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R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine

From Marty to McHale to… Mermaidman. Ernie Borgnine was one of my favorite actors, whether playing super-hero or super-villain.

Borgnine died today at age 95 in Los Angeles. In addition to his semi-regular role on Spongebob Squarepants, in animation Borgnine lent his unique vocal talents to characters in All Dogs Go To Heaven (#2 and the TV series), Pinky and The Brain, The Simpsons (as himself), and in Joe Dante’s Small Soldiers. He made so many people happy with his many many on-camera performances. He was one of the best. Rest In Peace, sir.

  • Crystal

    Well, this ruined my day. I don’t know if he’s recorded any SBSP that haven’t aired yet–I remember the Karate Island episode making a shout out to Pat Morita and an episode of Avatar doing the same toward Mako (the actor, not the Korra character).

  • Truly one of the greats!

  • a great actor. Will be remembered. Prayers for his family

  • droosan

    He was also in Disney’s THE BLACK HOLE, as a space-faring newspaper reporter.

    • Si

      I remember that. My Mum took me to see it back in ’78 or ’79. What a legend <:(

  • Just watched the first Mermaid Man episode the other night sad to hear hes passed. He was one of the greats and will be missed, my condolences to his family and friends.

  • your neighbour


  • Dutchie

    I’ll never forget his entrance from the Simpsons: walking out of the bathroom whiping his hands. He was probably in there doing that thing that kept him alive for so long.

  • Farewell to one of my favorite character actors. As a kid, I dug McHALE’S NAVY and occasionally fantasized about my dad in the role of “Quintin McHale” (as if being a Pearl Harbor survivor wasn’t enough.) I love “diamond in the rough” types and I think, although he could look like he was drawn by Ross Andru — all bug-eyed crazy with too many big teeth — he was still an excellent actor when cast correctly. In my mind, though, the role of “Ernest Borgnine” was probably his most interesting character. I’ll never forget him contributing his energetic personality to the fact that “I masturbate a lot!” What a character!

  • And he played one two coolest characters on Airwolf (the other being the helicopter). Sigh.

  • Toonio

    Airwolf! Now he’ll soar in eternity.

    What a great soul.

  • Clint H.

    R.I.P. Ernest.

  • Rick R.

    Glad I got to meet him for a few moments last year at the Kamikaze Expo. Sorry to hear of his passing, but 95 years was a good life, and he was a good man.

  • Michel Van

    he was so great in
    Ice station Zebra
    the Black Hole
    Escape from New York
    The Flight of the Phoenix
    The Wild Bunch
    and as …Mermaidman

    i gona miss him

  • Waitaminute, HE was the voice of Mermaidman??? I didn’t know that! Well anyway, I’m sure he lived a nice fulfilling life. May he finally rest in peace.

    • James

      What’s even more surprising is that they got Tim Conway to voice Barnacle Boy.

  • RIP Cabbie in Escape From New York.

  • GW

    RIP. I really enjoyed his performance in Marty.

  • Marvin

    Ernest Borgnine also turned in a completely credible performance as the late football legend Vince Lombardi in a 1970s TV movie. Many of Lombardi’s players were floored at how close Mr. Borgnine got to the real coach Lombardi.

  • Anyone who hasn’t seen “Marty” needs to stop what they’re doing and go find a copy. Mr. Borgnine’s work is one of the seminal performances in film history.

    Animation geeks will recognize the patter by the vultures in “Jungle Book” as being direct lifts from the vapid conversations Marty has with his friends.

  • mcrowther

    TCM is doing a 24 hour marathon of his movies including Marty at the end of the month. Also, another SB trivia bit, Adam West and Burt Ward were the voices of the younger versions of Mermaid Man and BB.