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Seth MacFarlane to reboot “The Flintstones”

Nikki Finke is reporting that Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) is going to reboot The Flintstones for both television series and theatrical movies. Apparently this deal was long time in negotiation between 20th Century-Fox (MacFarlane’s home base) and Warner Bros. (who own The Flintstones).

On a related/unrelated matter, the 1966 Adam West Batman series has been held up for years due to legal wrangling between Fox and Warners… perhaps this MacFarlane deal could help untangle that impasse.

(Thanks, Greg Chenoweth)

  • I really have no idea how I should react to this. This could really go either way: this could end up surprising everyone and be a sleeper hit or it could effectively damage the franchise and kill McFarlane’s career.

    But to be fair, McFarlane HAS worked at Hanna-Barbera before, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Funkybat

      I doubt anything will “kill MacFarlane’s career” at this point. He has a strong enough base of fans, casual and otherwise, to have three animated sitcoms in prime time, and has had them all renewed repeatedly.

      Even if the supposed “Flintstones reboot” were some kind of atrocity that offended legions of Flintstones fans & the general public, the impact of that will likely hit the Flintstones franchise more than Seth or his existing shows. About the only risk Seth faces is that if it somehow lost tons of money/caused headaches for Fox, the honchos there would come down on him. I suspect he makes enough money with his other properties that such a scenario is impossible.

      At least one thing we can count on with this “reboot” is that it won’t be bland or uninteresting, though it will probably PO a lot of people no matter how faithful it is to the original.

      • I dunno…it’s one thing to ride on the success of your own series, but when you plan to take on widely renowed franchise like The Flinstones…well, you’d better produce.

  • Ben

    Hmm…I don’t know how I feel about this. If he can capture the charm of the original without turning into “Family Guy B.C.”, I might be ok with it. I just find that all of his shows have the same tone, style, and humor…which (in my opinion) has diminished with each series…

  • This is great news, if it’s for real. I’ve grown to hate the damn Flintstones, and I get a huge kick out of FAMILY GUY. Best thing that can happen is the Flintstones will be turned into a clone of FAMILY GUY.

    • tonma

      BEST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN is we get ANY show but another Family guy!

    • Actually it’s the other way around. I’ve grown to love the Flintstones and hate Family Guy. Best thing that could happen to Family Guy would be that it turns into a clone of the Flintstones. Oh wait it practically already is.

      • Yeah, I liked that episode of the FLINTSTONES in which Betty and Wilma went to Paris and a French guy wistfully regretted a missed opportunity to take a crap on Betty’s chest. “It was my wish to void on you! Tonight, my stool sleeps alone”.

        Just kidding, that was FAMILY GUY. Flintstones was never that funny.

      • tonma

        OOOOH YEAAAH! I forgot.. feces are funny! silly me.

        Still, I’m gonna have to keep this weird idea that giggling when you think of crap or pee and real humor are two different things.

  • Oh, god…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      That’s how I felt. Do we really need this?

  • Yabadaba-Don’t

  • eeteed

    please no.

  • snip2354

    Reports are coming in that Seth MacFarlane is given control off all cartoons on all stations always ever ever. Let’s leave it at that.


  • “On a related/unrelated matter, the 1966 Adam West Batman series has been held up for years due to legal wrangling between Fox and Warners… perhaps this MacFarlane deal could help untangle that impasse.”

    I don’t see how one deal is related to the other.

    I would like to see 1966 Batman show available on a non-bootleg DVD though.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Certainly something the fans have been clamoring about for years. If this might be the one good thing to come out of this if Warner’s is wise enough to do so, then perhaps that’s all we can be thankful for.

  • cst

    About the BATMAN tv series: the dispute isn’t between Warners and Fox; it’s between Fox and the estate of the show’s producer.(That’s why the spin-off movie is out on dvd; it was made under a different contract).Warners is NOT holding it up- and in fact has recently allowed some merchandising related to the series.

  • uncle wayne

    ditto Gbop!

  • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

    This will be the absolute best. MacFarlane has great jokes with bland characters, Flintstones has great characters with some truly abysmal jokes. Maybe this could be a perfect marriage of both.

    • Karl Hungus

      What “great jokes” of MacFarlane’s are you talking about? An insipid stream of cultural references and non sequiturs does not great comedy make.

      • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

        I like the one where the pirate has an all peg body.

      • Stephen M. Levinson

        A $100mm contract with Fox would say otherwise.

      • But I think it’s not about the COMEDY TEMPLATE he has created, (which is by the way great, and it works with audiences). It’s the content of the jokes I think, where to draw the line. If gratuitious violence,fart jokes, and making fun of dead or sick people is comedy then what can be next?.

      • Stephen M. Levinson

        @ JM a world where we only make jokes that won’t cause controversy? I’ll pass.

      • DNAndy

        The thing I hate about Family Guy’s jokes are that they’re there ONLY to shock you. No thought really goes into them other than “let’s be edgy.”

      • Karl Hungus

        Making obvious jokes about the Columbine massacre isn’t difficult to do. Its just securing a race to the bottom of the barrel.

        But hey, some people like that kind of thing. Most people slow down to look at traffic accidents too. Because it happens doesn’t mean its respectable.

      • Ron

        Here’s something people seem to not be taking in to account: ‘The Flintstones’ has a lot of brands attached to it which are all aimed at kids: “Fruity Pebbles”, Vitamins and toys. Because of that, I don’t think they will allow the jokes to be too edgy. I think we can probably expect something of the quality of “the Looney Tunes Show” where it’s maybe slightly more culturally relevant to todays standards but still not as brazen as Family Guy.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        If only Fred was still indulging in some beer and cigarettes like he use to. That would make for a pretty good episode of him trying to quit that habit!

    • Matt

      @Steven M. Levinson

      You mean a world where “comedy” doesn’t mean going out of your way to offend people? Sounds cool to me. Perhaps if Seth McFarlane and his team of writers didn’t go out of their way to bash Christians, African-Americans and Asians and cram his own extremely left-wing worldview down people’s throats in nearly EVERY SINGLE EPISODE people wouldn’t be reacting so poorly to the news of this Flinstones reboot of his.

      • Maddog

        You summed up my thoughts.

  • Clint H

    Honestly, this souns intriguing. After all, The Flintstones was truly meant as a sitcom for adults. Maybe if it’s done with extreme care, and if MacFarlane doesn’t give it the FAMILY GUY treatment (cutting to random jokes that don’t connect with the story or jokes that go on for too long), maybe it can work.

    • Funkybat

      He absolutely needs to stay away from “cutaways” and other trademark Family Guy-style gags. Avoiding blatant human waste/vomit depictions woudl be good as well.

      I believe that Seth *might* be able to do something approaching a faithful recreation with a modern twist, only because he came up through the H-B studio and has an affinity for mid-century pop culture almost as strong as 70s-90s pop culture. It could be his chance to do a “classy” show. There seems to be a side to Seth that is disgusted by the crass modern-day pop culture that he himself has become a large part of. He likes old musicals and Rat Pack-era music and dress, and I really believe that if he grew up loving the Flintstones that he would do something more interesting than just make them into Peter and Lois, or Stan and Francine.

      I’m not exactly excited about this happening, but since it is, I want to give it a fair shot, just as I am with the Looney Tunes Show.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        We can only hope he would know what to do in the end. I personally don’t mind the idea of spoofing the current world if set in the stone-age type concept the original series did well in, but certainly deserves more class than the usual toilet humor I could live without.

      • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

        Do you guys watch American Dad? I mean, of course you guys don’t. You saw a still and snobbily decided that was enough. But if you did you’d notice it was a surreal sitcom, no cutaways, kind of like the Reiss Simpsons.

      • Funkybat

        American Dad is the best of Seth’s shows, IMHO. I think they occasionally do cutaway-type gags, but set up in a more interesting, less obvious way. (A recent one was Stan drunkenly hallucinating that Francine was re-enacting the “Bewitched” titles, ending with her crashing her broom into a building, 9/11 style.)

        American Dad has more “quirky” humor and more elaborate, off-kilter jokes that you either love, or think are really convoluted and dumb. I’d say it’s the cult favorite of the MacFarlane-verse.

      • Courage, A Cowardly Dog

        To be completely fair, its the only one where he isn’t the head writer. I love it to pieces. It’s a weird animal fanwise, its written for the Futurama/Simpsons/ATHF nerds, but they just don’t watch it!

  • Tom Pope

    The classic Flintstones brand is bullet-proof; this won’t hurt it. Plus, and more importantly, it will provide more jobs in town. So chill.

    • anonymasses

      uhh…you see Yogi Bear recently?

    • More jobs in town? Do you live in Seoul?

  • NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.
    Even if he doesn’t plan to make it exactly like Family Guy (which he probably does) the execs will make him.

    On the other hand, the Flintstones corpse has been dragged around so many times already there’s not much harm he can do it that hasn’t already been done.

  • Karl Hungus


  • April Fools day was ages ago guys.


  • I wasn’t expecting this at all. We’re in May, so it can’t be an April Fool’s joke.

    If he uses his signature style-both visual and plotwise- this will be an abomination.

    If he approaches it like something more similar to his Larry and Steve short for Cartoon Network, then it could be fine. But it’s probably too late for that, he’s already popular for his other style.

  • akira

    damn, why can’t a guy like john k get a break like this… if you spread seth mcfarlane thin enough, is he palatable?

    • tedzey

      speaking of john k, let’s expect a lenghty blogpost on “all kinds of stuff” regarding how this is proof the animation industry’s going to hell in a basket! Joy!

      I’ll wait till I see an episode before I begin burning effingies.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        *sigh* if only it was more like this…


      • Ron

        Yeah- If they made a show out of THAT Flintsones, I’d not only watch it, I’d want to work on it.

      • That Flintstones on the rocks epsiode was well done and funny…maybe SF’s version will be as good.

    • Oh yeah – I think I saw a new John K interstitial on Cartoon Network a few days ago. Looked like it, anyway. What’s up with that?

      • Chris Sobieniak

        They are using the designs of Craig Kellman, who was hired by H-B back in the mid 90’s to revamp the Flintstones look for a style guide that didn’t go anywhere.

        The TV special “The Flintstones: On The Rocks” was probably the last to use these alongside those short CN ID’s.

  • Justin Delbert

    He could do a very good job. Those parodies that he did as well as the voice of Fred Flintstone. Let’s wait and see what Stu Showstack has to say about this.
    By the way, watching Family Guy has the same charm as watching the Flintstones as vice versa.

    • I thought Bergman did Fred Flintstone‘s voice on Family Guy.

  • Gray64

    Even without knowing anything about his take on the Flintstones, I’m going to assume he’s not going to go for the gross-out, adult humor of American Dad or Family Guy. McFarlane can be clever and inventive at times.
    Certainly can’t be any worse than John K.’s version.

  • Funkybat

    I don’t see an April 1st date at the top of this post. I’m hoping I’m just having one of those dreams again…

  • Does that mean he gets control of the commercials for the cereal too? Won’t that be fun, when kids see something so dramatically different between their favorite sugary food and a foul-mouthed primetime comedy.

  • John

    I don’t like Seth Macfarlane’s sense of humor. John K. should be in charge of this reboot!

    • Stephen M. Levinson

      Good suggestion, “John”,….

      • The Gee

        Good Gravy!
        As if “John” is an uncommon name or rarely used pseudonym…
        Stephen, if Kricfalusi were to post on CartoonBrew, you’d know beyond a shadow of doubt it was him.

      • Explaining the joke ruins it, Stephen.

      • that’s Stephen’s job ;)

  • top cat james

    Weirdly and Creepella will love it.

    “It sounds delightfully abhorrent!”

  • Macfarlane worked on Cow and Chicken and Dexter’s Lab, which differ greatly in design and humour from the Family Guy ilk, so I see no reason that he couldn’t switch gears again for Flintstones. It was the mold for animated sitcoms, which eventually lead to Family Guy via the Simpsons, so it seems appropriate to me. Ignoring nostalgia, if you look at the quality of some of the classic Flintstones eps, he really couldn’t stuff up the animation. He stated that the look will be preserved. So long as he does actually keep the line quality of the designs, as i’d hate to see it dominated by the wirey, weightless outlines of Family Guy.

  • Michael F.

    This sounds ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the time I was in Star Wars!

    (cuts to ninety-second clip of Michael on Hoth debating the merits of slicing open the body of a dead tauntaun and sleeping in it)

    • 2011 Adult


      Try 7 minutes!

  • Portaxx

    Stay tuned for the episode where Barney eats a smilodon’s feces because that’s edgy! Where Fred and Wilma have some awkward argument that lasts 5 minutes because just being upset is a great gag! Where Betty says “I have breast cancer” because cancer in and of itself is hilarious! Where Dino mentions rape! Because LOL! RAPE!

    Oh and of course 80’s pop culture references, but that’s a given.

    • Michael F.

      Don’t forget the gay jokes! You can’t have this reboot without gay jokes.

      Also, I think that Dino is going to have a Charles Nelson Reilly-esque voice.

  • Dave

    On the fence. McFarlane did work at HB and has always liked the Flintstones…I’ll wait to see it before I judge it, but I’m not extremely confident.

    Side note: it might be amusing to see how he handles The Great Gazoo – as long as we’ve decided this project has already jumped the shark.

  • juan alfonso

    why couldn’t it had been Maxwell Atoms!He did include Fred in one of his “Billy and Mandy” cartoons and did a good job,funny too.

  • Maybe I should start taking that “World Ends May 21st” stuff more seriously.

  • Rufus

    I ALWAYS felt that Flintstones needed bad writing, poop, dick and incest jokes! Finally!

    • cijfer

      The Flintstones has always had bad writing. And about people complaining about including pop cultural references.. That’s something the Flintstones did all the time. And not once was it funny…
      I’d rather have one funny dick joke, than a dozen more rock/stone puns.

  • david

    sign of the times.

  • DNAndy

    Guys, let’s remember that Seth doesn’t write for Family Guy or American Dad. He’s a pretty funny cartoonist in his own right, and I’d like to see what his take on the Flintstones will be.

    It seems like WB Animation is giving a lot of their properties relaunches with this, Scooby-Doo: MI, and The Looney Tunes Show. I’d like to see them relaunch Yogi Bear and The Jetsons next- without John K.- please!

    • Matt

      If he doesn’t write for those shows, what does he do?
      Because really, if he isn’t responsible for pissing millions of people of religious and minority groups every week, I’d sure like to know who is.

      • DNAndy

        The writers are, basically.

        Seth is one of the executive producers now and approves scripts.

  • Real cartoons are long dead, this would be the zombiefication of the Flintstones as they return from their graves.

  • Billy Bob

    Look I don’t hate McFarlane in the least. Hell I like American Dad (only that though).

    Still you have to ask, what in god’s name is the point? I mean the reason the Flinstones works is because it’s a wierd stone age inversion of SIXTIES life. It’s best in it’s historical context.

    What’s more it already opened a door, a doorway which shows like the simpsons, family guy and the like have long since BLASTED wide open. The adult animated comedy has already been conquested. As if you need to try to get modern audiences to take the “Modern Stone Age Family” any more seriously.

    It’s not that it’s wrong to do, it’s just that in this day in age, HIGHLY REDUNDANT

    • Funkybat

      This is probably the best argument against a reboot possible. In a way, whether it were Seth MacFarlane, John K., or Genndy Tartakovsky doing it, the fact that the “Modern Stone Age Family” concept was done to death decades ago removes most any chance of novelty. Sure, it would be mildly amusing to see the characters do their schtick to iPods, the Internet, “hybrid” cars and celebrities who weren’t even born yet when the original aired, but other than doing to the 2000s what they did to the 60s, what can they really do different?

      If it *were* radically different, it wouldn’t be the Flintstones. The show was enjoyable *because* it was a re-hash of the Honeymooners, because the characters represented stereotypes of mid-century American working-class people. To apply that “filter” to the 21st century would be a while new awkward kind of “Jetsons meets the Flintstones.”

  • Dave

    I’m thinking Fox’s strategy is to tell Warners they’ll pull the plug on this if they agree to let them release “Batman.”

  • Ed Benedict (wherever you are) cover your EARS!

  • “Seth MacFarland” ha ha I love that Jerry Beck doesn’t give an excrement on how the dude’s name is spelled. Shows how little he likes his productions.

    In my opinion They should NOT give the Flintstones to McFarlane, the guy is very talented and all but he has a problem drawing the line between good taste and bad taste, and I feel like in the end that could end up being a problem of JURASSIC dimensions.

    Please don’t unleash the KRAKEN.

    • I think people watch to see him cross the line….

      • Funkybat

        More or less correct, the appeal of FG and his other shows is to see people do outrageous stuff and “get away with it.” While The Simpsons could be and still is “outrageous” by 80s/early 90s standards, the shows Geo. H. W. Bush once decried as a bad influence on families is now downright heartfelt and homey compared to the humor on Seth’s shows.

        I think Family Guy &tc. work best when they flirt with the line, teasing us, then at a key moment burst through it. Breaking through the barrier between sly humor and bad taste constantly, Kood-Aid Man-style, gets old, and you have to go for bigger and bigger shocks to keep it going. Kind of like a drug. Shock humor can be great, but give us more foreplay first!

  • Greg Chenoweth

    I always believe in giving the show the benefit of the doubt and I can judge for myself when I watch it. For primetime entertainment, the budget should be good and McFarlane has a good reputation. Sometimes when people work on projects close to their heart (like Kevin Spacey on the Bobby Darin biopic), they care too much about it to give it an impartial viewpoint.

    What is really interesting in all of this is how Warner Brothers is outsourcing Hanna-Barbera material to other studios; i.e., Top Cat movie in Mexico and now the Flintstones to 20th Century FOX. I’m surprised at this. Maybe McFarlane’s contract with FOX won’t allow another studio to touch the material. I would love to know the background story on this.

  • Dr. Truth

    For the love of christ and all that is pure…Seth Mcfarlane must be stopped.

  • Hahahaha! I’ll watch anything that comes on these days, and I hope Macfarlane can handle this franchise well.. because Flintstones is one of my favorite shows. I used to watch back in the stone ages of Cartoon Network. Seth may handle the writing for this show but there’s no way in hell he’s gonna handle any of the visuals. Don’t worry.
    The animation in this new show is undefinable at this point so I’m just gonna hope for the best.

  • NC
  • Please please please keep it classy Mr. Mcfarlane.

  • Roland Denby

    I don’t have a problem with the scripts being pushed into a 21st century mentality — more adult humor without going over the top, etc. It’s the design that worries me. If he turns this into a Family Guy-esque look I’ll be really really pissed. If he’s going to pay homage to the original designs, like he claims to be doing, then hell — I’ll send my portfolio in and hope to actually work on the series.

  • Jorge Garrido

    inb4 awesome contrarians defend this shit. there’s no way this won’t be garbage.

    fuck everything about this.

  • Adam

    It actually seems like a great idea to me. Despite how we choose to remember it as a “classic,” the Flintstones was basically the equivalent of Family Guy in the 60s. It was a prime-time comedy… It featured modern pop-culture parodies (Cary Granite, Stony Curtis, etc.)… Its whole setup was basically a clone of the Honeymooners, just like Family Guy was accused of being a clone of The Simpsons when it started.

    Seth has lots of experience with family-friendly material — before he was a household name, his Johnny Bravo episodes were making your kids laugh. So I say, let’s reserve our judgement and hope for the best.

  • Kricfalusi must love this news.

  • GRRRR!! It just makes want to judo chop, chop, chop MacFarlane upside his fool head!

  • Joe

    I can see the jokes now:

    Wilma: But Fred,why didn’t you tell me the laundry machine broke?

    Fred: You thinks THAT’S BAD? Remember the time I went to a laundry date with Catherine Zeta Stones?


    • 2011 Adult

      Cartman: “NOOOOOOO!” *turns TV off* “We will NOT! RESORT to that!”

  • Lala_Marin

    Too traumatized to…too traumatized to…UGH. I give up.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Wonder how many of the shit-talkers on this forum are readying their portfolios to get a job on this show. ;)

  • Keegan


    • The person

      Please, stop the “rage in all caps” thing. Also, the show was never really that good, because it was filled with rock jokes.

  • joecab

    I’m looking forward to it.

    It’s not like anyone else is doing anything big with the Flintstones, and most kids today certainly don’t give a triceratop’s ass about a 50-year-old cartoon.

    • DNAndy


    • Funkybat

      I’d say that has more to do with Warner’s (until now) indifference to marketing The Flintstones in any form than it does with the inherent appeal of the cartoons. I grew up in the 80s and loved the Flintstones, even if some of the jokes went over my head and I didn’t always get who they were caricaturing when it came to “guest stars.”

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Please excuse me.

    I’m going to go saw my own legs off.

  • People, people, people.

    The Flintstones has always sucked.

    • There seem to be a new fashion when some news of this kind appears somebody shows up and says the original series already sucked.

      Sometimes this is true. There are shows like Scooby Doo or Wacky Races that are mostly well considered because of nostalgic value. I couldn’t watch a whole episode of them now without falling asleep.

      I’ll admit I also find the Flinstones kind of boring because of the limited animation, but, once I get through that, I find that this show-the first seasons at least- is a good sitcom with well developed plots, clever gags, an original world and charismatic and well designed characters. You know, all those things that are severely lacking on the three series MacFarlane has created.

      So you don’t like The Flinstones? Alright. But I can say I find them good and it’s not because of nostalgia, cause the other series I mentioned used to be some of my favourites -more than The Flinstones, actually-when I was a kid.

      Also, you can’t say the drawings are worse than those of MacFarlane, or the humor less classy, or the plots less interesting, or the characters less defined.

  • AaronSch

    I must admit, “The Family Guy” makes me laugh. That being said, I hope he plans on keeping “The Flintstones” firmly in the realm of good taste. It needs to remain a family show.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this might actually be an improvement?

    I mean, the original show wasn’t that great, ya’ know.

    • BOOMERANG has turned my mild childhood distaste for the Flintstones into full-tilt contempt as I’ve gotten to re-examine every last weak incarnation of the show. It’s only been done right twice: FLINTSTONES ON THE ROCKS and the DABBA DON episode of HARVEY BIRDMAN. I hope MacFarlane “desecrates” the Flintstones into the ground and turns it on its head. The only funny thing on the original show was the mentally defective Barney, who should end up being the star of the new version.

  • Oh, well, this should take care of that hour or two in the schedule that don’t already have at least one MacFarlane show festering in them.

  • I just want to give whoever green lit this reboot a judo chop, chop, chop upside their fool heads!

  • James E. Parten

    “Family Guy” is known for “adult” humor, and is well-suited for late-night time slots. (Stations that choose to run this in family-friendly time slots should have their licenses revoked!)

    Whatever Seth MacFarlane might have done in the past, this is the segment of his work for which he is best known.

    And that should frighten the bejesus out of all of us!

    Back in 1960, the “adult” humor of “The Flintstones” and the other prime-time cartoons that followed (“Top Cat”, “Calvin and the Colonel”, “The Alvin Show”, “The Jetsons”) was well within bounds. And most of these shows were aired early in prime time, and never after nine o’clock (Eastern and Pacific), by which time all the little kiddies were supposed to be safely in their beds!

    The idea of stone-age poop jokes replacing the inventiveness of the original series should give us pause to catch our breath–so that we can let out with a lusty “AAAARGHHH!!”

    • Jacob

      Loved that last part- LOL!

  • Bill and Joe are spinning in their graves, and somewhere, Scott Shaw! is reaching for a sharp pointed object.

    • Yes, I am reaching for a sharp pointed object — a pencil, to draw the latest installment of my NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! strip.

      As for Seth MacFarlane’s FLINTSTONES, I’m reserving comment until I see something. But let’s not forget that Bill and Joe didn’t hold the characters so sacrosanct that they refused to make THE TEENAGE PEBBLES AND BAMM-BAMM SHOW, THE NEW FRED AND BARNEY SHOW, THE FLINTSTONES COMEDY 90 or THE FLINTSTONE KIDS. Heck, even the last four seasons of the original FLINTSTONES are hit and miss. If this is good, it’ll promote the characters’ status to be greater than cereal hucksters, and if it stinks, it will be mentioned only by those who remember THE NEW MUNSTERS, THE NEW MONKEES and THE NEW WKRP IN CINCINNATI.

  • Must pull out the old family Bible for a quick re-read… I don’t recall this being mentioned in the Book of Revelations. This isn’t a sign of the End Times like the way you folks are acting…

  • JimBob

    I have to say, despite the Flintstones being more bland and harmless family entertainment, it’s still HOLY compared to anything MacFarlane has made. I mean, the guy made the same exact show 3 FRIGGING TIMES… And not to mention (as we all know), the writing sh*ts for the birds. So basically before and after hearing this news, I can proudly say I’d rather watch dog piss dry on the sidewalk on a hot summer day for a few half-hour show-lengths than be forced to watch anything by that hack, MacFarlane.

  • Evan

    As if Hanna-Barbera didn’t already kill The Flintstones and bugger its corpse repeatedly in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s…


    I sense a bad feeling about this. Not only the animation and the writing even the personation of fred and wilma will not be great captured by lazy seth.

    I rather watch The Flintstones: On the Rocks ten more times than his current shows now.

  • Andrew Farago

    Based on this news, I can only assume that Matt Groening must have been hired to do a Honeymooners reboot about ten years ago.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  • Only one thought comes to mind here:

    “Forget it, Seth – it’s Dinotown!!!”

  • Years and years ago (1994?), when I was but a lad, I pulled a Flintstones coloring book out of the garbage, scanned the pages, and edited all the imagery to be NSFW. It was good/bad enough that I received a “cease and desist” from Warner’s lawyers. A high point in my career. Now, knowing that SMcF’s getting paid to molest the gang has me feeling a bit envious, I guess.

    I was ahead of the curve and totally misunderstood.

    But really, it doesn’t matter. SMcF’s effort could be great. Or it could be really, painfully lame. But it’s not like anyone is deleting the originals to make room for this new effort.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Reminded John K. once drew a Flintstones NSFW parody he had copied and posted around the H-B studio back in the 80’s. It certainly gave me a laugh!

  • Seems that everyone has mixed feelings on this…mostly leaning towards negative.

    No one denies how great Seth McFarland is, but this is serious miscasting here.

    Something tells me due to Family Guy’s success…the executives are going to “expect” Seth to include toilet humor and heavier borderline tasteless innuendoes.

    IMatt Groeing or even Mike Judge would have been a better choice.

    Seth will probably do for the Flintstones what Bakshi did for Mighty Mouse…
    With all those “rocks”, it will be hard for Seth to resist a “crack cocaine” gag somewhere …

  • Arthur F.

    If he skews the scripts more towards his time on Dexter or Jonny Bravo, it could work. I was a childhood fan of the Flinstones, but can’t imagine why to laugh with the Flintstones originals today without that nostalgia? I’m much more interested in the old Dexter’s Lab in that case. Flinstones has to do with it being a period-piece to begin with (the 1960s) so I’d be curious how they manage that. I don’t think his style of attention-deficit independent vignettes would help Flinstones. To be honest though, after watching the last Family Guy, where they inserted the COMPLETE music-video of Mick Jagger and Bowie “Dancing in the Streets”… it feels mostly gimmicky and thin. Just to compare, (Fox, now CC) Futurama never got that thin in script and characters, and returned better than ever.

  • Was my face red

    Yes, give it to John K. All the Flintsones needs to be big again is lots of homoerotic stuff between Fred and Barney, Mr Slate going into long, drawn out fits of barely contained rage and Dino with black animal lips pissing on a fart.

  • As someone who loves american dad, and loved the flinstones, I’m……very conflicted.

  • Richard

    I like it. The limitred animation from both versions is good, but how can Seth, who makes some pretty dirty and violent stuff, can produce a family classic.
    Maybe less raunchy, but still over-the-top hilarity.

  • Bob Porrazzo

    YABBA DABBA DON’T MESS WITH A GREAT SHOW! Given it is the man behind the VERY RAUNCHY Family Guy I am deeply worried that Hanna/Barbera will roll in their graves.

  • Wow, this sounds awful. I can already see the jokes:

    Barney- Hey Fred, this is worse than the time we molested that brontosaurus.

    Cut to barney and Fred shoving a stick up a dinosaurs A$$

    Fred- Yabba Dabba Run!

    and Dino will probably talk, like Brian and that Alien from American Dad…

  • This is a joke right.

  • Steven M.

    NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! You keep your flithy hands off the Flintstones, MacFarlane!

  • But they already did a good reboot once before.


    • Roland Denby

      “On the Rock” was a piece of shit. I can’t believe people actually think it’s good. Even Joe Barbera was pissed off at the special — so much so that word is he wanted to sue Turner.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Hmmm, that’s news to me. I guess there’s no pleasing some people.

  • If McFarlane won´t do to The Flintstones what Sam Register did to the Looney Tunes characters, it might be worth a shot.

  • The Gee

    The cartoon needs to play outside of the typical McFarlane audience. I am not totally sure that will happen but I don’t really see how this re-boot is going to work out. In my opinion none of the showrunners/exec producers should have their hands in this pot.

    It is too far away from production to know if this will work or not. What I would be interested in knowing is whether or not a smart, family-friendly cartoon would find a broader audience and succeed these days?

    So, much of the primetime network cartoons, post-Simpsons, have gone the iconoclast route. Even King of the Hill, which dialed it down and went a subtle route, was pretty much a satire. But the genius of it is even someone who didn’t exactly get the satire,

    So, maybe a Flintstones primetime cartoon could fill a void that has existed for decades. This is not to say it shouldn’t satirize. Obviously the original did make fun of “modern life,” at that time, but it doesn’t need to be heavy-handed or pointed. I’m not sure if any of the producers can stick to that AND make a good cartoon of it.

  • Keegan

    The only person with enough knowledge on classic H-B who is still alive is John K, why in the name of all he’ll give The Flinstones to a guy like Seth Macfarlane.

    • Roland Denby

      Are you mad? John K would destroy the Flintstones. We’ll get shit like he did with Yogi Bear — pinching nipples, potty humor that has nothing to do with the original. There are plenty of people still around who worked at Hanna-Barbera, have an amazing knowledge of the series and it’s characters and the talent, that would do an amazing job. I am hoping they will be working on this series. Leave John K to work on his blog rants.

      • Was my face red

        John K only knows how to deconstruct, to subvert status quos, to take innocent characters and attempt to shock people by introducing ‘adult’ elements to them.

        Look at his Yogi cartoons. There was little of their previous chracters in them. BooBoo went feral. The ranger was insane. It was all about making them do things out of character to amuse his fan boy audience. He could never steer a sit-com like the Flintstones because his every instinct would be to smash up the ‘sit.’

      • Keegan

        H-B cartoons can’t be decontructed, they were extremely generic to begin with. They had great characters, designs, etc. but didn’t go anywhere with them. The way I see it John K made the Yogi Bear cartoons better than the originals because he atleast experimented with the personalities and evovled/strayed them from the linear style of the original cartoon in which there was no character development at all. If you think otherwise, you’re merely raging for rage sake. You think you sound smarter for defending something just because it was the original? You’re not. You’re not clever. You’re (to put it bluntly) idiotic.

      • Was my face red

        Oo, why the getting personal Keegan? That was a bit uncalled for. There was no rage in my comment, but quite a lot in yours. Of course HB cartoons can be deconstructed. They’re generic and grindingly predictable, which makes them ripe for someone to come along and break their well worn patterns. That can be entertaining for a while, but soon pure anarchy runs out of steam. It’s characters that people ultimately remember, not their subversion.

        As a matter of fact I’m not a big fan of HB but I think I’ve got a good handle on why a John K reboot of the Flintstones would almost certainly only appeal to a minority audience – and not survive nearly as long as those Yogi Bear cartoons he ‘improved.’

      • Keegan

        What? Pure anarchy runs out of steam? Where are you getting this from. You’re just making an assumption based on nothing.

        The characters would still have the same personality, they would just be experimented with, like in Ren & Stimpy or something. Ren stayed an asshole throughout the entirety of the series, but they were always doing something different to see if they could strengthen or evolve the character.

        Why would you think only a minority would like it? I’m sure it would grab the younger boy demographic’s attention and become a hit among children. At least John K make cartoons, not shitty animated sitcoms that never follow a story.

      • I think John K’s Yogi cartoons were fun…because there was only a few of them. To me it was like a parody or a satire, or some kind of homage. It was a subversion done by someone who knew the characters well so he included some elements of the real characters.

        But yeah, I can’t see John K. doing this during a whole series. He could certainly ‘improve’ the pacing and the animation, but I don’t think he could improve the dialogue in The Flinstones.

        Original Ren and Stimpy used to have good dialogue but it was more surreal. I don’t know if he could write a sitcom about an average married couple like Fred and Wilma. He’d probably make them too disfunctional or they’d act like jerks to each other.

        Not that MacFarlane is a genius at that either…

      • Was My Face Red

        Exactly. Everything that Roberto just said.

        Surrealism is a big part of the best work that Jon has done and those Yogi cartoons were like jazz riffs on a well known, somewhat tired old tune. It’s hard to imagine he could put this and other (good and bad) aspects of his distinctive style on hold enough to make a Flintstone series that wasn’t a radical departure from the suburban couple sit-com I belive a broad audience would still be expecting.

        Where do my opinions come from Keegan? From twenty years working in all aspects of animation, with a side order of live comedy too. We think and talk about stuff like this all the time, and have learnt that uncontrolled anarchy DOES exhaust a broad audience after a while, however much we might personally enjoy it.

        Your turn Keegan. Where do your opinions come from.. other than Johns blog?

      • Was My Face Red

        P.S. For a sneak preview of everything we just said nip over to Youtube and watch John’s version of the Jetsons. Everyone is dysfunctional and shouting at each other, snapping from one extreme pose to another, just like they do in everything else he does. That’s hard evidence. Why should be expect anything else from his version of the Flintstones?

  • J

    Will Pebbles and Bam-Bam be around? And if so, will they be teens or revert back to babies?

    The Jetsons will be next…

  • Michel Van

    I real hate Family Guy show
    wat i consider as bad ripp off from The Simpsons
    and Seth MacFarlane goes after The Flintstones.
    Wat to hell ist Go on in FOX network ?
    they got The Simpsons and Family Guy
    and NOW The Flintstones !?

    assumption one: One show has to die
    The Simpsons get canceld and replace by new
    “The Flintstones a dysfunctional family”.
    and Fox get two sleazy animation shows

    assumption two. it’s a childern show
    The Simpsons and Family Guy stay
    The Flintstones lands in Fox childern program
    but can Seth MacFarlane keep up his expectations,
    if he force to abandon adult humor ?

    • Matt

      Fox Doesn’t carry any Children’s programing anymore, and a Children’s series in prime time on a big network seems highly unlikely. I see something between ‘The Flintstones: on the Rocks’ and The Simpsons. Surely Warner Bros. Animation has some kind of guidelines on the table, since The Flintstones has been a children’s/family property since they went to saturday morning in ’67.

  • Jeff Haynes

    Gee, do you think it will be as good as Family Guy? barf

  • Matt Sullivan

    Meh. Who cares. Let’s see what Seth can do. I mean, you guys panicked over MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, and look how popular that is.

    Calm down until you SEE it.

    • DNAndy

      Uh, to my knowledge, Amid was the only person who panicked over it. Everyone else either gave it a “meh” or “it’s pretty good.”

      When people here read “Seth MacFarlane”, they read “Family Guy creator.”

  • Matt Sullivan

    On other thing. Seth Mcfarlane is a really nice guy and he works really hard ( sometimes tot he point of exhaustion.)

    I think this is just a case of other animators having sour grapes. You all cant stand that this guy is making so much money and is so successful.

    Get over it.

    • Story Queen

      Seth Macfarlane is a Hollywood elitist with an ego the size of west Texas. To say that everyone is just jealous of him because they make relevant critiques of his work is a shoddy argument indeed. If that were the case, everyone and their mother would be bitter against Lassetor or Katzenberg as well.

      • I don’t know for real how MacFarlane is, cause I think he’s acting most of the time, but yeah, he looks and sounds arrogant in every sketch, interview and picture I’ve seen of him.

  • Kitschensyngk

    I’d feel a little better about this if Cartoon Network were airing it.

  • Story Queen

    And once again modern studios decide to ruin old classics. I did not care for the Flintstones much as a kid, but I do recognize the show’s relevance in animation history. Seth Macfarlane denotes a style of comedy that is trashy, unintelligent, and culturally and politically biased. To me, The Flintstones represent the exact opposite. So how do the puzzle pieces fit together. The answer is they don’t. I see this as a failure.

  • Please tell me that picture at the top of this post is fake.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Ask yourself if you don’t like SETH, his show, or if any one of the thousands of issue-related jokes in his shows has personally offended you. Because sooner or later he’s gonna use a joke that might hit too close to home, and you’re likely to take that way too personally.

  • sTAtiC

    Hey Lois. Remember how Seth McFarlane got to do the Flintstones?

    FLASHBACK TO: Executive Meeting at FOX.

    Exec 1: I see here we’re re-doing the Flintstones.

    Exec 2: What’s Flintstones?

    Exec 1: It’s a cartoon show about a fat guy and his skinny wife.

    Exec 2: We have a fat guy that does a cartoon about a fat guy and his skinny wife.

    Exec 1: Perfect. Next.

    Oh Peter.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I’d like to remind everybody that this is going to EMPLOY ANIMATORS! Have you all forgotten this?

    While I’m on a soapbox, I’m gonna point a very accusatory finger at all you animators who continue to gripe about other people’s shows…

    You’re so obsessed with pointing out the ( perceived ) flaws in other people’s works that you’re not making anything better yourself. You can beat your chest and gnash your teeth all you want. You can babble endlessly about some great underground artist who never gets the recognition he/she deserves. It doesn’t accomplish anything.

    If you’re so damn obsessed with making a name for yourself DO IT. WORK…don’t gripe about others. I have no respect for those who whine about the success of others.


    • Story Queen

      Employ animators? Oh, you mean South Korean animators, right? Yeah, that really helps those of us here in America.

  • Story Queen

    Let’s also take a look at how creative Seth has been in the past. What was his first show? Family Guy. Basically a low brow rip-off of The Simpsons. Then you have American Dad. A rip-off of Family Guy. Then you have the Cleveland Show. A spin-off and rip-off of Family Guy. And then you have all those shorts he did for the web. All basically rejected Family Guy jokes.

    Hmmm… yeah. The Flintstones reboot will be nothing like Family Guy… cause Seth MacFarlane has shown he can be so versatile. Yup.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Employ storybaord artists, designers, pre-production..

    y know what? F*ck it. Trying to argue with troll-like griefers is stupid. You’re not even listening to me. All you’re doing is INTENTIONALLY worming your way AROUND my point all because you’re probably a talentless un-driven WHINER.

    Keep whining whiners. The rest of us will continue creating.

    • MissConception

      Listening to you is basically just hearing you spout your opinion on how Seth MacFarlane can do no wrong and all those who don’t agree with you are just “sour grapes” and “talentless un-driven whiners.” Thanks Matt Sullivan of Ringling College of Art and Design. You do yourself proud.

      • Mr E. Machine

        Whiners…sour grapes…griefers…sudden BURSTS of CAPITAL letters and amazing mystical powers that ALLOW you to sense the LACK OF TALENT AND DRIVE amongst everyone who doesn’t agree with you when you have no idea who they are or what they do. You’re a student not a teacher, right?

    • DNAndy

      “troll-like griefers?”

      You do understand what a troll is, correct? A person online who INTENTIONALLY says uneducated and unresearched opinions to piss people off? Where do you see that in this thread?

      I see people stating their opinions, and a person having negative opinions of something doesn’t make them a troll.

      Get over yourself already!

  • Tom

    It’s pathetic to read comments saying “It will employ people, so it’s good!”. This is the soul reality of animation: There are a few creative people making designs and creating the show, and thousands of skilled, but creatively bankrupt people who will do anything to punch a timecard, no matter the quality.

  • Toonio

    Question, why do they give such a great franchise to a mediocre producer as MacFarlane?

  • Matt Sullivan

    because mcfarlane sells millions of dvd’s. This is a business.

  • childisfatheroftheman

    I don’t know how to respond to this. How he approaches it (as another Family Guy or something hewed closer to the original) will determine my reaction to it. I do wonder, however, just how many Seth McFarlane shows we need? He’s already got FG, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show in production. Aren’t there ANY other animation director’s with a different sytle of humor capable of producing relevant series?

    Sidenote: I kinda like those stop-motion commercials for Fruity Pebbles-wouldn’t mind seeing a series that looks like that get made. Just saying . . .

    • eeteed

      i really liked the animated fruity pebbles commercials that were being made right before those stop motion ones.

      you know the ones that i mean… hulk hogan sued over one of them.

      i always wondered what studio did them. they were totally on model and the animation was beautiful.

      anyway, if anyone was doing a reboot of the flinstones i wish it was those guys. they definately deserve it.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        They were done by a few studios over the years. One I can think of was Playhouse Pictures.

      • childisfatheroftheman

        The voice actors were pretty good on those commercials, too. A lot better than some of the ones used for the later animated movies or various tv specials, anyway.

  • Why can’t Seth offer his friend Butch Hartman an animated sitcom if he’s doing something this big. This time, it’d have a Dale Dimm reincarnation as “Stupid” and have adventures with his little pal, “Fairly OddParents” star Timmy Turner. Call it “Stupid and Timmy” have Stupid be a racist/sacreligous egomaniac just like the Family Guy characters sometimes act. It could have Bill “Patrick” Fakkergbake as Stupid, and obviosuly Tara Strong as Timmy. Seth would give him MONEY to animate in the USA, have crossovers with other companie and make it a hit. I’d actually watch it to see if it ends up just like I imagined it could.

    That I could watch.

  • nick

    What’s the big deal, now the manatees now have a prehistoric agenda to mix with their modern gizmos for their joke selection; the Flintstones’ feet struggling with Sat Nav, Tri-cera-jessica-parker-tops can’t seem to get work unless it’s costarring with husband Matthew Brontasurus-ick, or security guards where Fred works are.. wait for it, CAMPR RAPTORS!!!And Barney gets a spinoff show where his next door neighbour is a dour mammoth! Sarcasm aside, the Flintstones started as a riff on the Honeymooners, they aren’t amazingly original in and of themselves. If the McFarland camp makes them successful again it’s not a gift of originality to the world, but the Flintstones weren’t either. Good luck to them.

  • The Gee

    Matt. Sullivan.

    Don’t make what you are posting personal. If memory serves, aren’t you working on The Cleveland Show?

    Believe me, if you catch someone in a bad mood they will write something that will cut a little to close to the bone for your comfort…though, based upon what you have written thus far, you are acting as if someone, everyone already has mortally wounded you.

    Cut it out.
    Drop it.

  • The Gee

    I still have to think that there’s no way of predicting how this will turn out right now.

    But, some things should be kept in mind:

    There’s plenty of talent that could be brought on to this show. If it turns out to be more FG alumni, that would be kind of a drag. But, there are plenty of people who could and would do the property some good.

    That written, it isn’t Seth’s property. He doesn’t have the creative control or the “freedom of expression” he woefully wails for, at least in the FG shows I’ve seen. (granted I stopped watching it years ago, along with AmDad; haven’t seen the Cleveland Show–which makes me happy to be ignorant of it).

    I’m curious to see how it turns out and if it connects with an audience beyond the core Family Guy audience, you know the ones.

    The show would need to because not only the network but also WB has some expectations to mine success. We’ll see if they get gold or pyrite.

    Though, now that I think of it, there is a slim chance there might at least one episode with a gold wearing gay pirate. Or, not and some schmuck writer being disappointed the episode was changed by the Upper Ups.
    We’ll see how disciplined and how good this production is two years from now.

  • sTAtiC

    The schedule for this project isn’t until 2013 and a lot can happen between now and then. I think the online community is finally being considered. Wonder Woman is a perfect example of that. I’ve been around a lot of the boards and the re-action has been overwhelmingly negative. Hopefully WB will take notice and re-think this decision.

  • The Gee

    This is slightly off-topic but that Flintstones:” On The Rocks” cartoon. This is the first time I’ve seen it.

    There were a couple of redeeming points to it. And, it is funny looking. But, I gotta ask: Why did Fred have a problem with Mexicans? I’d say it was out of character but I seriously doubt he interacted with people of different ethnicities in previous versions.

    Given when the cartoon was made, early 2000s, I am guessing there were…other cartoon patriarchal influences which changed his dim-witted reaction to his surroundings. Because a helluva lot of the humor was Fred not getting how to deal with those around him.

    In fact, a lot of the gags involved Fred with his eyes closed, not seeing what was going on around him. The result was a very skewed sense of humor, some, like the early fantasy scene while he was driving, were cliched Other scenes where he wasn’t aware had an odd mix of melancholy and madcap. The result: weird to unsettling.

    Though it needs to be uttered, the stop-mo sequence in the middle is cooler than the other side of the pillow. That was well done/done well all the way through.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I suppose they wanted to make Fred appear rather clueless and closed-minded to those around here unless it doesn’t involve him directly (I wouldn’t say he was being prejudiced or racist to those of foreign ethnicity but those kind of stories never came up in the original show). It’s certainly is a rather unusual cartoon to say the least. It was a nice change of pace though I’m glad they didn’t go too far off the deep end very much.

      That stop-motion View-Master-inspired piece certainly was a gem to see! It’s like a nice little treat just sorta put in there in case you didn’t realized where this was going to. I’ll at least say I’ll give them credit for keeping to the style and music of the original show as well (especially the newly-scored variations of “Rise and Shine” heard in a few places).

    • On The Rocks is the best Flintstones animation ever and Kellman’s designs are fresh and exciting. I don’t understand why people complain about the style. The last of the of animation done on the Flintstones was terrible.

  • Matt Sullivan

    My job is jut that. A job. It’s nothing personal. And I don’t think you’re really paying attention to what I wrote. My point was about people who do nothing but gripe about other people’s work.

    You don’t like Seth? Fine. Make a show that’s more popular than his shows and then maybe we can talk.

    I could be wrong but doesn’t Butch Hartman have THREE shows already? Much like Seth?

    • Mr E. Machine

      O.K. Everyone. Time to go home. Nothing more to see here. You’re not allowed to have opinions or review someone’s creative output unless you can prove you’ve matched their success in dollars.

      Do you do that Matt? Every time you see a feature film do you say nothing about it afterwards because your name isn’t Spielberg? Do you say everything Seth has made is as good as everything else Seth has made, and will do until the day when you have four shows on TV too, then you’ll be able to say “You know, maybe Americal Dad is a bit derivative.”

      Of course people gripe here Matt. That’s what the internet was built for. That’s what you’re doing too, but about us (although by your rules, you haven’t matched us in financial success so you’re not allowed to.) Generally I prefer positivity too, but stop presuming to know that anyone who has an opinion you don’t agree with can’t have achieved anything in their lives.

  • This is gonna be rediculous. Trust me. I am a Family Guy fan, and The Flinstsones is one of the most legendary cartoons ever putten up on the good ideas list, but if Flinties get mashed up with Family Gai animation, then everything will be fucked up. All the characters will look way too Macfarlane-ish, and the plots will either be bad or recycled plots/jokes from Family Guy/American Dad/(or even worse…)The Cleveland Show. They are also gonna ruin a great classic! God this reminds me of when Tom and Jerry was taken over by Chuck Jones in the 1960s then the characters looked like they smoked crystal meth for a week straight without sleeping, the audio and voices were fucked up, and the jokes and stories were recycled or unused jokes from Wil E Coyote and other Jones’s Looney Tunes.

    In conclusion, do I agree with Seth’s and FOX’s descission? …..I YABBA DADDA DON’T!!!!!

  • Matt Sullivan

    Again, you’re not READING what I wrote. You’re just reading INTO it.

    • Mr E. Machine

      “You don’t like Seth? Fine. Make a show that’s more popular than his shows and then maybe we can talk

      I am READING INTO this that you don’t think anyone should comment on a Seth show until they’ve made one that’s more popular. Am I mistaken?

  • Jimmy

    This will be another hit for MacFarlane. He has the “magical” touch, with Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. The Flintstones should be a winner, regardless what people say. Yes, I know it is an iconic cartoon, but I am waiting to see how MacFarlane does with it. It would be nice to see if someone would bring back King Of The Hill, though.

    • The only one to bring back King Of The Hill from the grave is the one and only founder Mike Judge. KOTH is as iconic as Flintstone.

  • Z Jake

    Why do they feel the need to mess with a good thing!

  • I hope to God this isn’t how they will be drawn! Family Guy artwork sux and this is double ugly on Fred and Wilma.

  • Jesus

    It’s not a very good idea for Seth MacFarlane to reboot The Flintstones it will destroyed his career and the same goes to The Flintstones legacy I think both Hanna and Barbera are both spinning in their graves after all, Seth MacFarlane worked on Cartoon Network for such shows like Johnny Bravo and many others before went on to do Family Guy, if Family Guy is finished for good here’s a better idea than rebooting The Flinstones, why not make a good spinoff with Brian and Stewie it would have better and way funnier than the awful ‘Cleveland Show’ because that spinoff with Peter Griffin’s black pal Cleveland is just wasn’t the same Family Guy once had, If you’re reading this Seth McFarlane please don’t reboot The Flinstones don’t, just do Brian and Stewie and not the Cleveland Show okay.

  • I always loved the Flintstones growing up and still watch them when I can catch an episode. However, to the delight of some of you and dismay of the other, I read other articles about the Flintstones project. Warner Brothers only agreed to release the right to create the new series if Seth and Fox agreed to have the show keep the same family values. And no, Fox and Seth will not have control of the Flintstones franchise outside of the new series. I personally believe Seth McFarlane is a talented individual with great creativity. As it was mentioned in a previous post, Seth has worked on other family friendly cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory. Everyone has their own opinion of humor and I don’t see a problem with cartoons being catered to all people. Everyone should be able to enjoy the creativity of imagination and animation no matter the genre. I say, give Seth a chance. He says that he loved the show growing up and Fred was his first drawing at the age of 2. I can’t imagine him making the show to when other kids (and adults) can enjoy the characters just as much as he did. I believe he will take great care in how this show develops. I personally look forward to the new series and don’t believe Seth or the new series should be judged before it’s out.

  • With six seasons worth of episodes already available on DVD and some can be seen online as well, why do we need MORE Flintstones that won’t look or sound like the originals? Take a chance on something NEW rather than ruin something that is beloved by many.

  • SuperBiasedMan

    I like Seth McFarlane, he created some great stuff when he started Family Guy. It was an interesting new style, had some great jokes and kept me entertained.

    Then he made American Dad, looking like a very close Family Guy clone at first, it changed after a while. Became its own show where it had a different style. I particularly enjoyed how it played with narrative convention.

    Then came the Cleveland Show.
    What a waste of…everything. It’s an unfunny clone of Family Guy that never changed or improved. Similarly Family Guy has been in decline, though I can’t speak for American Dad as I just haven’t seen any of the new ones.

    I have absolutely no expectation of this turning out well unless it is actually written like the Flintstones and not just like a new version of Family Guy.

  • Willow Ufgood

    Guaranteed to have Paleofeces and coprolite jokes.

  • Anna

    I’m always open to something new… but seriously FOX, do you really need “Seth MacFarlane clone #4” on your network?

    He hasn’t really shown he can do anything that isn’t the same ol’ thing he did bazillion times already

  • Jim

    I say NUTS to MacFarlene and his shows. Big deal about them and who cares. Poor Fred and Barney.

  • tonma

    Many here say “give Seth a chance”. But hey, we’ve been giving him a chance for many seasons of 3 different shows, and in the end he comes out as incredibly predictable, the jokes about it are every where.
    I gave up on him a long time ago, the same way I gave up on revamped flintstones shows when I was a kid.

  • John

    Seth Mcfarland animating the Flintstones? I know and understand that the show had gone through many renovations and changes in appearance. I call it attitoon. Watch the original Flintstones from the 1960’s and compare it to the 1970’s Fred and Barney Show. I laughed at the joke done on Family Guy, where Peter choses Barney Rubble as his new best friend. And Peter is wating for Mr. Rubble to finish up his business in the bathroom, so they can go and play darts. The funny part was when you saw that a Pelican was uses as a toilet, and his response after Barney leaves makes you laugh. Although when he did an animated segment on the Jetsons, I would’ve thought that when he came to argue with Mrs. Jetson about being stuck on the dog walkway going haywire, Mr. Jetson would’ve complained that he’s been on the walkway for 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.
    Yeah, sometimes an animated show get better enjoyement and satisfaction sometimes if it’s animated by just the right studio.

  • I know someone that probably is pissed with the news… John Kricfalusi

  • dlafkjn4orf

    seth macfarlane making jokes about cancer/AIDS = not funny

    seth macfarlane getting cancer/AIDS = hilarious

  • This is great news, if it’s for real. I’ve grown to hate the damn Flintstones, and I get a huge kick out of FAMILY GUY. Best thing that can happen is the Flintstones will be turned into a clone of FAMILY GUY.

  • Joy

    Well I like the idea but MUST Fred and Wilma look like Peter and Lois?!(Well I hope the art is just there to be art and not actually going to make the cartoon like that)

  • paul reader

    just the way peter griffin’s nose and chin look like a penis and testicles……uuuuuggggggghhhhhh…..

  • Not happening, at least in the near future, MacFarlane is too busy. But the drawing on this page was a gag from Family Guy. At 2012 SXSW, Seth said ” We’re trying to, essentially, stay true to what that show is. There’s
    something cool to me about, in 2013, turning on your TV and seeing ‘The
    Flintstones’ and having it look like ‘The Flintstones.’ … We kinda
    want to keep it, more or less, the same. The stories that we tell will
    be a little more current.”