz you know nothing. do you understand me ? NOTHING.

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO LOOK INTO YOUR HEARTS. not because i dont agree with you. but because you are lost. you have no idea what is good. no concept at all about anything animation related. i would bet you guys are all liking each others comments too, just the same way you huff amid farts.

    please feel free to post something you have done to counter me. go ahead. we are all waiting.

    no we are not. we are watching this awesomeness and being positive.

    • Ryoku75

      Uhm, theres more people praising this than being “snarky elitist”, open your heart and accept that not everyones going to enjoy this pilot.

    • Ryoku75

      Like too many Canadian cartoons, this is obviously derived from other US cartoons from 5-10 years back, the writing has little sense for timing, and the voicework is obnoxious.

      The obnoxious thing gets me as I’ve praised Canada for being one of the better places that I’ve heard voice acting from.

      The visual style is basically Camp Lazlo mixed with John K, it is nothing “fresh” once so ever.

      The dialogue was just mindless babble, I couldn’t even understand the characters half of the time.

      The ending montage seemed tacked on has space filler, as if the creators didn’t have enough footage for one pilot.

      I’ve sent this cartoon to two of my friends who are not Cartoonbrew posters and they felt the same way about this cartoon. If anything theres more happy-go-praise on Cartoonbrew than cynics, or perhaps the naive praise-posters that ignore the good comments who are the real cynics.

      • I appreciate all the feedback but I just thought I should set a few things straight. Although Dave and myself are Canadian, Johnny Ryan was the writer and is American, and this was produced for a US network.

        Also, the voice actors aren’t Canadian: Matt Jones does voice work on Kick Buttowski, Candi Milo was the voice of Dexter in Dexter’s Lab, James Urbaniak played R.Crumb in American Splendor and does voice work on Venture Bros. and Tom Wilson played Biff in Back to the Future…

        I don’t know if you are aware of Dave Cooper’s work but his work is consistantly done in his own style which has been recognizably his own for almost twenty years now…

      • Ryoku75

        Hey! I wasn’t expecting to hear from one of the creators themselves!

        I’m sorry about my false claims, thank you for clearing that up.

        I know nothing about Dave Cooper’s style, I can say that it would look good on holiday cards though.

  • I…would GLADLY watch the hell out of this if it were a full fledged series. Whichever network commisioned this and dropped it has my pity.

  • Hulk

    It’s nice to see people are at least trying to make cartoons with squash and stretch, funny appealing designs and wacky humor based on the drawings rather than the writing, have a resurgence. Count me as a fan. Let’s have more Cartoons made by CARTOONISTS please! (and less made by Jonah Hill)

  • Im a big fan of Nick Cross’. Nice work.

  • Adult swim called?

  • The Man Of A Thousand Vases

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t find this to be funny or wacky at all. It was more like a poor imitation of a 90’s cartoon, IMO. It’s like all it did was scream at me about how wacky it is and never made a joke outside that.

    I kinda found it patronizing with how it was, honestly. Kinda like something you’d put your kid in front of to make them shut up for 30 minutes and rot their brains.

    Not to speak bad about the creators, I’m sure they worked hard on it and all, but they could tone down all the “wackiness” going on.

  • GabrielS.

    I hope, with the empty part of my heart that lacks a the ridiculousness that PGBM is, that this comes to fruition. I was introduced to Dave’s work this past year and loved it. Great painter! Now I’ve discovered Nick Cross animation too! This needs to happen. Anyone that says any negative things about this, well….it doesn’t matter really. Not everyone is going to enjoy this. Just like not everyone likes Dave Coopers art or any art for that matter. It’s just their opinion. So, that fine and all. But seriously guys, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. Then again I guess that’s what makes the Internet kinda cool huh? Keep up the good work guys. Hope this makes its way on the air. Good luck!