"The Cops." "The Cops."

TBS Scraps Louis C.K.’s Animated Series ‘The Cops’

TBS has officially killed The Cops, the animated series co-created and voiced by Louis C.K., according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Production on the series about two L.A. cops, which had an order for 10 episodes, was halted last November after the comedian admitted to a long-term pattern of sexually harassing women.

Co-created with Albert Brooks, the series was being produced by FX Networks and FX Productions, where Louis C.K. had an overall deal. FX immediately cut all ties with the comedian after he admitted to misconduct, removing him as executive producer from the four shows he was making for the company and not giving him any further monetary compensation for his work on the projects.

The crew of The Cops,, which was being made at Starburns Industries in Burbank, California, was laid off in mid-November. The show’s art director, Francis Giglio, wrote an an open letter to Louis C.K., which he shared with Cartoon Brew. In it, he expressed his feelings about the disgraced comedian’s actions and how it had impacted the crew of the show:

All of the stress and frustration that I find myself in now is nothing compared to the pain and distress you have caused those women. I will happily walk away from this project and any other project to fully support anyone that needs to come forward about sexual abuse or harassment.

Louis C.K. has also been removed as the starring voice in Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets sequel, due to be released next year.

  • ToonBoom_Animator

    Not only did the Starburns crew get laid off, there were also a bunch of animators in Canada that lost their jobs as well. Very sad situation, lots of innocent people got punished because Louis CK couldn’t keep it in his pants.

    • Fried

      “Very sad situation, lots of innocent people got punished because Louis CK couldn’t keep it in his pants.”
      The show could have continued without Louie’s involvement. You can blame him for some things, but not for TBS’ decision to can the project.

      • James Brawnson

        No one is going to watch a new show from a sexual harasser, at least not in this current climate.

        • Fried

          So you’re of the opinion Clarence and Loud House should’ve been cancelled?

  • At least the CPK cartoon was completed (and aired elsewhere like Sweden I think).

    • top_cat_james

      Likewise, eight unaired episodes of the BB series were produced.

  • Robert Holmén

    It would seem that the show had no saving charms other than it fulfilled part of a production deal with Louis CK?

    It would be interesting to know more of the inside thinking that got the show bought first and now dropped.

    Was it great but can’t be put together without Louis CK’s contribution? Or was it just the least-worst option of the we-have-to-pick-one proposals from him?