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“The Looney Tunes Show” talkback

Today’s the day of judgement – your judgement, that is – as Cartoon Network’s new Looney Tunes Show makes its debut at 8pm (West Coasters with an East Coast feed will see it at 5pm).

For all those wondering what I think: I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve only seen the clips leaked to the internet and all the promos. I’ll be tuned in for the premiere just like you. But I congratulate Tony, Spike, Jessica and all my friends at Warner Animation for simply getting the show made. My fingers are crossed.

  • udx

    [Comment removed by editors. This talkback thread is for those who have seen the show.]

  • Richard

    The episode was funny! The Superman story was comedy gold.
    Not a fan of “Grilled Cheese”.

  • I am watching this right now, the first 15 min is over and I already loved the style and the animation. Hoping everybody is loving it.

  • Luke

    Just finished watching the first segment. Can’t say much for the writing, but I love the animation and voice acting! Mac and Tosh are particularly hilarious. My complaints are that the writing is just okay, nothing spectacular. I really wish there was background music, it’s driving me nuts! Also, more cartoony humor!

  • carps

    I was expecting it to be terrible, but I actually laughed outloud a few times. The only thing that made me groan was the “gwilled cweese” music…video…thing. Who thought that was a great idea? I would like to speak with them. Overall, I will watch it when I catch it. And I’m shocked that I’m saying that.

  • Chris E.

    Bringing back old characters for the new generation can be pretty much hit or miss. It worked well for Scooby Doo Mysteries Inc. Too bad that it doesn’t work for The Looney Tunes show. It’s odd to see Bugs and Daffy in what appears to be an animated buddy sitcom. Too much pointless chatter, a lack of anything interesting going on as well as timed music scores. It’s safe to say that nothing can ever compared to the classics.

    I had never had any hopes for this show to begin with and I was about to hop on the bandwagon. I’m glad to follow my gut on this one.

  • Charlie

    It was 50/50 with me. The joke of Daffy thinking Bugs will do everything for him was kinda funny the first time, but got old the other two times. Speedy’s appearence made me uncomfortable, and Daffy failing at being a “best friend” was funny, too. Especially with the credit card. Good animation on Daffy, but Bugs’ big moinker is a big distraction. I like the fact that Elmer is a millionare. I would watch it again.

  • Just finished watching it with my kids and we were cracking up! The grilled cheese song was funny cause my daughter LOVES grilled cheese sandwiches, not a fan of the music choice, but the lyrics were hilarious!

  • Austen Davis

    It was okay. I mean, it pales in comparison with the shorts, but it wasn’t bad either. I don’t see myself rushing out to the DVD store if they ever put the show on a boxset, but I’d take it over Loonatics Unleashed any day.

  • John

    Before I begin, I must point out the great homage to Hanna-Barbera in the Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated lead-in.

    As for the Looney Tunes Show goes, it was okay. The “Grilled Cheese” song was really funny just because of how strange it was. Daffy’s incredible stupidity was also funny at times. However, Bugs felt like a huge A-Hole. He didn’t make any good, snappy one-liners and it felt like he was angry the whole time and sarcastic in a bad, bad way.

  • Billy Bob

    Wow, I really tried. No, I REALLY DID TRY TO TAKE IT AT FACE VALUE.

    But over looking the fact that Bugs and Daffy are barley Bugs and Daffy,

    the fact is the writing is just pure generic lameness. They could have been any other characters and it would still be as stale.

    Not to mention Daffy’s idiocy being insufferable.

    The art is nice but that’s it. Even Jeff Bergman’s voice work rubs me the wrong way.

    I hope the kids like it, me? I’ll stick the classics and WB’s 90s work.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Having watched it myself, I feel like it’s not really a show for me, but I can see who it’s audience is and can see how this would work for them. I’ll give this show a pass since I found a few nice moments like Daffy’s self-absorbed mindset and Mac & Tosh being what they are. The writing though was on the wall with the show’s sitcomy premise, I so knew where it was going but I had to soldier on. That Superman bit still gets me though in a fun way.

      • Funkybat

        So, who *is* the intended audience for “The Looney Tunes Show?”

      • Ryoku

        From what I’ve gathered its the new generation of kids and teens, so for whatever reason they dug up classic characters and took away their personalities over just making something new.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Basically guys half my age who think this is the “in” thing. Give then a few more years to mature and I’m sure they’ll come around!

      • Funkybat

        Most young people I know have better taste in humor than this. Of course, most of them love Family Guy and it’s spinoffs, but I’ve honestly laughed out loud at FG’s funny but crude-looking animation more than I did at the pretty but slightly amusing animation that aired last Tuesday. I think this show isn’t going to be crude/outrageous enough for most teens’ sense of humor, and too slow and talky for most kids’ sense of humor.

        I think the reason other slow, talky kids shows are often popular is because of the bizarre visual styles and the inclusion of “gross-out” humor vaguely reminiscent of John K. At least this show hasn’t gone *that* well-trod route.

  • Matt P.

    I just finished the 1st episode and I actually didn’t hate it! Though that isn’t to say I liked it either. I found it… mediocre. I will say I do like the animation (sans the drop shadows) and I think the re-designs look nice (though I think they look better in that still frame than they did in the actual show) but the humor/main plot came off as generic and predictable for me and I thought the “Merrie Melodie” about the grilled cheese was just bad.

    That being said, I’m probably going to watch the rest of the season. Maybe it will get better as it goes along.

  • Besides the Merrie Melodies segment, it wasn’t as bad as everyone was making it out to be. It is what it is. A sitcom version of ‘Looney Tunes’ with less character depth and poorly done voices. It was decent enough for me to tune in next week.

  • Anthony D.

    Wasn’t bad as I feared. It was pretty good. I didn’t like the Grilled Cheese song either (mostly cuz I don’t like grilled cheese). I’m giving this episode a “B” and the show a reccomendation.

  • Despite of all the negative feedback I read at first about the show, I enjoyed it. :)

    Yes, it is different particularly in design and concept, but I’m looking forward to see more episodes. Thanks for keeping it humorous and thanks for keeping it musical. The grilled cheese video was absurdly sexy, heheh.

    Keep it up. I never liked the “Loonatics” because I felt they were too stretched from the essence of the classic Looney Tunes, but I can accept this “Looney Tunes Show” update as the fan of the classic Looney Tunes I am.

    My 2¢.

  • I knew it was gonna be funny, but that was funnier than I expected. I’ve got high hopes for this new show

    • P.S.: Yeah, the “Grilled Cheese” was creepy, but the animation was pretty damn good, the lyrics was hilarious and I enjoyed it.

  • I actually like this episode. I like the animation and some of the jokes, but I’m not a fan of the odd silence in some scenes. It makes the dialogue sound awkward. The “Grilled cheese” bit was very creepy (shudders).

    I’ll stay tuned to see how this show develop over time.

  • Alissa

    Was the grilled cheese song supposed to be funny? Because I found Elmer Fudd lusting over a sandwich to be more disturbing than anything else.

    The near nonstop chatterbox style of humor never really appealed to me, and it still doesn’t. Still, there were a few bright spots. The bit where Daffy freaked out before the cruise was well animated with some really funny poses.

    Overall, I wouldn’t call it the worst cartoon ever, but it wasn’t anything close to the best.

    All I can say is thank the animation gods for shows like Adventure Time, where weird funny animation is still cool.

  • Luke

    I might add, that the Amazing World of Gumball preview I just watched (which imediately folowed LTS) was about four times as entertaining.

  • Man what I would do to work on just one episode of this new show!
    Very funny and most importantly, ENTERTAINING! (which is what Looney Tunes is known for)
    The animation is way above par than what I was expecting. Full, smooth, wacky, and VERY expressive, the kind of things you want in comedy animation! I really hope the kids liked it. It’s everything that’s “hip” now days in animation: Fast paced humor, referencing from other media, slapstick, word play, smart conversational humor… ect ect

    Now the trick is to maintain this level of comedy for the rest of the season.

    The whole sequence at the game show was hilarious. I really enjoyed how the writers researched for this episode (those were Bugs’ and Daffy’s actual official theatrical premiere date “birthdays” if I’m not mistaken, and the fact that Groucho Marx was a big inspiration to Bugs’ creation in the first place.)

    Next to Young Justice, this new Looney Tunes show is my favorite Cartoon Network program.

  • top cat james

    Need to go back to the original six-seven minute format like the original cartoons. To do otherwise does no favors to these characters, as witnessed by the turgid, plodding episode aired tonight.

  • Christopher Cook

    Not God-awful. Just dull and talky. You can get just so much mileage having every response Daffy makes a non-sequitur.

    The sitcom format just doesn’t work for me. There but for the grace of Garry Marshall go I.

  • I like the Bugs/Daffy banter. The background art looks great. They handled the gophers well. I didn’t like the Merrie Melodies segment. It wasn’t a funny enough gag to last as long as it did. I didn’t care for the Yosemite Sam Merrie Melody that was previewed a couple weeks ago either.

    Overall, the show is ok. I’ll be back next week!

  • Tim Fox

    I liked the character design… fresh but true to the familiar. But the voices were distractingly off. Need to pick up the pace… I think the sitcom format could work, but they need more subplots and more characters to get things moving. I liked the opening theme, but as someone else mentioned, it needs more music under.

  • Glowworm

    It’s not bad–but definately sitcomy. You could basically remove Bugs and Daffy and replace them with anyone you pleased and it would still be the same sitcom wise.

    I will admit, that I laughed really really hard at the end when Daffy told Bugs that he used his credit card to pay for the cruise and then proceeded to say Bugs’ credit card number outloud.

    Also, the Goofy Gophers were well done. They were voiced well and acted out well. I just wish that Bugs and Daffy were that well thought out. Daffy was indeed too stupid, and Bugs seemed rather grumpy–not unlikable–just grumpy.

    As for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich song–I thought that was hillarious–it was clearly a Barry White parody. I didn’t really find it disturbing–although for the first time, Elmer actually had sex appeal(!) Cookie Monster used to sing love songs to his cookies all the time before eating them and that never bothered me.

  • …waiting for the show, SCOOBY DOO was cracking me up, especially when Fred said to the stacked black lady in the skintight jumpsuit “It was getting rank in there. It’s a well-constructed box”.

    LOONEY executive summary: Disappointing, but with potential that invites at least one more viewing.

    The setting and story for this particular episode is distressingly dull and sitcommy. It’s like LOONEY TUNES on Prozac, with the dangerous edges shaved off. A game show? Lame. The setting wasn’t particularly compelling when LOONEY TUNES used it in the 1950s, and this cartoon did even less with it. A cruise? That makes me think of senior citizens. The suburban neighborhood doesn’t offer much in the way of LOONEY-ness in a way that resonates with these characters.

    The show derails whenever this unfortunate version of Bugs can be seen or heard. There must be at least ten available cartoon voice guys who can do a better Bugs than this. The inflection is all wrong. It sounds way off. It slips in and out of Bugs territory. And why is he purple?

    Elmer Fudd’s voice and appearance is great. Why wasn’t Billy West used for Bugs, too? The best cartoon cartoon voice, who can do every Warners character well, is RIGHT THERE and he’s only used for one character. Why?

    Elmer rapping about grilled cheese sounds like something a grade school principal or Sunday school teacher would think is proper humor for a child. A waste of Elmer.

    The musical score was not worthy of Looney Tunes. Carl Stalling orchestrations of Raymond Scott and classical composers is one of the original Looney’s strongest features. It was a huge part of the cartoon’s personalities – but this version features uninspired cues arranged with low-rent orchestral samples and synths. It sounds like something from the early 90s. Not cool.

    Daffy’s look and voice are very good. Fred Armisen’s Speedy absolutely kills. Oddly, this makes the Daffy/Speedy scenes the strongest of the show, despite that particular character combo being used for some of the weakest Warners cartoons of the 1960s. Whenever Bugs is off screen, the show really picks up. Even when sharing a scene, Daffy is funny when Bugs isn’t. Some of the dialogue is pretty good, but the comedy weight rests entirely on Daffy since this Bugs feels so wrong.

    The animation and design are adequate, except for Bugs’ new look. No problems there.

    What’s puzzling about this newest LOONEY cartoon is that DUCK DODGERS was produced relatively recently, and it’s damn near perfect, faithful in every way to the LOONEY legacy, yet unobtrusively contemporary in its references. The music for DODGERS was skillfully arranged and true to the spirit of the vintage cartoons on which it was based. The voices were dead-on accurate. The design was carefully plucked from the best influences of the show’s predecessors. Why can’t LOONEY TUNES be as good as DUCK DODGERS?

    Anyway, I’ll watch it again to see if the show pulls itself together.

    GUMBALL was mildly interesting…

    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      Duck Dodgers. Now that’s a show I should watch again.

    • I mostly agree with you, except for the Sunday school teachers part…I know some funny Sunday school teachers.
      …… and yes, that Grilled cheese bit was bad.

    • Funkybat

      “The musical score was not worthy of Looney Tunes……this version features uninspired cues arranged with low-rent orchestral samples and synths. It sounds like something from the early 90s.”

      Be careful when painting the early 90s with a broad brush, especially in regard to WB animation. Animaniacs and Batman TAS both had excellent scores!

      • I wasn’t talking about 90s “Warners” toons – TINY TOONS, PLUCKY DUCK, BATMAN, ANIMANIACS, FREAKAZOID, SUPERMAN and so on had great, fully realized scores. I was speaking more of run-of-the-mill Saturday-morning and syndicated stuff – DIC and similar.

      • snip2354

        They also all had live orchestras. Do you realize how expensive those are to get with a cable television budget nowadays?!

      • With the sample libraries and virtual instruments available for relatively low prices these days, any half-competent arranger can come very close to the sound of a real, live orchestra. However, the music from the new LOONEY show sounds as if it’s using external MIDI hardware from the 80s or 90s. It reminds me of old Roland SN-U110 PCM/LA hybrid expansion cards, which were great twenty-three years ago.

  • DNAndy

    They ruined Bugs’ character. Other than that, pretty average.

  • Well, color me surprised: I came onto this blog expecting there to be an onslaught of rage in response to this premiere, but so far it seems that for the most part the general consensus is mixed (with “alright” at best and “dull” at worst).

    As for me, I didn’t think it was that bad at all. I just wish CN hadn’t spoilered the show to death in their advertising campaign; a good chunk of the scenes in this episode had already been used in commercials/online clips. That being said, I still thought it was entertaining. And say what you will about Elmer Fudd’s “Grilled Cheese” song, but I thought it was hilarious just on an account of how GOOFY it was.

    And for those complaining about the lack of slapstick…I guess getting pies in the face and flying head first into a ceiling (unscathed!)aren’t “looney” enough for you. The slapstick is there, it’s just in smaller doses than we’re used to.

    I have a feeling the show will improve as the season progresses, but until then, this isn’t a bad start. It DEFINITLEY makes up for Loonatics, that’s for sure. I reeeeallly hope the kids like this show; maybe if it’s a ratings juggernaut, it’ll persuade CN to air the classic shorts more prominently?? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • I liked it. It’s enough that I’ll tune in next week.

    People who hate this are overreacting. Looney Tunes have already seen its worst days when they were disappearing from television. Having hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.

  • Ubu

    The people running things wanted a fresh new take and they got it. Doesn’t matter if it’s not worthy of the legacy. If enough people watch it, it will be all they need.

  • Frank Provasek

    It was cute, but the 30 minute format with these characters was not as effective even 30 years ago with the Jones and Freleng (with Mel Blanc) network specials.

    What a shame that Cartoon Network so disrespected the creative people behind this show that they squeezed the closing credits into a tiny box that was unreadable even in HDTV.

    • Funkybat

      That was a huge trend 10 years ago or so, but at least Fox’s Sunday Night programmers realized it was a mistake, and in recent years, The Simpsons and the other shows on Fox Sunday have had their full credits restored on-air. I really missed those Simpsons credits during the late 90s-early 2000s.

      Cartoon Network has done this to pretty much everything in their “primetime” for some time now, so I’m not surprised they would do it even to a flagship show featuring some of the most famous characters ever animated.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I hope it’ll come back. It always seemed like a shame to me when we lost the end credits to a sea of promos and other network-oriented dribble in recent years.

      • I’ve seen sitcoms – SEINFELD and similar shows – on various cable channels with the end-credits not only squeezed into a tiny box, but played concurrently with the opening sequence of the next show. This opens thirty seconds or more up per half-hour for additional advertising time.

    • tonma

      YES! it’s so wrong to squeeze the credits in a box everybody knows no one will be able to read. they are not even using the rest of the screen space, most of it is just a frame!! It’s like admitting they don’t give a damn about the people who makes their whole content come to being. But you know CN? some of us care, A LOT!

  • Autumn

    I loved it. I thought it was funny, the animation wasn’t terrible, I actually enjoyed the voice acting on EVERYONE, and it wasn’t as slow as I was expecting, since it was very talky. In fact I LIKED the talkiness in it.

    I even kinda liked the Grilled Cheese song, despite the fact that it disturbed me a bit. It was WEIRD but…in a kinda good way.

    Classics are still better, but that should go without saying.

  • GhaleonQ

    Er, I’ll limit my focus: what was going on with the accents?

    I was listening with headphones. I understand that voice actors should have as much freedom as visual artists and animators. I actually think the “acting” they did was fine. Yikes, though, those accents were awful replacements/imitations. Daffy couldn’t pronounce “r” sounds or anything else in that part of the mouth, Bugs’ accent was from nowhere, and Mac and Tosh and (especially) Speedy Gonzales had their specific accents replaced with painful generic ones. Seriously, fire whoever did Speedy’s pan-Mexican awfulness. The people who care about stereotypes won’t like it. The people who care about quality voice-acting won’t like it. It’s that bad.

  • Kieran Pertnav

    The problem with the show, right now, is that it’s not comfortable with taking risks. That will (hopefully)come with time. Right now, it’s trying to play it safe by blandifying most of the characters and plot lines, instead of doing anything really weird and creative. There were several moments where I THOUGHT they were really gonna turn it up, but they kept it at medium volume. As has been said, the weakness really comes down to the writing, which is too generic, but in first seasons of shows, it takes the cast and crew a while to get the characters down. If you look at first seasons of shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Star Trek the Next Generation, they’re just awful, but then the shows improve as the seasons wear on. Samurai Jack was the same way, its first season was GOOD, but it was a little too slow paced. Then the second season was a little bit too fast paced, but by the third season, they nailed it, and the fourth season was epic too.
    I’d say give it time. It was one episode, and it was very pilot-y. The one thing I REALLY didn’t like was Speedy. He was a completely one-note character in the original shorts, and their attempts to make him some sort of wise advice-giver actually highlight the fact that he’s just based on a stereotype. I would much rather have seen another original character besides Speedy, who never was a highlight of the original Looney Tunes to me.

  • Cyber Fox

    I acutally enjoyed “The Looney Tunes Show” along with the sneak peak of “The Amazing World of Gumball” the followed after it

    as for the show itself, It’s very well done
    The sitcom format fits well with the Looney Tunes characters while at times the humor is more hit than miss
    The voices for the characters perfecly accurate so far so i will keep watching this show with an open mind

    as for the Merry Melodies video “Grilled Cheese”, My mom and my brother had a blast with it completely and my mom declared the “Grilled Cheese” ‘music video’ a classic.

    Yes, Purists will always nitpick every single detail and annoyingly yern for the classic Looney Tunes.. to be fair, I do love the classic Looney Tunes and i do loathe both Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics Unleashed to the highest degree but i believe WB did something right with Looney Tunes license for a change with this show

    Ignore the critics and enjoy the show as is!

  • NC

    Really like the Superman scene hilarious rest was ok. Gumball looks like a lot fun!! Can’t wait to see more of that.

  • Keegan

    What can I say? It was a sitcom.

    I guess I’ll tune into Seinfe- I MEAN The Looney Tunes Show next week to see if it gets any better.

  • Hulk

    Damn. I only caught the last few minutes. Is it on line somewhere? I can’t find it on Hulu or youtube.

    • Are you familiar with the use of bit torrents, usenet, and file lockers?
      A quick search finds the show available from an overwhelming number of sources, in both HD and SD. The download takes only minutes.

    • Luke

      If you’re looking for the legal route, it should be on cartoon network’s video stream.

  • Gray64

    I must say that, over all, I enjoyed this. It’s the Looney Toons characters transposed into a sitcom, and from that perspective, it’s pretty entertaining. The humor is much different from the classic shorts, but then it would have to be, given the format. It would be nice if WB would make some more shorts, and give their animation staff the freedom to go nuts with them, but until that happens, I’ll gladly watch The Looney Tunes Show.

  • Matt

    I enjoyed the last couple minutes I saw. Anybody know when it will be aired again?

    • Justin Delbert

      It’ll be on tomorrow at 1p.m. and I think 5:30pm

  • All I have to do is look at the single image above: those are NOT the famous characters we all love. Those are impostors, and badly designed ones at that; SO off-model.
    Chuck Jones stated towards the end of his life that a cgi version of Bugs Bunny is NOT Bugs Bunny, but somebody else. I think we are all trying too hard to bend over backwards and please WB. WHY? We all have the DVDs of the original films. Why are we SO acquiescent, so co-dependent on the industry? I grew up on the authentic characters and films AND I know who created them; LEGENDS. This new show is, as Sylvester says, preposterous, spittingly, of course. Sorry, this is not IT for me. Sorry Tony et al. THEY’RE Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Friz Freling, Bob McKimson, and you’re NOT. That’s ALL, folks.

    • 2011 Adult

      “Those are impostors, and badly designed ones at that; SO off-model.”

      Say that to Jessica Borutski.

    • Ryoku

      The characters look MUCH better in the actual cartoon, trust me.

    • If you look at Bugs’ design from his first appearance (crouchy, black-tipped ears, big puffy tail) to his later evolutions (from narrow- to wide-cheeked, etc.) – his and the other WB characters’ appearance have NEVER been locked in stone. I think this iteration of Bugs & co. is as valid as any previous version.

      A tangent relating to the above: A few years ago I was watching a ‘June Bugs’ marathon on Boomerang when they were still running the classic WB library and it hit me: these weren’t just ‘classic’ cartoons – these are really OLD cartoons! I don’t have any problem placing the characters in a more modern setting – I much prefer it over the recycled rehashes of the classic shorts the Looney Tunes comic has been printing for 15 years.

  • i thought it was REALY REALY funny the entire thing was craking me up. im reading theese comments and im thinking what are theese people talking about these retards couldnt tell a good show if it hit em in the face the grilled cheese song was the best but apparently they dont think so i know a good looney toon program when i see it and that topped all others seriesly if you dont give this 5 stars you are blind.

    • Robert Schaad

      The use of the word “retards” is inappropriate and cruel. Please learn how to spell, how to use punctuation, and the meaning of a run-on sentence if you have any desire to be taken seriously in your opinions.

      • [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Be considerate and respectful of others in the discussion. Defamatory, rude or unnecessarily antagonistic comments will be deleted.”]

  • Slash Halen

    This episode was WORSER than bad! It was… not that bad/bland/mediocre/boring, and somehow that’s worse then just being plain old crap. I came into this show expecting to feel some sort of emotion and, nothing. I just sorta sat there with a bored expression on my face.

    You know when you watch a movie/TV show/play a video game and it turns out to be just pain old average yet that makes you hate it more? I get that same feeling with this show. Maybe I just wanted to hate it and I got robbed of that opportunity and now I’m pissed. I’m not sure. All I know is, I didn’t like it.

    Though I will say Cartoon Network has aired worse shows. I’m looking at you Total Drama series.

  • tamera

    It’s interesting. After all the bitching and moaning raised about this show in the past few months, the majority, it seems, of the people here liked it a lot (as well as I). The first time I commented on the show, it was just my distaste about Bugs being the deadpan character. But I must say, I ended up loving the “Besties” bit more than I thought, and the animation was nearly flawless (I believe people were clamoring a while ago on Bortuski’s blog that the animation would look stiff–far from it!). The Elmer Fudd bit was a bit cringe-worthy for me (though I do love grilled cheese). The show can only get better, so I’m definitely tuning in next week.

  • “Sit Down you glorified bus driver!!!”
    sums it up pretty well.

    The characters felt consistant, they have the classic personalities with a tasteful contemporary twist.

    I actually didn’t mind the new Speedy Gonzalez “chicano” sounding voice.

    So congratulations to the people involved in the show. despite the criticism I think you did a good job at TRANSLATING these beloved characters for the new generations.

  • Oh I FORGOT to say somethign real important in my previous comment.

    What’s up with those Idiots at Cartoon Network?.
    I wanted to read the credits but they were minimized besides an AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL preview. Could not read them at all!! and my screen is relatively big. Also I wanted to see the PORKY PIG that’s all folks ending!!!


  • After seeing a number of preview clips, I was SURE I’d hate this show. But out of morbid curiosity, I recorded it to watch after I got home from work. I have to say that I wrongly judged a book by its cover.

    It’s far from perfect, and it’s absolutely nothing like the classic shorts. But I still laughed, and was pleasantly surprised by the animation, which looks a lot better in motion than it does in still frames and 12-second Youtube clips. I thought the story was a good vehicle for the characters, and unlike so many cartoons on the air these days, it made SENSE! Beginning, middle, end.

    It will either go uphill or downhill from here, but I’ll definitely check out the next one.

  • Greg Chenoweth

    I thought Daffy was totally in character but they did not get Bugs right at all. Bugs is protective of Daffy at times, but he is not a moralizing snob. When someone tries to do harm to Bugs, he is totally into the game and he enjoys the fun of seeing how much fun he can have at their expense. He can befuddle the best of them and that aspect of Bugs’ personality is non-existent in the Looney Tunes Show. It wasn’t there either in Space Jam. The animation is all right, but I am not going to watch another one for awhile. My two boys (ages 11 and 10) and I felt it was bad. They like watching the old Looney Tunes like I do, but this was a very poor presentation.

    • I was actually a bit worried about the classic “The character has to learn something ” character arcs.
      But actually I felt like the characters were consistant with their personalities. Daffy is always a selfish fuck and Bugs was kind of a dick to daffy when in the cruise.

  • I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing through the entire show. Course its not going to be like the classics but I found the animation to be very awesome and funny. The writing between bugs and daffy was very comical. Its cool to see the characters in a new update way and how they would respond to daily situations like speedy helping out daffy at becoming a better best friend. overall Im def going to be watching this on CN. As for elmer fudd I did find it weird but honestly I laughed and got hungry from a grilled cheese :D

  • joe s

    i don’t think anyone mentioned the gophers saying they loved cruising.

    • ha ya I caught that too…pretty risque

  • hmmmmm. I was really looking forward to this one. in the End, it had its chuckles, some of the writing was fun (“what’s up doc? what does that even mean? We dont even know any doctors!”, the superman bit, the bit at the end about ‘best friendship’)
    I also still dig the look too.

    BUT this pilot felt overall pretty flat.Something about the Looney tunes should be more memorable, but I realize this was just the pilot. It definitely didn’t take advantage of the fact that this show is ANIMATED, which was really a let down and my biggest fear, alot of conversation, some of it funny, but not enough funny drawings!! (Cmon, this is the stinkin’ Looney Tunes!) I will be watching future episodes to see if things improve. definitely dont consider the show to be the end of the world, but it could just end up LAME, which would really suck…..

    p.s. The theme song/intro was AWESOME.

    p.p.s That song about grilled cheese with Elmer………..No. No. NO. that was BAD.

  • I noticed that Bugs and Daffy’s birth dates were the actual premiere dates of their first cartoons, so I figured they were keeping some of the history of the original theatrical shorts which was a nice little touch. With that in mind, when that asked what Daffy’s middle name was, I actually said out loud “Dumas!” Turns out the episode answer was Sheldon. Oh well. Bonus points to you if you recognize “Dumas” as Daffy’s middle name and know where it came from.

    I won’t bother with an critical review by picking apart the retooled personalities and premises since so many others will do that already. So I’ll just say the animation itself is very nicely done. No recycled stiff, rigid movements. Heck, I even went frame by frame and noticed some smear cels! When was the last time you’ve seen that in modern TV animation? Nice job!

    • Ah do believe, I say boy, Ah do believe that’s the middle name Daffy gave himself while pitching his “Scarlet Pumpernickel” script to “J.L.” (I love that cartoon for using the WB characters as a repertory company – wish they’d done more of that over the years)

  • Spencer Brandt

    I like the rest of you liked the episode. Like someone else said “a bit pilot-y” and I can see that. I think the series will continue to get better and the Besties bit was a good vehicle to introduce the sitcom format. Jessica’s designs were great and the animation was good and fluid and depending on the situation, sometimes wacky, always good for the Looney Tunes characters. Oh, and Bugs Bunny’s Superman story was fun too…

    By the way, Mystery Inc. with the old cast of H-B characters in their original designs was awesome, something worth noting…

    • Lala_Marin

      The Funky Phantom…there’s a character I haven’t seen or thought about in years. That episode really caught me off guard, and I liked it a lot. Except for Jabber Jaw. I will NEVER be happy to see Jabber Jaw.

      • Funkybat

        I’m just glad that so many people caught that Scooby episode and commented on it here. I hadn’t really been following “Mystery Inc.” lately, and I’m psyched to learn about this “retro/crossover” episode! For better or worse, the first 3 Scooby-Doo series’ were a big influence on my young life. It may never be held up as great art, but Scooby & Shaggy will never get “old” to me, no matter how repetitive the shows could be.

  • Bugs quoted “A Hare Grows in Manhattan” verbatim at one point & the Goofy Gophers made a gay joke (‘cruising’) that, I believe, may have gone past the censors.

  • Steven M.

    I’ve seen it and it’s sort of a mixed bag.

    The Good:

    The animation is actually pretty good for TV, it’s up there with some of the Carbunkle-animated Ren & Stimpys.

    The designs are also good. Jessicas done a great job with them.

    The Bad:

    Despite the show being about the Looney Tunes, I’m a little destured at how un-looney it is. There wasn’t any sort of slapstick or wacky humor thats a staple of theres.

    The voice acting is okay at best, but much of it is sub-par.

    The voices in general are, as I’ve said before, crap.

    Bugs and Daffy’s design look off in the cartoon, maybe becuase the animators are struggling to transition from the old designs to the new designs.

    Theres also this weird vague drop shadow behind the characters sometimes. I makes them look flat.

    The Grilled-Cheese music video scared me for life.

    So over-all, it’s not as crappy as I’ve anticipated, in fact, I see some great potencial in this, they just have to tighten up the writing and inject some Looney-ness to it.

  • Steven M.

    I also forgot to mention, I don’t like how WB made Daffy a complete retard in the show, but at least he isn’t a jerk like before, but I can’t say the same for Bugs. Hes smugger then ever, and because of that, hes almost unlikable, and thats saying alot.

  • PeteR

    I got pretty bored pretty fast. It’s on par with the lameness of coldren’s pablum like tiny toons or animaniacs. I can understand the shfit for sitcom’s format sake, but it wasn’t any more imaginative than the average episode of Mr. Belvedere.
    You see the effort–you just don’t care. What a shame they don’t put even this minimal effort into new ideas.

  • Kelfeth

    It seemed very, very, very uninspired, especially since I just watched an episode of “American Dad” with exactly the same “best friends game show” plot. Got bored and turned it off before it staggered to the fairly inevitable generic conclusion and don’t plan on watching it again.

  • Lala_Marin

    I have never been so bored watching these characters as I was when I forced myself to sit through this episode. Mind you, I, like so many of you, was raised on the old shorts, and despite having total recall of nearly every one I have ever seen, I would have no problem watching any of them for the umpteenth time. Honestly, I could (and have) watch Book Revue on a loop and not get tired of it. Tortoise Wins By A Hare is playing in the background as I type, and I know that even though I memorized all the gags when I was three, I’ll still laugh when Bugs reveals himself to be the rabbit at the end (the “athlete’s foot” joke also gets me every time).

    That’s actually something worthy of note, I remember the actual story of that, along with just about all the dozens of other old Looney Tunes shorts, even the ones I haven’t watched in over a decade. I can guarantee that in about a month, all I’ll remember of “Best Friends” is that Daffy was a moron, Bugs was a creep, and they went on a talk show or something. (In fact, I JUST watched it and as I was typing that last sentence, I really did forget that it was a game show).

    Utterly forgettable. There are other things to be said, but I think most of them have been covered, from the unappealing new character designs to Bug’s GRATING voice. Really, Billy West is right there. Why not let him double up with Elmer and Bugs like he did in Space Jam? (Which I could also watch repeatedly with no problem).

    It was uninspired, unfaithful, and while I don’t regret watching it, I won’t go back for a second viewing.

  • The Gee


    Well, in one way I’m not surprised that people seemed to like it and that it exceeded their expectations. It is kind of irrational and pointless to allow entertainment to vex you.

    People…sure. People can be vexing.

    From what I saw of the first show: when it comes to new cartoon series, I always remember the first full “Simpsons” episode that aired wasn’t the first full one that was made; it was just bumped up ahead of the rest. Obviously, there was a long ramp up with the Ullman shorts to flesh out characters and situations.

    I’m not implying anything other than I’d give it a while to play out before the gnashing of teeth starts and the calls for sacrifices begin. Oh wait. That happened before it ever aired. Never mind.

    Given an even longer ramp up for these characters (decades) you’d think it would have taken off smoothly. As a made for TV, comedic cartoon goes in the 21st Century it comes across as being alright.

    I could not help but think of Saturday Night Live because of the game show segment and the voice actors from SNL who are on the show. But, there were an abundance of sitcom elements, too. Unlike SNL or a sitcom, they could do more and did do more because it is a cartoon. They just didn’t go the whole nine yards very often, in wild ways. But, I am not sure if that was because of intentional restraint of something else.

    All in all, I can see why people would like it and why people would hate it. What I don’t get is why the people who feel Daffy is “retard” don’t seem to realize he was probably specifically developed for them. That characterization is very self-absorbed, as the Bugs character pointed out throughout the episode. He’s the perfect mascot for some of Today’s Youth (they don’t get much beyond themselves).

    In general, I found it amusing.
    Though some of the interior BGs on at the main characters’ house were a bit too dominating. But, that is a minor quibble. All the BGs looked nice. The addition of the gophers was a nice surprise. I could see them swinging like that. All in all, it wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t the worst TV cartoon I’ve watched recently.

    As for the Fudd torchsong for grilled cheese…yeah. Either you appreciate that a lot or I guess it would weird you out easily. That is definitely geared less towards kids and more towards a sense of humor best appreciated by an older crowd. If you are older and were weirded out by it:
    look at is as Fudd is a Foodie (a somehow snobbish, freakish foodie)
    it is just making fun of commercials that pitch food in over-the-top ways (Carls’ Junior)
    like others have mentioned, Barry White homages, music videos and stuff we are used to seeing with Elmer Fudd being the central character. Again, consider the SNL influence, or, even the late MAD TV.
    If Fudd isn’t running around trying to shoot something, he may as well be a humorous gatherer. We’ll see how that works out. Though, he could still be both a humorous hunter and a goofy gatherer. It isn’t impossible, is it?

    • Lala_Marin

      The Simpsons have come a long way from those frightening shorts, so you’ve got a very solid point. The Looney Tunes Show may get better as it progresses, but it’s a lot harder to sit through something as it evolves when dealing with characters that are instantly recognizable in their look, sound, and personalities, especially when the show itself starts off feeling a little shaky.

      I had a really tough time with Teen Titans for that exact reason, and actually had to stop watching it until it got its legs at the end of season one. I think that’s what a lot of us take issue with here, it’s so unfamiliar that it’s difficult to take in immediately. With time, that may change, and I honestly hope it does. I like Bugs and Daffy (well, I like Daffy), and I like that Warner Brothers is finally wiling to put time into introducing them to a generation that has been growing up without “June Bugs.” I just hope that they’ve put in the requisite effort as well.

  • Doug Drown

    Animation, voices — excellent. Right up there with the ’40s and ’50s WB cartoons. IMO, Daffy looks more like the original Clampett creation (complete with mugging) than the later Jones. Very well done.

    Some elements of the show were really funny — the Superman thing, the Grilled Cheese song (weird, but it worked), and some of the dialogue. All in all, however, I’d rather see Warners produce three separate eight-minute cartoons for the half-hour time span than try to work with what is essentially a sitcom format. It seemed a bit strained.

  • Lamont Wayne

    I’m reading everyone’s comments… and maybe I’m being unfair to it… but going into watching it, I put it on a pedestal with Mickey Mouse Works on how successful a reboot it had to be.

    This is no Mickey Mouse Works.

    I wish WB had gone that route instead of this Muppet Show ripoff. I’ll give it a few more episodes though.

    And I agree with the sentiment that they got Bugs’ personality all wrong. I like that his house is bigger than Mickey’s though, heh, and the Superman bit did get a chuckle out of me.

  • Brad Constantine

    I fell asleep…(really!)maybe not enough explosions.

  • I have only watched “Best friends”. It didn’t blow my mind, but it was (a little) better than I was expecting from the clips. I actually quite liked it. It’s a little too heavy on its sitcom premise, and I’m not even talking about the fact that the LT live in the suburbia, but mostly about the specific conflict and premise of the episode, every situation was very sitcommy. Some of the gags were over explained or repeated, but it was funnier than I was expecting and I chuckled at two or three gags. The Gophers were especially great and faithful to the originals, but the end with Daffy saying the credit card numbers was also quite funny.

    The animation was also pretty good. The backgrounds are well drawn but a little distracting, the human characters designs are all over the place and the shots are sometimes interesting but they resemble a life action sitcom or movie more than a cartoon. Other than that I quite like the designs and facial expressions. I don’t love Bugs’ new look, but I can accept it. He looks pretty good sometimes, depending of the frame.

    The characterizations are alright for me. They changed them a little for their purposes but there’s nothing heretic here. They could be better, but also worse. Of course they could be funnier, especially Bugs, but I don’t think they’re insulting the characters, just using them for the kind of premise they were working with.

    Worse aspect to me are the voices. They are tolerable, but mediocre compared to Daffy’s voice in Duck Dodgers or Bugs’ in Back In Action. Speedy Gonzales’ voice is also mediocre, but I liked his role. Mac and Tosh were perfectly voiced, though.

    Like somebody else have said I won’t be excited about buying this show on dvd, but I think it’s nice enough to have some entertainment. It’s quite better than Baby Looney Tunes Show and Loonatics…or Space Jam, but worse than Duck Dodgers. It has the chance to get better than DD if they’d make it a little looni-er, but I think that’s not what they’re trying.

  • The Looney Tunes Show was a little mediocre. It was entertaining, but mediocre. But then again, it’s only the first episode.

    However, for cartoons the one first episode that hit it right on the head (even though I didn’t see it when High School Musicial 2 premeried or when it first officially came on) was Phineas and Ferb. It’s evident that the first episode did well is when they find the “Rollercoaster” episode a subject matter on every episode.

  • Also, the tie-in contest is void in my state. Jerry Beck, did you encourage CN’s lawyers for me not to win a criuse?

  • The Gee

    Got it!

    The Fudd music video is the animated equivilent of a Lonely Island/ SNL Digital Video short.
    The concept, the tone might as well have been something featuring Andy Samburg.

    Like I wrote earlier, the humor obviously skews towards adults. But it is just that juvenile plus repulsion plus awkward schtick that those SNL shorts rely on.

    It would not surprise me if these 2st C Merry Melodies are also meant to go viral on the web to promote the show.

    If this were an Indy production I’d say that’s understandable but since it is not Indy I am not sure if that is good or bad. I might not prefer that direction or possible intent but I’m torn between if it is either smart business-wise or ham-handed creatively. Or just both things combined.

    • Funkybat

      Well, *obviously* the dream of those behind the show would be for the Merrie Melodies shorts to “go viral” online. That is pretty much the main medium for anyone under 30 these days. TV is going the way of movies; once the dominant medium, tried to cover all bases (newsreels/shorts/features/special events) now reduced to a still-major element of a larger media mix.

      People these days want to/expect to see something they heard about or remember the instant they think of it. Even popping in a DVD of old Looney Tunes shorts is too time-consuming and inconvenient. It’s gotta be on YouTube or Hulu or somewhere else that you can access within a few keystrokes on whatever device you have near you at any moment.

      I don’t see anything wrong with the musical segments aiming to appeal to today’s generation. I think there is actually more room to toy with the characters there than there is in the “sitcom” parts. Viral popularity would do more for the overall ratings of the new series than 1000 posters, print & TV ads…

  • Mister Twister

    It’s a ****ing sitcom, that’s what I say.

  • Kevin

    I watched the first episode and thought it was good and not terrible like people are saying. Would have been better if it was broke up into 3 shorter stories showing different characters.The art work is very much like Mystery Inc. which I now really like but didn’t when I first saw how different it was from the original.Some jokes were really funny and I loved the Superman part. Also I think kids are not going to care that the characters are a little different from the originals so I feel like this updated version is going to be a success.

  • David Breneman

    What’s with the raising of the lower eyelid thing? I always found that an annoying affectation of “Family Guy.” It’s physically impossible to do on any normal face. Do they teach that now as some kind of shortcut in animation school?

    • They teach it now in Seth MacFarlane Impressions 101.

    • Dougie Bailey

      Technically they did that in Rugrats back in 1996-1997.

      Just sayin’.

  • Just watched the first episode. The character designs, animation and voice acting are wonderful! I’m not a fan of sitcoms so I find it really hard to watch this characters talk and talk for half an hour, at one moment I was like “PLEASE! somebody throw an anvil!”

    • snip2354

      “What da hell is this?! For God’s sake, someone throw a pie!”
      – Peter Griffin, ironically

  • The first half worked best as a stand alone cartoon… The second half seemed unnecessary, and I was actually shocked that they continued the storyline that seemed to wrap up nicely. It also seemed to take an odd turn to continue the story… Almost a darker tone for a second which made me feel a little odd… Mind you, I don’t mind darker tones… But for Looney Tunes characters… That just doesn’t fit!! I like the character designs, and will be giving it a few more chances before writing it off as it looks promising… Just hoping they’ll do 7-11 minute cartoons instead of a full length episode…

    On an unrelated note, glad to see Mystery Inc. back!!

  • A.C.

    Eh, I gave it a fair unbiased chance. Some good gags and moments’ll came out of it but otherwise I was so bored by the sitcom format.

    I’m very curious as it’s future though, especially how they handle Lola Bunny.

  • Graham

    GAH! Please change the image! Bugs’ smile is nightmare-inducing.

  • Well, it felt somewhat overlong and boring, but mostly it was surprisingly good. There was actually one point where I laughed out loud (can’t remember what it was though). The designs are okay for most of the characters once you get used to them, although I still think they made Elmer too skinny, to the point of not being sure whether it’s supposed to be him or not. I’m interested in seeing more.

  • Cyber Fox

    Most of the nay-sayers here are
    1. Brainwashed by the negative reviews
    2. Purists

    If your either of the two, i pity you

    The Looney Tunes fans are mostly like Sonic fans, no matter how hard the company tries to please us.. the purists will always find every single nitpick of the recent offer of the beloved franchise

    granted, Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics Unleashed are true atrocities of the license but The Looney Tunes Show do feature the characters we know and love with a new art style and setting

    sad enough that most of the b***h fits against the show is over the art style of the characters and what they sound like, not all revivals are perfect OK?

    The Looney Tunes Show is mostly an example of an show that ask for the public to ignore the critics and the purists and for you to watch the show and judge for yourself whether the show is good or not

    For me, The show is not perfect but it’s WAY better than last 2 incarnations we were given (Baby Looney Tunes) and you people should be happy about that.

    but alas like the fans of Sonic The Hedgehog, They will never be :(

    on a sunnier note, Elmer Fudd’s song “Grilled Cheese” is now available on iTunes.. i’m serious!

    • Re:
      –Looney Tunes fans are mostly like Sonic fans–

      That statement seems peculiar, somehow.

    • Lala_Marin

      Looney Tunes snob? Far from it. Disney snob? Since I was three-years-old. Animation snob? Guilty as charged and unrepentant. (It’s the reason Cartoon Brew is the first site I check in the morning)

      From what I’ve read, most of the negative/lukewarm reviews are coming from people who actually like (or are willing to tolerate) the art style, with the sole exception of Bugs. I’ll admit, the animation is good, enough even to distract from most of the designs.

      However, when evaluating a piece of animation, the art style, voice acting, character animation, and direction are the areas that are typically the most heavily critiqued. Story, of course, is also important, but if the all the other factors are satisfactory, a lot of people are willing to forgive story defects. At least initially. If there is more wrong with it than just the story, that’s when it becomes a lot harder to accept.

      In other words: Bugs looks a little off, but that can be ignored because he’s well animated. Unfortunately, he also sounds off and is an unfunny ass. The animation saves the design (almost), and I honestly believe the writing could have saved the voice, but it was lacking.

      As for the characterization issues, I’ll wrap it up with this: Just calling him “Bugs” does not make him Bugs. Yes, Bugs is an ass *at times*, but there’s more to him than that.

      Also, it really isn’t fair to say that we should accept mediocrity just because it isn’t awful. That’s like saying “well, Chicken Little was pretty contrived, but at least it isn’t Cinderella 2.”

      I’ll admit that I do expect perfection from Disney, but all I ask of the Looney Tunes is to entertain me. That;s all any of us really wants.

      And really, Sonic Colors was the first game in that series to get a legitimately good review in about eight years. Not a good comparison. (Nerd alert, I know)

      • The Ghost of Warner Bros. Past

        Regarding “The Looney Tunes Show,” Lala_Marin writes:

        “Just calling him ‘Bugs’ does not make him Bugs.”


        “It really isn’t fair to say that we should accept mediocrity just because it isn’t awful.”

        Well put.

    • Alissa

      I actually don’t mind the new look, the problem is it’s exactly as coma-inducing as Baby Looney Tunes. Who got the idea that ‘Looney’ equals newlywed styled gameshows and cruises?

      After today’s rerun, I’ll have to say there’s potential. IF they add some comedy spice to this dull bland boring dish.

  • TURDtoon

    Uh, did you read this thread? Most poeple here are pretty lukewarm to it.

    It’s like anytime we have a complaint about this show people call us “snobs with high expectations.” It’s freaking Looney Tunes, of course we’re going to nitpick it.

    Even as a show on it’s own, it’s not very good. Very generic and boring to me. And just because it’s starring the Looney Tunes isn’t going to make me rethink.

  • Cyle

    Well the animation looked good. Those web clips really didn’t do it any justice. Also, I take back my complaints about the designs. The voice acting was nicely done as well. Th writing was basically average sitcom material. There was nothing awful about it but nothing particularly interesting either. Some stuff was chuckle worthy but no real laughs.

  • Conor

    Just caught a rerun. My first impression is that Daffy is easily the most entertaining thing about the show, both in animation and character, there were actually a lot of really funny expressions and strong poses. Bugs is bland and poorly designed, as was most everything else, I’ve always loved the gophers, and this characterization has some potential, but something about it just fell flat . Speedy was well animated, but nothing special.

  • Snob? Nah.

    OK, so I finally watched this.

    Apart from some details (Bugs’ proportions), this *looks* significantly better than everything done from the mid-’60s to the early ’80s. Better drawing and supporting character design than the Doyle shorts, too.

    But OTOH, Back in Action, Carrotblanca, and even Space Jam had better drawing. Ford/Lennon shorts had better character design and, later on, better drawing too.

    Voices were weird. Bergman is sometimes right on target, other times way off. He does get “looney” Daffy down in a way I’m not sure I’ve heard from Alaskey—but that may have more to do with the material that’s been written for Alaskey.

    Lack of music in most scenes is deadly. Live-action sitcoms have ambient background noise to fill these holes; this has nothing.
    The occasional 1980s-sounding sitcom stings may be intended as tongue-in-cheek but don’t come out that way, so the show is just cheesy for no reason at these moments.

    Some very funny one-liners, but at least as many unfunny one-liners. Sometimes you wondered why the staff even thought X was funny, especially when they linger on it as if waiting for the audience to laugh. Bad.

    Suburban story didn’t feel all-wrong to me; instead, it felt like the kind of thing Western Publishing did with the LT characters, though I’m sure this was unintentional (I’m not silly enough to think anyone on the staff has read any of the old comics, except maybe Brandt and Cervone).
    That said, this story didn’t really require Bugs and Daffy to be roommates or to live in a house. Daffy hanging around Bugs’ rabbit hole as clingy, mooching pal would have worked just as well.

    Holy shit, Daffy and Speedy actually work. First time.

    As others have noted, Daffy’s stupidity does suggest Peter Griffin, though it often seems more like a failed effort to make him “loonier” (from writers who only previously knew the egotistical/greedy version). It’s briefly funny at the start; then becomes so awkward that it’s at odds with everything else about him, especially his vocabulary.

    At the bottom line, one is simply reminded that stupidity gags—however funny—are the easiest kind of gags to write. I say this as someone who’s written lots of stupidity gags, so I’m not immune.

    Smug Bugs is often boring, though it’s not the first time—there’s tons of precedent, including in later Jones and McKimson shorts viewed out of context.
    From what I’ve seen, second ep seems to make Bugs more totally vulnerable. There’s precedent for that, too. Doesn’t mean I like it.
    I’d love to see a clever Bugs actually go to work on someone again. You know, expend a little effort.

    Elmer’s grilled cheese song bothered me more because he only sounded like Elmer about 60% of the time.

    On the whole: looks good, basic concept workable (if far from ideal), but often unfunny and OOC in simple ways that could easily have been avoided.

    I guess I’m glad it’s a hit, if mainly because its success seems to encourage more use of the classic shorts as well. If they’d never spent years off the air (see: LT situation in any other first-world country), no big revival of any kind would even be needed.

    • This, sir, is the best review I have read yet (apart from mine, of course :D).

      I’m not sure about Space Jam and Back In Action looking better. Maybe, but SJ lacks a general style and overuses the shadows. Same thing with BIA, which looks much better in the pencil drawings they show during the credit titles.

      This new designs are kind of tricky. On one side it’s more ‘personal’ than the Van Citters’ style. On the other hand it can easily get too flat and too angular. This first episode was pretty well drawn (especially during the game shown, I loved Daffy’s look when he said ‘Armando’ was a cooler name) but I have seen images of others that had worse drawings.

  • It was just on again a few minutes ago.

    New impressions:
    The gophers were portrayed accurately and humorously, which I forgot to mention. However, I always disliked those characters, even when I was a kid.

    I think less of the new LOONEY show than I did during the first viewing. It feels so SLOW.

    Really hoping it takes off like SQUIDBILLIES and AQUA TEENS did after weak opening episodes…


    This topic break the 100+ post, stay on the topic.
    I really like the design of the serie, the first episode aren’t really exciting however I will look forward for the next episode.

    The show is like everyone said: Is a Seinfeld Sitcom! Bad acting and good writing.

    The Looney tunes are special because of the trolling, cartoon violence and slapsticks.
    And it is look like they want to compete with the current sitcoms.

    Only Willy and Roady still classy.

    I am sure kids will be bored, is more for mature because of the joke and generic stuff.

  • Tom

    Not bad, but not great either. Amusing at times. Intersting note. I had the close captioning on and during Elmers’ song, the CC did not register Elmers’ speech impediment. Everything was spelled correctly. go figure.

  • Enjoyed it for what it was: Bugs and Daffy in a sitcom. The redesigned Daffy looks and sounds good, Bugs not so much. It was funny, but not prime WB cartoon funny. Thought the animation was good for TV. Hope there are more explosions in future episodes.

  • West coast feed is showing it again…
    not getting better.

    I would never peg Bugs for a “smooth jazz” fan.
    How very Squidward of him.

    • Yeah, the relationship between Bugs and Daffy in this is very similar to Squidward and Spongebob. Bugs seems like he just wants to be left alone forever in his house and do boring, nerdy stuff. He seems way too bitter and angry about everything.

      (Not that smooth jazz is necessarily nerdy, that’s just what it seems to represent here.)

      • Re:
        –Bugs seems like he just wants to be left alone forever in his house and do boring, nerdy stuff–

        Me too. That sounds like heaven. I’d do that if I could afford it. But, I would not be so condescending to my talking duck acquaintances.

  • A. C.

    I thought it was mediocre. I like the original Looney Tunes
    I like Space Jam when I was a kid ..not so much now. I thought the second movie was better. Duck Dodgers was good, but I did’nt think Loonatics was bad ..some people hate for whatever reason of theirs, but to me it was cool and at least entertaining. I mean compare they’re first episode where they fight Ice Vikings to this sitcom crap.
    Baby Looney Tunes is crap though. I wish there were more cartoony shows on tv. The action shows are cool but I miss the cartoony stuff. And I don’t know if some people are like Sonic fans..but I like Sonic though I don’t know how you can take Sonic Unleashed seriously. I wish Billy West was voicing Bugs besides just Elmer. It was nice hearing Rob Paulsen, and I think it’s sad he was on 2 shows that people seem to hate for some reason. And I don’t get why Kath Soucie isn’t voicing Lola.
    The little muisc videos are lame. I’m not sure if this show will improve but it would be nice if it did. We need more decent cartoons out there.

  • RupanIII

    Long-time reader, first-time poster. When I first heard about the new show I groaned. I dunno though, perhaps it was because of low expectations, but it was better than I expected. Of course, not in the same league as the classics or the 90s shows. I’ll keep watching, hopefully it picks up more as it continues. I did laugh at times, but I’d like to see some more 90s esque satire to the writing (ala Taz-Mania, Animaniacs, Tiny-Toons, etc.) – the setting seems ripe for it. Poke fun at the sitcom conventions/cliches, etc. As others have said, not bad/not great, but enjoyed it on a certain level- given the direction CN has gone over the past 5 to 10 years, it’s nice to see classic characters again in something that’s at least decent. Oh, also, was great to hear Rob Paulsen.

    • Yeah, hearing Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen together was great, very reminiscent of the 90s WB shows, particularly because Paulsen’s gopher sounded like Pinky at times (not a bad thing at all, I was very happy to hear that)


      • RupanIII

        Yea I totally agree, made me a bit nostalgic
        Hahah, nice to see a fellow Lupin fan!

        Jya ne, Tot-san!

  • Victor

    Liked it for the most part. The only thing that I didn’t like was Bugs Bunny. He’s not smart-alecky and snarky like he used to be. He’s more of a straight man, compared to Daffy’s comic foil, which irritated me.

  • TJR

    The Gilled cheese bit was not funny. It was creepy.

    The Superman reference wasn’t funny at all. They just referenced Superman.

    All of a sudden it became laugh out loud funny (and even classic Looney Tunes) when the two gophers started in.

    Daffy going bonkers before trying to be Bug’s best friend felt too similar to the Ren’s insane reaction in the Happy Helmet episode of Ren and Stimpy.

    Seeing bugs kick Daffy with just their heads sticking out of the roof was funnier before they showed us what was going on under the ceiling

    I REALLY LIKED the fact that they didn’t PC Speedy Gonzalez’s voice. A lot of Speedy’s lines where funny not because they where written funny but because they where delivered funny,

    The hardest things to deal with on this first episode is that Bugs was not cool. Bugs is cool, He’s Groucho Mark, He’s two steps ahead of everyone else. And he’s not a straight man (which at times he was portrayed as in this episode).

    There was a very cool Chuck Jones moment where where Bugs delivers a ton of comedy in just his expression right after Daffy says he doesn’t want to grow to be bitter.

    I will give this show time to develop and follow it for a few more weeks. But only because it’s the Looney Tunes. Otherwise I don’t think I would have bothered. I want this show to be good and for there to be more renewed interest in these characters

  • I tivo’d it and just watched it.

    My issue with the show (outside of it not picking up where my nostalgia says it should), is simple. There is far too much talking and just “not enough doing”. There is nothing dynamic about two characters sitting on a couch, talking while watching tv. That’s what Beavis and Butthead is for.

    The pace is slow, there is no music or visual fun to amp the pace up, and the 7 minute format has been stretched to 20+ minutes. But there is not enough action to carry it for that long.

    While I don’t understand the need to have Bugs live in a house or drive a car or watch tv, these things aren’t the problem. The original Tom and Jerry lived in a house, too… but the didn’t talk. They just raced around and beat the tar out of one another.

    Grilled Cheese was ridiculous and actually kind of edgy and loaded with odd innuendo. I guess that’s what’s left when you take away a “man’s” shotgun. However, a man with a shotgun doesn’t need to say much… his actions speak louder than words.

    Take away Yosemite Sam’s guns and he’s stuck rapping. More words. Less action.

    I also tivo’d original Looney Tunes… I recorded the episode where Bug’s rabbit hole fills with water and he ends up in the mad scientist’s castle, being chased by Gossamer. That cartoon is 7 minutes long. Two whole minutes go by before anyone says a word. And the entire time, Bug’s life is literally threatened. It’s an interesting contrast.

    The Looney Tunes Show needs far, far less talking; music accompaniment; more physical and visual action and comedy; and probably more loaded weapons. Otherwise, it’s a snoozer. The writing isn’t strong enough to carry physical characters who are just sitting around.

    • Funkybat

      Unless there is a strong “audience reaction” (I.E. low ratings) I doubt anything any of us say will lead to a retooling. And if ratings are low, it’s more likely the show would just be canceled, rather than retooled to be more “looney.”

      The Looney Tunes panel at CTN stated that the creators went through at least 2 or 3 formats, sometimes getting relatively far along, before the whole thing was scrapped and started over. It was decided that retreading what was already done to perfection in the classic shorts was not the way to go. I agree with that, trying to just have “the further adventures of the Looney Tunes” wouldn’t have worked as well as it does for cartoons like Scooby-Doo or The Flintstones.

      Still, the music-free sitcom route just doesn’t seem to fit what the characters are. They are strongly-defined cartoon personalities. Having them “act” in a sitcom seems about as natural as having them perform a period drama (as opposed to a 7-minute *parody* of a period drama.) They need to be free to quip and zip and jump and smack and run around, mixing seemingly improvised comedy dialogue with unpredictable action. None of the dialogue in this first episode felt like a “surprise” while the best lines of classic Looney Tunes always did, even if you’d seen the same cartoon before.

      I have a feeling the best part of this whole series is going to be the Merrie Melodies segments, probably because they are the one part that seems to have the most in common with Animanaics and Tiny Toons. Ideally, a new Looney Tunes show would surpass those shows in entertainment quality, but that is admittedly a tall order.

  • AJ

    my view

    + expressions are full of life unlike most cartoon sitcoms

    + the verbal humour is pretty good at times
    – a lot of the jokes are standard sitcom fare espescially Daffy’s stupidity
    – phisical comedy is very little as if there has to be a good reason to have it or because another sitcom did it

    + I like the opening theme
    – the music in show is barren

    + The cast is pretty good the saying about characters with strong personalities is true
    – Daffy seems socially retarded rather then insane though more likeable then most sitcom charecters

    – the show seems more psycologicaly meanspirited towards the end then the shorts dispite the fact that Daffy tries to get Bugs killed.

    overall the episode is good. I just whished the writers would drop the cliche’ sitcom humour and writing techniques. They are clearly better then that.

  • I don’t think it’s so unusual to see Bugs playing straight man.

    When Bugs is paired with someone else he’s usually the prankster.

    Same thing when Daffy is paired with someone else.

    But when they are paired together Bugs tends to become the straight man.

    Of course if Elmer is there too there’s a chance they can both play pranks to him.

    Anyway I used to love Daffy/Bugs pairing but the more shorts I watched the more I like them on their own, or Daffy paired with Porky.

    I also used to find Jones’ jealous Daffy pretty amusing until I found Clampett’s Daffy, who was more charismatic.

    This new dynamic has its virtues and its defects. On one side Daffy is less ‘evil’ here, which kind of makes him more likeable. I also like that Bugs is a little less smug. Him being intelligent and two steps ahead of everyone else is funny but when Jones teamed him up with Daffy he sometimes came up as a little too arrogant in his pranks. On the other hand this new version Bugs is a little too normal and serious and that makes him a little more dull. Still, the whole “Duck Season/Rabbit Season” routine has been overused in most of the post-classic movies and shorts so this “best friends with moments of rivalry” approach looks sort of refreshing.

    It could be done better, of course. Bugs being embarrased by Daffy in the cruise is a normal person behaviour but being Bugs he could take it with a little more irony.

    It’s difficult to achieve the perfect combination. IMO Bugs was at his best in the 40s, though everybody working with him now is trying to imitate his character in the 50s.

  • FYI – Here’s a press release about this week’s episode of The Looney Tunes Show airing on Tuesday, May 10 at 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network.

    looney tunes show2

    Daffy Duck goes high-class in “Members Only,”

    The Royal Oaks Glenn Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club (or RO GO OO CC as it’s known to insiders) is very exclusive and membership comes at a high price. Daffy, of course, finds the means to swindle his way in, bringing Bugs along to partake in all the perks. Bugs meets a new lady friend, Lola (voiced by Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig), on the tennis court, and quickly becomes enmeshed in an inescapable one-sided relationship that proves to get Daffy in the biggest trouble of all.

    Everyone’s favorite Casanova skunk, Pepe LePew, debuts in “Members Only,” and Marvin the Martian is the star of this week’s Merrie Melodies music video. This week also marks the small-screen premiere of the CGI Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner shorts, adding a good dose of slapstick humor at the end of the episode.

    • “…this week’s Merrie Melodies music video.”


    • Hmm.. Bugs has a bit of a late-40s McKimson look to him in this picture, with a big muzzle. Interesting.

  • John Ford

    …there are a lot of talented people at Warners, many of whom worked on this. But that’s not the point. It wasn’t funny, the concept’s lousy, the voice work wasn’t good (Bugs was god-awful) and the character design is ugly. Honest folks – I wanted a good show… I watched it with several friends who aren’t the aficionado that I am, just folks who grew up watching the originals… they cried ‘turn it off’ first. That said, I’m fairly sure it will make Warners more’n a few bucks.

    • Ryoku78

      I just wanted a few laughs, instead I got to see Bugs… not act like Bugs at all and Daffy Simpson.

      If they’d just stop trying to mimic whats “in” we could have something here.

      • Funkybat

        “Daffy Simpson?” I hope you weren’t trying to equate nuevo-Daffy with Homer. Homer Simpson is a lot more on the ball. If anything, Daffy was acting more like Peter Griffin on one of his more retarded days.

      • Ryoku78

        I don’t watch Family Guy so you’re probably right, but Daffy did remind me of Homer but not written as well.

      • you were right the first time Ryoku, Daffy is acting the way Homer Simpson acts NOW, not in his prime. The way Homer acts NOW is like peter griffin so youre both right

      • Ryoku

        The recent Homer is what I meant, he used to be well-rounded character.

  • chonchon

    the thing was real ass vomit. anyone who says otherwise hates cartoons.

  • Jim Roebuck

    I agree with many of the comments – I tuned in late, doggone it, and missed Elmer’s song, apparently – but in general, it was not what I’d hoped, and _was_ what I expected: Blah. It was not terrible, but it was… blah. It was nice to see Speedy again, and it was VERY nice to see the Goofy Gophers again, even though they had only a bit part. but it reminded me of the rather lame Saturday morning made-for-TV cartoons from the 1970s.


    Having said (typed?) that, I admit that I’m always willing to watch new stuff with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, et al.

  • Funkybat

    I finally managed to see this, and I have to say that “brain-damaged Daffy” ain’t doin’ it for me. Daffy may have been comedically wrong about things he assumed were the case in the classic cartoons, but I’ve never seen him act like he was suffering from some kind of cranial trauma or “cerebral accident.” It was uncomfortable, seeing Daffy just say the wrong thing all the time, every time. The only parts that “felt like Daffy” were where he was offended that Bugs didn’t open the car door for him or make him breakfast, or where he was loudly ranting about wanting fame/prizes. Daffy is selfish and clueless, not a stroke victim or lobotomized. I really hope he doesn’t act like this through the whole series.

    Yeah, Bugs seemed bitter and mean, but given how Daffy was acting, I wouldn’t blame him. I can’t really judge Bugs or any of the other characters until I’ve seen several episodes. So far, the visuals are far outshining the writing and voice acting, which is pretty much what most people have been saying from day one. The best part for me was the “Grilled Cheese” video, because it was actually somewhat funny and weird.

    I’ll give it a few more weeks…

  • I’m kinda tolerant to the idiot Daffy thing cause I usually find it mildly funny but even I found it a little overdone here. In Duck Dodgers he was also kind of dumb at times (I remember other character calling him “really stupid” in “The Green Loontern”) However in this show he has like zero culture. Not remembering anything about Bugs, even when he’s seeing it, could be justified as self-absorbed, but believing Oprah was a president of USA is a little too much.

  • JMW

    What really stands out to me with this show is how it seems to be neutered. The PC crowed really has won if Bugs Bunny, of all characters isn’t tricking Daffy into getting shot in the face, but bitching him out over forgetting a birthday. Bugs and Daffy are a gay couple here. They argue like they’re married and then give a nice heartfelt speech at the end of the episode to make us feel warm inside.

    Maybe this is just typical “first episode” jitters, but I’m just not optimistic about this show at all.

    • Ryoku78

      As if Bugs being pink and driving a Prius didn’t hint at a “change” in his love interest.

      But that whole fussing and speech stuff was junk, none of that belongs in the Looney Tunes.

  • A dissapointed kid

    This was GOD AWFUL. I am someone who this show was geared towards and I find this offensive. Who would find this funny? Bugs was mean and grumpy, speedy was retarded, Daffy was, well, Daffy with a little tranquilizer stuffed in him, (not funny and not exciting in short) Elmer lusted over a friggin sandwich, the gophers were gay, literally, they acted, sounded, and looked homosexual, and it made me shed a tear for anybody subject to this bullcrap. The only halfway decent part of the episode was the jab at Superman. That’s it. Family Guy is funnier than this. Main problems: 1. Bugs is purple *slaps head* WHAT? 2. Little to no background music. 3. Bugs is purple *slaps head* WHAT? 4. The animation is blocky and in general low quality. 5. No slapstick whatsoever. and lastly, 6. Bugs is purple *slaps head* WHAT? 2/5 all in all.

    • JMW

      >The gophers were gay

      That was their schtick even back when they first appeared.

      I reiterate that this show is basically Looney Toons for liberals.

      It’s got the kid gloves on and it’s pathetic.

      • What have we liberal cartoon fans got to do to convince you that we like anvil-dropping and point-blank gunfire as much as anyone?

        Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin. (And by the way… “Tunes,” not “Toons.”)

      • Funkybat

        Substitute “PC freaks” for “liberals.” I’m pretty liberal and so are most of my friends, and none of us want to see cartoon characters watered down or free of any physical violence.

    • Speedy was retarded? Maybe overly polite and a little too fond of Bugs, but he was probably the most wise character in the show and Daffy/Speedy interaction was the one thing that this episode did right that hasn’t been done right before.

    • Ryoku78

      The animation was quite hap hazard, but I find the fact that Bugs Bunny has a Prius to be worse then his new fur dye.

  • Joe Friday

    The best part of the show was Mac and Tosh. Rob did a great job with voicing them and they were animated a lot more than I expected.

    The worst was that thing trying to look and act like Bugs. Bugs was smart and always funny.

  • DNAndy

    My problem with Stupid Daffy is that they’re forcing his stupidity too much. Believe it or not, there is a line of how stupid your characters should be until it becomes cringe worthy. I mean, seriously? He thinks a package of gum costs 50,000 dollars?

    Naggy Bugs also has some problems with me; he didn’t do anything in the entire episode. He wasn’t the fun, wise-cracking, sarcastic screwy rabbit he once was; he was a dry straight-man with no real character of his own. Bugs always played straight when he was paired with Daffy, but he was still playful with him and loved to piss him off. And this is just a nitpick, but I still hate Bugs’ feet.

    The dialouge in here is pretty bad, and the direction of the lines just makes it worse. And the pacing is a bit too slow for a Looney Tunes related show; maybe the addition of B-plots or cutting the episodes into 11 minute segments would help it out.

    But somethings I liked about it were the Goofy Gophers (I think Jessica’s design is better than the originals), the music (the little of it there was), and even the Gwilled Cheese song. Not to mention the great animation.

    All in all, I’m surpirsed that so many people like this mediocrity, just because it’s better than the Looney Tunes previous attempts of revamp.

    • Ryoku78

      The fact there weren’t any B-Plots shocked me, they’re in almost every other sitcom.

      • Well, there is a different between liking it and loving it. Some people here including me said it was just ok, and well, you can always say that’s not enough and that it’s not good to support mediocrity. But I think the chances of doing something as good as the originals are almost zero so I’m fine if they do something that it’s at least entertaining.

        I think there could be a chance of doing something really, really good if they had all these guys who worked in Spumco (maybe minus John K., he has a tendency of going too far that it’s good sometimes and awful other times)and they leave them total creative freedom. I’m quite sure people like Bob Camp or Vincent Waller, who was once part of “Laff Riot” (I’m not sure if he’s in the show now, but I believe he’s not), could do a really fine job. Also other guys like Stephen DeStephano. But it’s not likely this will happen anytime soon. I’m not sure if the results would be perfect, but I think it would be worth trying.

        I also believe it’s not particularly neccesary to do this kind of revival but I’m not offended if it’s done with decent animation and some of the original ingredients of the shorts.

        On the other hand what I’d find kinda neccesary is a really good long feature movie starring these characters. Obviously it has the same handicaps (the original creators are dead, the characters were usually used in short stories, etc.) but I think it would be fair to do at least ONE good movie with these characters that it’s not a collection of shorts, just so we could get to see how it worked. Again, it’s very improbable if the executives insist on doing animation/life action movies instead of pure animation ones, and , to complicate things more, now 2D is almost dead in animated features.

      • DNAndy

        I understand that the classics can’t be remade (I don’t want more Larry Doyle like shorts), but that doesn’t mean that you have to forget what the Tunes were all about. As you said, the sitcom formula could work, but that pilot just had generic written all over it.

        It’s just the first episode though, so I’ll give it at least a few more episodes.

      • The Gee

        The “Tunes”?

        I don’t mean to be picking on you as much as picking up off of the fact you were the last/latest to mention that.

        As I wrong to think of Looney Tunes as being the showcase for the characters?
        It seems like everyone is labeling the characters as being “Looney Tunes.” I guess that might be the proper way of referring to the characters.

        I guess even old hands from Termite Terrace could have referred to the characters as being “The Looney Tunes” but if that is the case, what were Merry Melodies (other than not being Silly Symphonies)? It would be wrong to say Who were the Merry Melodies, right?

        If the entire franchise that Warners has establishes the characters as being The Looney Tunes… I’ll throw my hands in the air and bite my tongue. It just seems mis-named whether or not that is the case.

        But, I guess the caveat is I hate the words ” Toon ” and the word ” Tude “.
        They seem like exasperated words that people would spit out of their mouths because they can’t remember the not-so-difficult, correct word. It doesn’t do cartoons or cartoonists any good to need crutches like that

      • DNAndy

        I had this same discussion with someone earlier. You’re right; maybe calling them “The Looney Tunes Characters” is better than calling them “The Looney Tunes” or “the Tunes” (I can’t believe I said that). I mean, you don’t call Owl Jolson a “Merrie Melody” now thinking about it.

        But yeah, they’ve been called that every since they became a brand (they even called themselves that in Space Jam).

  • Sorry, when I said Vincent Waller, I meant Jim Smith, but I think both could do a fine job with LT.

    • The Gee

      As much as dream teams are nice to consider, given that this is already in production, it is probably classier to not bring up dream teams. No offense meant.

      If I heard or read that someone else might be a better fit for something I was working on and the addition of that person would replace or demote me, that would suck to hear or read.

      Given that so far there seems to be a specific direction and framework in place (a la the producers) it is probably just best think that they can still mix it up and apply certain approaches that are established. At this point, I’m sure they want to get through a season at the very least with the chance for a pick up.

  • I found a lot of new clips I haven’t seen before. Maybe they will be included into talkative, generic plots but I must say I’m loving these three scenes, especially the first one:




    Even this one is kind of fun, once you forget about how weird is seeing Taz acting like a dog:


    However there are some other clips that look more mediocre and , even though most of them are decently animated, the designs keep changing a lot from one clip to another, which is distracting. Bugs looks a lot better than usual in the dancing clip, and Daffy also looks cuter in the diving one.

    • DNAndy

      I thought I was the only one noticing that. Daffy changes from roundish Clampett style to Chuck Jones’ scruffy and angular Daffy all through out those clips. And Bugs’ tint keeps changing, sometimes being the original bluish-gray back to light purple.

      • Roberto

        Yep. Sometimes I like these changes of styles. Original Ren and Stimpy didn’t have very definitive designs. But here I find they tend to get the better drawings and expressions when they are using roundish Clampett Daffy instead of the angular one, so I kinda wish they would keep with the roundish one for the most part.

        OTOH I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t care about Bug’s color at all. I even like the purple tone.

  • The screener WB sent me contained the ‘Besties’ and the country club episode (which is going to air later this week) – so I have no idea what the 2nd segment was in the premiere show.

    Anyhoo, I give the show a B+ and I commend the creators for going in a fresh direction with the characters. Someone above mentioned being reminded of the Dell/Gold Key comics’ version of the characters, and I noticed that too – putting them in more domestic & plot-driven stories as opposed to rehashing the gag-a-second theatrical cartoons. I’m glad they’re doing 11-minute stories a la SpongeBob etc, and not going for 3×7 minute segments as some suggested. (See previous sentence.)

    Lola fans are going to be a might perturbed over how they’ve reimagined her in the country club episode. (This version is going to inspire a lot less furry porn than she did in Space Jam.) I give a major thumbs-up to their Pepe revamp: he’s still the romantic lover-boy of yore (his “wedding day” line is perfect) – and thank GOD they’ve ditched Chuck’s used to death odiferous pursuer characterization. (Stalking and sexual harassment are no longer the laff riot they were in the 1950’s)

    Oh come on, you always knew the Ambiguously Gay Gophers were that way. (They run an antiques shop if you needed any more proof.) And if you thought Elmer’s ode to grilled cheese sandwiches was weird (that kind of ‘what the f***?!’ humor always gets me) just wait for Marvin the Martian’s Merrie Melody rap…

    • >>thank GOD they’ve ditched Chuck’s used to death odiferous pursuer characterization. (Stalking and sexual harassment are no longer the laff riot they were in the 1950’s)>>

      Stalking and sexual harassment have never been funny in real life, but this is just the classic p.c. commentary. Pepe is not a stalker, he believes the girls like him and they are playing with him. He’s completely clueless about the real effect he causes on women, that’s what makes him funny. He would never hurt a woman intentionally, that’s for sure.

      • <>

        Funny to some, not to others… You realize of course, that calling my opinion “p.c.” is simply reverse-p.c. I’m not following any party line here, simply giving my opinion that the ‘humor’ in the premise hasn’t aged very well – it’s up there with lovable drunks, bosses chasing their secretary around the desk and various ethnic stereotypes. My other complaint about Chuck’s Pepe cartoons is they all have THE IDENTICAL PLOT, but that’s another story…

        Sometimes what you dismiss as ‘political correctness’ is simply having some consideration for the feelings of others.

      • Re:
        –simply having some consideration for the feelings of others–

        That kills all humor

        Humor is cruelty and death, both implicit and explicit

        It’s one of the things that made the original LOONEYs great

      • I also think all Pepe cartoons have identical plots (Road Runner too, though, and very little people protest about that). I prefer the cartoons that have more variety but I still love Pepe as a character and I never see him as a stalker.

        Most of the other things you mention can also be funny, though maybe some of them are not the most adequate for a children cartoon.

        I’m not a fan of being un-p.c. for the sake of it or using extremely insulting humor but I believe all subjects can be used in comedy if you use them with care.

        Also, sorry for just taking this part of your otherwise well-reasoned and interesting review of the first two episodes of the show. It’s just that I find it a little exaggerated when someone qualifies a classic, perfectly well-intentioned character as a stalker.

      • The Gee

        LePew is not exactly a stalker as much as he’s aggressive, stupid and unintentionally offensive*, and he gets his comeuppance each and every time.

        Just like the Coyote’s over-the-top obsessive attempts to eat one particular meal have a comedic payoff, so do LePew’s attempts at pitching woo. And, I think given the nature of the actions and reactions in those cartoons, it works.

        That said, without looking this up, I think Mark Twain and eventually Steve Martin wrote/said:

        Sincerity is an impressive virtue. It is is even more impressive if you can fake it.

        You can have something which is entirely PC and make it funny. It isn’t easy and may involve heavy-handed irony, subtle and smart irony or the right audience. But, it can be done a lot of different ways. It can also be done badly, too. That’s when it falls flat and people don’t get it or don’t want to get it.

        *Pepe LePew is after all a skunk. He can’t help being a repeat offender.

      • snip2354

        ”My other complaint about Chuck’s Pepe cartoons is they all have THE IDENTICAL PLOT, but that’s another story… ”

        So do most of the other classic shorts.

  • Craig

    I still haven’t watched it and I don’t plan on watching it. It looks hideous and what I know of the content / format just sickens me. The show shouldn’t have been made and I hope it crashs and burns.

  • billycakes

    i’ve been having a hard time getting my daughter (7) and son (4) interested
    in a lot of “old” animation stuff inc: Looney Tunes.
    it’s as if they can smell the age of it and just don’t want to know. my daughter asked me what the white blips were and i said film scratches and she said they were ugly.
    it’s all rather sad.
    they really like “charlie and lola”, “phineas and ferb”, “chowder”, “yo gabba gabba” – stuff like that.
    we watched the pilot last week and all really enjoyed it. today my daughter was asking me about Bugs and Daffy and the history. she was quoting lines from last weeks show (Daffy: “i wanna say chocolate pudding but i’m gonna say Australia”) and was cracking herself up, then told me, with some excitement, that there’s another new episode tomorrow.
    we’re not out of the woods yet but i’m seeing it as an introduction…..

  • Hulk

    I finally saw it today and it left me cold for the most part. Also is it just me or did they sneak a gay joke in there? At one point the Gophers talk about how they love “cruising” and then hug each other in a very affectionate way- even for them.

    Other than that, it basically confirmed what I’d suspected all along: that this is more WB’s answer to ‘Family Guy’ than a true re-imagining of the classic characters. Daffy = Peter and Bugs = Lois. That said, I believed this incarnation of Daffy. He’s been through many changes over the years and this still seemed authentic. Bugs however left a lot sorely lacking. He’s never been a straight man before. The cooler head, sure but never the straight man. They even said openly on the show that he was modeled on Groucho Marx but throughout the entire episode he was more like Zeppo and got up to no subversive Marxian mischief. In fact, he seemed kind of bored and like he didn’t want to be there most of the time. That and his voice was terrible. I thought Billy West was bad (too Boston-y) but this guy made Billy sound like Noel Blanc.

    If there’s any solace here, it’s in remembering that Bugs Bunny wasn’t the Bugs Bunny we all know and love until at least a few cartoons in to his creation. He began as a silent white rabbit then later evolved a voice, and later still evolved his Brooklyn accent and wise ass demeanor. Given the chance, this version of the characters COULD evolve and become more authentic and entertaining than it currently is. It’s worth at least a few more views.

  • Brendan Spillane

    I’d rather see a Bob Clampett-esque Daffy than Peter Griffin in a cartoon duck suit.

    • Hulk

      Oh I totally agree. Just because I said I accept this version of Daffy as believable doesn’t mean I prefer it to the classics. I will take Clampett’s Daffy ANY day over this version. I’ll also take it over Chuck Jones’s version for that matter, which I always felt was a bad imitation of Donald Duck. All the wacky ‘woo-hoo’ ing is what got me going. His name is “Daffy” for a reason.

      • I’ll take this new Daffy over Friz Freleng’s angry duck.

  • Bob Nelson

    >>That kills all humor

    I’m reminded of the ep. of the Simpsons when Marge protests against violent cartoons (…this coming from someone who’s a cartoon character herself). Next thing you know: “They share/And love/ And share and share and love/
    Love love love, share share share/The Itchy and Scratchy show…” Yecch.

  • The thing with Bugs is that it’s difficult to figure out what kind of pranks he could came up with in such mundane situations and settings. When Elmer is trying to kill him he needs all his wisedom, but if the intention of that first episode is showing that Daffy tries to be Bugs best friend and fails, then Bugs had to be annoyed by it.

    I think they tried to include some of his old self when he came up with the Superman story. I thought the fact that Bugs knew Daffy would play more attention if he talked about Superman instead of his own story was funnier than the ‘parody’ itself (which was more a reference than a parody, because it didn’t have anything special and/or funny, but at least it changed locations and added some timid “wackiness” to the show ).

    What I’m not liking about this Bugs is his nerdiness, that doesn’t fit the character at all. There is another clip from the ‘Reunion’ in which he says he enjoys homework. I don’t think that fits too much with Bugs, no matter which incarnation of Bugs we’re talking about.

    Of course he could also play more pranks even in the urban setting. I recall one comic book in wich he ruined Elmer’s swimming pool with gelatin in revenge because the man wouldn’t let him use it.

  • Steven M.

    The new episode: God I hate Lola. And it’s still not funny.

    • DNAndy

      You and me both.

  • Here I am dicking around on the internets and I forgot the second episode was on until a few minutes after it was over

  • A.C.

    I actually really liked the Wily Coyote short….wish the whole show was more like that.

  • Not a fan of the second episode. It started alrigth with Daffy entering the country club and Bugs meeting Lola. But she got very annoying very quickly. Her changes of mood may have been funny if they had remembered to give her any redeeming qualities. But not, she’s just unbearable. I almost prefer her Space Jam personality even though she didn’t have any.

    Pepe wasn’t funny and his voice wasn’t very good. Didn’t like the resolution with him and Lola at all. It didn’t feel natural.

    Bugs was maybe a little bit better than he was in the previous episode and Daffy was alright, but meh.

    The animation and secondary character designs were worse than what we saw in the premiere.

    The Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner short was nice, but the rest wasn’t exactly an improvement.

  • The Roadrunner cartoon was great – much better than I expected, and a perfect use of toy-like 3D setups. It was too short.

    The sitcom segment was deadly dull again. Slow. Quiet. If generic cartoon characters were substituted for Bugs and Daffy, it would have made no difference. Their distinguishing characteristics are largely absent.

    Daffy’s character as depicted in “The Looney Tunes Show” can be arguably claimed to be faithful, at least in subdued part, to his cartoon history. Bugs, however, has been transformed into something entirely different from any of his previous incarnations. In his heyday, Bugs refused to be a victim of the system. He kept to himself, living as a simple forest creature (usually) but when a convention of human society confronted him with the threat of being eaten, shot, displaced, or disrespected, he assumed his full super-powered aspect and broke the laws of man and physics until all was set right again, his victims humbled, sometimes mutilated or driven insane. Also, he was funny and shit. Eventually, he was granted godlike elder cartoon statesman status in his rare TINY TOONS appearances, in which he was portrayed in a way faithful to the essence of Bugs.

    This Bugs has done something to earn enough money to maintain a nice suburban house. He has, or had, a job. To do this, he had to function within the human system of rules he formerly battled and vanquished. He had to gracefully and quietly accept the crushing humiliations and drudgery of making a middle class wage. This is not Bugs. Bugs would not do this. This is a crushed Bugs. This Bugs does not do or say a single thing that can be considered even slightly amusing. The decision to insult the character in this way could only have been made by someone who did not understand the task at hand, or simply did not care.

    This show is messed up.

    • “This Bugs has done something to earn enough money to maintain a nice suburban house. He has, or had, a job. To do this, he had to function within the human system of rules he formerly battled and vanquished. He had to gracefully and quietly accept the crushing humiliations and drudgery of making a middle class wage…”

      He could have won the lottery, you know; or perhaps he’s living off the royalties from his cartoon performances.

      • If it’s eventually revealed Bugs is living off his previous show business success, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM-style, then I might like the show a bit better – but Bugs’ nature in this newest show is still massively different than that of every previous portrayal. Why trade on the “Looney Tunes” property only to remove much of what made it iconic? Why so deliberately underplay a character known for doing funny things, to the point at which he does no funny things? Generally, a legacy brand is invoked in instances in which the original flavor of that brand is ostensibly to be conveyed. What’s been done with THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW is similar to a revival in which the Six Million Dollar Man would be portrayed as a strapping young one-legged female bodybuilder who makes popcorn in outer space.

      • Frank Provasek

        I think Bugs is living off the defamation settlement he got from Loonatics Unleashed.

  • The Gee

    “…a revival in which the Six Million Dollar Man would be portrayed as a strapping young one-legged female bodybuilder who makes popcorn in outer space.”

    Somewhere there is a dork who is pulling out his hair and wailing to no one in particular:

    ” I created that character in my 1975 self-published comic book, “Jumperella in Outer Space”!”

    I do agree with you on “how it looks.” I agree so much that I’m using an excessive amount of quotation marks.

    My minor concern is when and if Bugs and Daffy decide to go back nature, their natural environment, they will go camping, using tents and complaining about the outdoors. The characters are truly booz-wah characters. For anthropomorphic cartoons characters, they are high maintenance.

  • Justin

    I’ve seen both episodes and they’re AWESOME! I knew that it was going to be great! I like Daffy’s voice and he still looks the same, even though they redesigned his tail. Daffy is SO funny in this show. Bugs is great too, and I like how he deals with Daffy.

    The first one was hilarious. I laughed hard at the scenes where Speedy gets Daffy to “try harder” and the scene where Daffy offers to turn the page in Bugs’ book:

    Daffy: “I’ll turn the page for you. Done yet? Done yet? Done yet? (SLAM!) OW! I’ll save your place!”

    The second episode was hilarious too. It was great to see Lola Bunny. I loved her in “Space Jam” and I still love her, even in this show. She was funny, even though she drove Bugs crazy. I hope to see some more of her in the show. I liked Pepe Le Pew’s voice. I don’t know if it was Joe Alaskey or Maurice LaMarche doing it. The last line in the episode was HILARIOUS:

    Daffy: “I hate the ROOO..O..O..OH I HATE THIS PLACE!!”

    The Merrie Melodies songs were okay. They had some funny lyrics. The Road Runner cartoons were really good. They look awesome. I noticed that the Road Runner went off the road at one point. One of Chuck Jones’s rules was that the Road Runner has to stay on the road. It was still good anyway.

    Overall, this show was everything that I had expected. It is REALLY good. I saw both episodes the nights that they first aired. In fact, Cartoon Network just re-aired both episodes this afternoon. I was able to catch both of them again. I’ll be watching “The Looney Tunes Show” every Tuesday.

  • FYI – for those still reading this comment thread, here are details of the third episode:


    Daffy Duck clearly has no concept of law and order, and his antics land him and Bugs in the slammer in “Jailbird…and Jailbunny,” this week’s episode of The Looney Tunes Show airing on Tuesday, May 17 at 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network.

    A visit to the Grand Canyon with Porky Pig turns sour when Daffy litters and refuses to take responsibility for his actions and pay the fine. High drama in the courtroom ensues, and when both Bugs and Daffy are found in contempt of court they land in a maximum-security Alcatraz-style prison. Bugs quickly falls in love with his new digs, where other people cook for him and he can insult fellow inmates without fear of retribution. But Daffy’s too pretty for jail and following a day on the chain gang, he leads an escape attempt. Shackled together, Bugs and Daffy are on the lam, not knowing where they’ll end up or when – if ever – they’ll get home.

    Fans of the classic Looney Tunes series will recognize the toughest inmate of all. The Crusher, that famous animated wrestler of the 1940’s and 1950’s, takes a quick dislike to the new convicts and expresses his sentiments with angry grunts. This week’s Merrie Melodies music video stars Yosemite Sam, who raps about his anger management issues in “Blow My Stack.”

  • Well, this episode sounds cliche but a bit more interesting than the last one. Maybe cause there’s not Lola. I don’t hate this show and I don’t consider it offensive but I was pretty bored during most of the second episode. If it doesn’t entertain me on a regular basis I don’t know if I should continue watching just because I’m a big fan of the characters.

    Also, I don’t know if that’s possible but I’d like to read an extended review from both Brewmasters some day.

  • tonma

    I found the second one more fun. I like the animation a lot, but it was weird. Not only Lola is a completely different character (I liked her voice), but also you’ll think in the end Bugs would find something to like about her thus giving them a clear start for future episodes, instead she seems to go away for ever as a one time character, and with Pepe…

    About that, I don’t want to think this whole thing is going to be about Bugs and Daffy every time, and use the rest of the characters as clerks and bus dirvers and stuff, I want to see some good daffy/porky or a segment with Sam sheepdog and Ralph wolf, but I fear it won’t happen in this show.

    Funny to see Bugs couldn’t resist beyond second episode to get in drag, that made it a better episode for me.

  • >>It was weird. You’ll think in the end Bugs would find something to like about her thus giving them a clear start for future episodes, instead she seems to go away for ever as a one time character, and with Pepe…<<

    Exactly. I can't imagine what's the idea behind all this. Maybe Lola'll change her mind again and keep acting like a stalker all through the series?

    Anyway, it didn't work for me. Lola was not likeable. I didn't feel any pity for her. The usual development would have shown Bugs finally getting rid of her and then we'd have felt pity for her, but not, she just go away with another guy, which makes her even less likeable.

    And if they were trying to make her a lovable eccentric it didn't work for me either. There were instances in which Daffy was a pest in the old shorts ("Nasty Quacks" for example) and he still was funny and likeable. Maybe cause his oponents were usually serious and boring men and Daffy looked like a guy you could have fun with. But Lola here wasn't as fun or charismatic. And she doesn't just looks eccentric, but also a little stupid. She's actually dumber and wackier than Daffy in this show.

    I'm not a big fan of her voice either. Maybe it'll work in a show like The Simpsons, but it sounds too mundane for a Looney Tunes character. It's kind of specific, but mundane. It sounds like a girl in an indie movie. I think she should talk faster, a little more like Babs Bunny, if they wanted to portray her as a crazy character. The restaurant scene could have been funnier with faster pacing and faster dialogue.

    Also Bugs was willing to marry her even though he didn't want to. He has always been kind of a gentleman, but he has a lot of personality. He would have never got married with someone he didn't want to marry in the old shorts. Like others have mentioned he's way too passive in this show.

  • Thias

    I thought that the voice acting was good but everything else was lacking. The animation style just seemed a little to flat and angular for a looney tunes show and I thought the only one who looked half way decent in the style was Daffy. As for the story, I didn’t enjoy it that much. The Superman thing was the only part that actually made me perk up a smile. The rest was just as stupid as CN’s other comidies, plus I still can’t fathom that they tried to stretch a Looney Tunes story for 30 minutes.

  • Justin

    I just saw tonight’s episode and it was pretty stupid. This episode lacked humor, except in a few scenes. The story was pretty lame, and I thought it was stupid that Bugs actually enjoyed living in jail. To bad Daffy didn’t learn his lesson at the end. The voices were good, especially Porky’s. I could definitely tell that it was Bob Bergen. The animation in this episode and the last two is great.

    The first two episodes of this show were way better than tonight’s episode. I hope next week’s episode will be better than tonight’s.

  • KyleB

    This was the first episode that I felt I legitimately liked the whole way through, and even then it dragged on for way too long. These 30 minute episodes are not cutting it, two 11 minutes a week would probably give stronger stories.
    One thing I liked about this episode was that Bugs felt more like Bugs. Somewhere in the sea of comments someone said that despite being a total moron, Daffy still came off as Daffy. This is the first episode where I felt that way for Bugs, even if its still not really in line with the classics.
    So thats a start.

  • Wow, this show is disconcerting. This third episode, while still quite flawed, showed a lot more potential than the other two. First, the animation style was pretty consistant for the most part, unlike the other two episodes (first one was very well drawn but the style changed and too much, and the second one had some really poor drawings in parts). Second, the premise, while cliche, had more adventure and wackiness to it, and a slightly faster pacing. Third, the characters were acting more similar to their older selves, though I think that was handled better in the first half of the episode. Bugs did feel a lot more like Bugs in the first act and him being fine with prison is understandabe to a certain point. I even liked the ‘posing as a model’ gag in context more than I did when I saw it in the promos.

    However I thought Bugs wanting to come back to prison so badly once they had escaped was a little too much. That makes him, again, a little ‘nerdy’ and Squidward-like. He only wants to be in a peaceful place and being left alone, when Bugs should be enjoying the pleasures of life both in prison and out of it. Bugs being cool and relaxed in their escape and Daffy being hysterical should have been enough to provide the laughs. The scene before the credits, when he keeps reading the joke book while the officer takes Daffy…that’s Bugs. A guy who thinks prison is the best thing that has happened in his life…that’s not him.

    The Crusher was alright and pretty well drawn, but they could have done more with him.

    Still, the voice acting sounded a little better, or maybe I’m more accustomed to it and Porky Pig was a nice addition. Even though his design was one of the most controversial I think he looked fine in motion. And his voice sounded great.

    This episode proves that, with some improvements, this show could get quite good, but they need to focus a little more in the comedy and a little less in the conflict that are made too obvious by repetition.

  • This show is now officially dead to me.

    • Is it because you didn’t like the third episode or because you suddenly decided it?

      My guess is Brandt and Cervone and maybe other talented people in the team are doing a fine job with some basic premises, the animation and the direction, but the writers doesn’t seem to be too spectacular. This would explain why they get it almost totally right in places and really wrong in other moments.

  • Steven M.

    Third episode: Alittle more interesting, but still flawed. Bugs wanting to stay in jail seemed out of character. I can’t help be think it should be the other way round, Daffy wanting to go to prision and Bugs wanting out.

    • Roberto

      Yeah, I can see that working too. I thought Daffy being hysterical and afraid of prison was also in character, but yeah, if Daffy had found out that he could insult everybody without being hurt, like Bugs did here, he could have found it funny too.

      Like I said the route they took was in character to a certain extent. Bugs being fine, cool and relaxed in prison would have been fine with his character in the old shorts but here he liked being there a little too much.

  • tonma

    I think bugs is a mess of a character in the third episode, and it seems he will stay that way, got bored.

  • Justin

    I just saw tonight’s episode and it was way better than last week’s episode. This one was really funny. I thought the part where Yosemite Sam was talking on the phone in Russian was hilarious. He sure did drive Bugs and Daffy crazy! His voice was really good. The music video was good too. Bugs was back to his old self after last week’s episode. He made a good point to Daffy at the end.

  • Yosemite Sam was pretty well handled, though a little annoying even if that was the point. His voice was fantastic and the design is very good too. Bugs and Daffy were also in character for the most part. But the conflict and gags were a little boring and predictable.

    The music video…I’m not sure if I liked it or not. It had some good visuals.

    Again, it was not bad, not good, just mediocre.

  • Steven M.

    Forth episode: Slighty more interesting than the last one, but still lacking in funniness. Yosemite Sam was handled kind of weirdly to me. The music video was crap.

  • Justin

    I just saw the fifth episode tonight and I liked it. Daffy was so funny in this episode. His car was a hoot! The parts where Daffy tries to hit Gossamer and gets hurt were hilarious. On the part where Bugs pulled up to his burning house, he sounded hilarious when he screamed “MY HOUSE!” The Roadrunner cartoon was also really good. The only thing I didn’t like was Witch Hazel’s voice. I don’t understand why they would replace June Foray with a black woman. It’s stupid. Thank God that June is still doing Granny in this show. I hope in future Looney Tunes projects that they will let June do Witch Hazel instead of a black woman.

  • Steven M.

    Fifth episode: The two things that drive me crazy in this one are Gossamer and Witch Hazel’s voice. They both sound SO bad! But overall aside from those quibbles, it was ok.

  • Well, I thought Gossamer as a kid kind of worked if you forget everything about his previous character but I still wasn’t a fan of his voice. To me it would have been funnier if he has had the same kind of grumbles he used to do in the classics while the other characters treated him like a child. A little more like that Kovalski character in the “Fake Dad” episode of Ren and Stimpy.

    Daffy’s car was kind of fun but I’m still not a fan of his voice and Bugs subplot was pretty dull and sitcommy.

  • Justin

    “Daffy Dork! Daffy Dork!”

    Last night’s episode was a hoot. Daffy was hilarious, especially in the real high school flashback. I loved the music video. It’s the best one I’ve seen so far. The Roadrunner cartoon was also good.

  • Justin

    Episode 7: Daffy is again as funny as ever. The ending was hilarious; I wonder how Daffy will recover before the next episode. The Roadrunner cartoon and the music video were awesome. I loved how the music video was a parody of Zorro.

    P.S. Don’t ever stay in a mineral bath spa for more than 10 minutes!

  • Steven M.

    New episode: This one was a surprise! It actually had some looniness to it and It actually made me laugh! I guess there’s someone on the show who knows that Looney Tunes are nothing without “Looniness.”

  • I agree. The last episode was really surprising. After the last three I thought I already knew the tone and style of the series and I didn’t find it too amusing, just tolerable. But this one had more wackiness and surreal gags, and a lot of well drawn pain gags with Daffy.

    The drawing style was also a lot closer to Jessica Borutski’s designs and Daffy looked and acted like Clampett’s Daffy frequently. Bugs also looked better and acted more like himself.

    This episode even included the scene we saw in that Jim Smith’s sketch, when the show was going to be entitled “Looney Tunes Laff Riot”.

    And Baby Daffy looking like his lookalike duck in ‘Corny Concerto’ was also a nice touch.

    I also thought the videoclip was nicer than usual (maybe because this one wasn’t ‘modern’ music, though the Johnny Cash-like video of Foghorn Leghorn last week was also ok).

    And the Roadrunner short was good as usual.

    Overall the strongest episode so far. I wish the series would be like this more often. The only complaint was that maybe Bugs and Daffy were a little too mean spirited to each other at times, though that’s part of their game in the Chuck Jones’ shorts too.

    I expect them to return to the usual mediocrity next week, though.

  • Steven M.

    New episode: Not bad over all, but I wish they would of made Tazact more like himself, mostly the spinning, which I was disappointed that they only did it at the very end. Overall, pretty good. The animation was spectacular.

  • I always agree with Steven M., but I’ll comment anyway.

    If we have to judge about the two last episodes the show is getting better.

    Taz acting like a dog and Bugs calling him “Poochie” and being his friend was kind of weird, but at least it was all a confusion and he was actually a dangerous Tasmanian Devil who has escaped from the zoo.

    The scene before the credits tends to be the strongest one and this episode had one of the best. I thought the reveal of Pete Puma being the zookeeper was hilarious and also the locker gag. The other Pete Puma scene later in the episode was a little lame, though.

    Bugs’ character and voice still doesn’t work for me, but almost everything else was pretty cool here. This one featured a lot of Looney Tunes characters, and I’m happy to see Sylvester and Tweety are exactly the same they have ever been.

    And yeah, great animation in this one. While it wasn’t in the style of Bob Clampett like the previous episode, this had really good chase sequences and an almost cinematic feel in parts. The last act would have worked better as the climax of a Looney Tunes Movie than anything in Space Jam or Back In Action. I loved everything with Daffy in the third act. His wild chase to tell Bugs about the Tasmanian Devil, while being distracted by other things, his lack of care when he talks about the Tasmanian Devil in front of the public…he even made his trademark Woo-Hoo! Hoo-Hoo! at some point.

    So, even though I didn’t really like the friendship between Bugs and Taz, I thought the rest was pretty good.

  • Justin

    Episode 8: I thought that it was pretty good. Jim Cummings is awesome as Taz. Daffy looked cool in that green sweater and hood! I liked how Bugs saw Taz as a good guy while Daffy saw him as a monster. I wonder if Taz will remain as Bugs’ dog for the rest of the show. It was great to see Sylvester and Tweety, two of my favorites. It was also great to hear June Foray as Granny. She was hilarious when she kept mistaking everything that Bugs and Daffy said. The Roadrunner cartoon was also hilarious.

    The funniest part of the episode:
    Daffy: (holds up one of the posters) “Bugs, look!”
    Bugs: “You want me to take guitar lessons?”

    The animation in every episode so far is AWESOME!

  • Justin

    Episode 9: I liked it. I’m surprised that Taz is still Bugs’ dog. The fighting sequence was hilarious. I was surprised to see Daffy punch Foghorn Leghorn. The Goofy Gophers must be jacks-of-all-trades because they were announcers in last week’s episode and in this one they are owners of an antique store. The Roadrunner cartoon was really cool.

  • Episode 9: I thought this one was prettty mediocre. Yosemite Sam was funny at parts, but a little too idiot. I didn’t by the fight at the end, it’s not Bugs’ style to punch other people and Daffy wouldn’t punch a guy who is bigger than he either. I guess they were trying to do some kind of The Quiet Man homage or something but didn’t work for me.

  • Justin

    Episode 10: I thought it was awesome! It’s probably the best episode I’ve seen since the first two episodes. I was trilled to see Lola again. I’m glad that Bugs has finally fallen in love with her. Granny was also great. In the WWII flashback, she looked hot! She kinda looked like Daphne from “Scooby-Doo.” She and Tweety sure knew how to kick some butt! The Roadrunner cartoon was also great. It was the one that they showed in the sneak peak last fall. This episode is now one of my favorites.

  • Sorry but I thought episode 10 was awful for the most part. It has some decent animation but I just couldn’t believe those flashbacks of Granny. Even if Looney Tunes are wacky and “everything goes” that character doesn’t resemble Granny at all. It is hard to believe that Granny was extremely hot or a spy when she was younger, let alone both things at the same time.

    And Lola is still insufferable, her being quirky or wacky could be fun but I don’t get why they have to make her so incredibly stupid.

    The last gag with Sylvester asking Tweety if he’s a boy or a girl was pretty weird too.

    I loved Lola and Bugs paintings in Paris and the whole WWII flashback -and Tweety’s role on it- had potential, but the whole context was unbelievable and lacked in gags.

  • Justin

    I thought episode 11 was funny. Daffy looked hilarious in those mall pants and that fancy outfit. He sure takes a long time to make up his mind about what he wants on his ice cream! Daffy needs to take a class on the history of inventions.

    I thought it was nice for them to show Bugs back in his hole in the ground. Too bad he doesn’t remember how to live in it. His time machine looked just like the one in George Pal’s movie “The Time Machine.”

    I loved the music video with Bugs and Lola. Lola still drives Bugs crazy! I hope Bugs is still in love with her.

    The Roadrunner cartoon was also great. I liked the part when the rockets were chasing the Roadrunner in the intersection

  • Episode 11 was ok. It answered some of the questions Frank Panucci raised here about Bugs’ job. It seems that he invented the carrot peeler. It also showed Bugs’ old house. Nothing too great but it was a decent episode.

    I must say I really liked the videoclip. This is the very first time I have found Lola actually amusing.

  • KyleB

    I just have to say, I love that Justin and Roberto are holding down this comment thread like some kind of Statler and Waldorf duo

  • >>I just have to say, I love that Justin and Roberto are holding down this comment thread like some kind of Statler and Waldorf duo.>>

    Ha, ha! But both Statler and Waldorf hate the show they’re watching while here I’m the only one who says negative things about it (and not always).

  • Steven M.

    Allow me to catch up.

    Episode 9: Was okay, though I thought the fight at the end wasn’t handled very good.

    Episode 10: The parts with Granny’s story was good, but everything else with Lola and Bugs were shit.

    Episode 11: A good episode. Nothing that bothered me in this one.

  • Justin

    Episode 12 was awesome and really funny. Tina makes a great girlfriend for Daffy. Lola was really funny in this episode. I was happy to see her again. She was a really good singer when she got up on the stage and sang. She ought to watch it when she’s passing oil trucks! I’m glad Bugs has admitted that he’s her boyfriend.

    The Roadrunner cartoon was hilarious. The music video was pretty funny too.

    LOL, Daffy ain’t no wizard. I love it when he comes up with those crazy lies!

  • Lola was a little bit more tolerable in this one, but I think they could handle her personality much better. Her redesign is cute and making her more crazy than her Space Jam persona is a good idea , cause that seems to fit better with a Looney Tunes character. So I’m ok with her being eccentric or even a stalker, but they insist on making her really, really stupid. I find that tiresome and makes it difficult to sympatize with her. They also tend to make Daffy a little dumb in these series, but he is Einstein in comparison. It’s not strange that Lola was only likeable in the “We’re In Love Music Video” cause she didn’t have long and dumb dialogues in that short segment.

    Tina is nothing special but at least she’s not annoying so far.

    The Roadrunner short was excellent, one of the best ones yet.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 12: I think this episode firmly shows that Lola is a very unbearable and unlikable character to watch. The whole plot with her trying to get Daffy as his boyfriends was not funny or entertaining. Bugs was also weird in this, he doesn’t like Lola, but yet we went along with her date. I don’t understand, I guessing it’s just writers ignorance for conintuity. I was surprised Tina was a very likable character, though bland as she is, I’d take her over Lola anyday.

    • I guess Bugs accepted the date with Lola cause he’s too much of a nice guy. By the middle of the episode it seems that he actually wanted Lola to like him. I guess he doesn’t like her when she’s paying too much attention to him but he misses it when she’s not interested. Kind of a Stockholm syndrome sort of thing.

      Again it’s a very strange thing what they’re trying to do with Lola. Bugs finds her pretty but she’s crazy, a stalker and borderline retarded. I don’t know about females, but (male) cartoonist don’t tend to mix all these qualities in the same girl character. We either make the girls perfectly beautiful and clever, just to be politically correct and avoid ‘sexism’ , or we go with the stereotypal dumb and pretty girl (but then we make the male characters attracted to her). But this combination is odd. I wouldn’t mind if she managed to show any likeable qualities, but she doesn’t.

      And Kristen Wigg may be a good comedian but I really don’t like her voice for Lola. Like I said, I do like the animation and design of the character and I think they could do something much better with her.

      Incidentally, since you are catching up with the reviews, could yo comment the music videos and Road Runner cartoons as well? The music videos are getting more interesting since ‘Casa de Calma’, sometimes they are my favourite part of the show.

  • Justin

    Episode 13 was hilarious! I really thought that Daffy’s team was going to win the championship, but Daffy blew it twice. It’s both funny and awful that Daffy used all of Porky’s money to buy snacks for the guys. Poor Porky! The ending was hilarious!

    The Roadrunner cartoon and the music video were both awesome and hilarious.

    After watching this episode, I’m now convinced that the Goofy Gophers are definitely jacks-of-all-trades in this show.

  • A good episode for these series standard, nothing special for general standards.It has the typical high and lows of The Looney Tunes Show. The idea of exploring Daffy’s jelousy of Bugs has been done to death (last time in Back In Action), but it’s always interesting when well done. This had the typical combination of good gags and long, boring dialogues that plagues these scripts, and a good direction, that’s usual when Brandt and Cervone take that part.

    Daffy taking advantage of Porky has always been something interesting and funny to me in the classic shorts, but I think they go a little too far here. He’s not taking advantage, he’s just being a complete jerk. Which could be fun in some circunstances, but here it’s a little random. It’s not that I hate this kind of joke or anything, it’s just that I find it easier than thinking other types of manipulation.

    The Roadrunner segment was brilliant, very well done for its short time, and the videoclip had a nice tune and decent visual gags.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 13: Not bad overall, but I thought the ending was perdictable and mean-spirited.

    Roadrunner cartoon was nice with the motorcycles.

  • Justin

    After waiting three long weeks for Episode 14 to air, I finally saw it! I thought it was pretty funny. There were a few parts that were strange, but I liked the episode. Daffy sure has a wild imagination and a bad judge of character!

    The music video and the Roadrunner cartoon were both awesome.

  • Ugh…The dialogues in this show are getting more and more tiresome in each episode. Daffy says something wrong, Bugs corrects him one, two and three times. Then we start a similar kind of joke. One of these jokes per episode would be ok, but they are full of them. It makes the pacing extremely slow and the punchlines are usually dull and predictable.

    The general concept wasn’t bad and I liked the flashbacks of Daffy celebrating different parties. The end was kind of cute too.

    Videoclips are becoming my fave part cause they are fast paced and they had very good animation.

    Roadrunner was ok too.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 14: Crap. The plot was boring and the jokes were unfunny as hell.

    The Roadrunner short was good and so was the Taz music video.

  • Justin

    Episode 15: It was funny. Daffy’s nose job was really something! The plot with Bugs was interesting but weird. I thought it was hilarious when Daffy looked at the baby and said “Hello, little baby!” He sounded creepy when he said that, LOL!

    The Roadrunner cartoon was good and very creative.

  • Episode 15: As far as sitcommy premises go, this was pretty well handled. After so many Bugs/Daffy episodes, Porky and Bugs worked as a pretty good pairing, considering this was never done in the old shorts. Daffy’s subplot was entertaining as well, though they could have done more visual gags with it. Unlike Lola, Tina keeps being a likeable character. I didn’t like the final scene cause it made Porky a little too crazy, but everything else, including the animation, was good for a sitcom Looney Tunes. It had fastest pacing and more incidental music.

    Roadrunner was clever and pretty well done.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 15: Not bad, but like Roberto said, it could of used more visual jokes. The Bigs and Porky subplot was great, but I think the director got carried way with Porky having a screw loose.

    Roadrunner was okay.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 16: This one seemed forgettable. And Brain-dead Daffy was insufferable all the way.

    Roadrunner was funny and the music video was so-and-so.

  • Steven M.

    Also I’m calling b****t on Porky’s van when he veered out of the way to avoid hitting the baby magically hopping up in the air and knocking out the statue and landing on the podium.

  • Justin

    Episode 16: This one was awesome and hilarious. The idea of Daffy being a babysitter is pure genius. The scene where Porky almost hit the baby with his van was pretty shocking. I thought it was pretty sad at the end when Daffy had to say goodbye to the baby.

    The music video with Pepe Le Pew was really good.

    The Roadrunner cartoons I’ve seen so far are funny, but the one in this episode is the funniest. I loved the part where the Coyote got electrocuted in his palm tree disguise.

  • I agree with Steven M. Episode 16 was so average it was boring. Unlike the previous episode here I didn’t like Porky-Bugs subplot at all. Bugs was too angry, Porky was too dumb and they repeated the same gag all the time without enough twists to make it work.

    I didn’t find Daffy so braindead, or at least not more braindead than he usually is in this show and parts of his subplot were ok, but they could have gone a lot more cartoony with it. Tina continues to be a pretty likeable character.

    My opinions about the videoclip and RoadRunner cartoon are the same as Steven’s. The videoclip was a little worse than most of the last ones.

  • I’m going to get a little nerdy here but what I didn’t like about the videoclip was that Pepe actually seems to know that he stinks. The lyrics make it look that way.

    Besides, I also think it would have fit better to see him flirting with kitten rather than human girls.

    Also, Pepe’s redesign is probably one of the less inspired ones, along with Porky’s and Bugs’. He looks a lot less appealing than the original one. The voice isn’t especially great either.

  • Justin

    Episode 17 was funny and really good. Daffy was hilarious as a commander in chief. The baseball opening was pure comedy. It was hilarious to see Daffy torturing Porky at the BBQ restaurant.

    The music video was pretty cool, but it was too long.

    The Roadrunner cartoon was also funny and really good.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 17: A much better episode. The opening bit made me actually laugh for once. Daffy’s music video was pure random and hilarious. Roadrunner was ok.

  • Steven M.

    Episode 18: By far the worst episode I’ve seen. Painfully unfunny, Lola was annoying as hell, and the running gag of Bugs trying to get a ride home was unnessecary.

    Roadrunner sort of made up for the terrible episode.

  • Justin

    Episode 18 was very funny. The part where Lola took her driving test was HILARIOUS! My God, she’s a crazier woman driver than Cruella de Vil! She sure scared the crap out of Yosemite Sam! The parts where Daffy was dressed like a school girl were kinda weird, but I laughed hard when he yelled at Bugs, “PUT ON THE DIAPER!” I love how Daffy tries to lie and sneak his way into places and events. I felt sorry for Porky at the end.

    The Roadrunner cartoon was pretty good. It was funny to see the bomb following the Coyote. It kinda reminds me of what happened to Wally Walrus in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon “Wacky-Bye Baby.”

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    I find it hard to believe a Road Runner cartoon would ever be awesome.

  • Justin

    Episode 19 was awesome and very funny. It was funny how that Sparkle drink turned Bugs into a psycho. I thought it was hilarious when Daffy used a stapler as a gun and when Bugs threatened to write on Porky’s head with the marker if he didn’t get a Sparkle. The part where Yosemite Sam ran away naked from the cops was also hilarious.

    The Roadrunner cartoon was also good.

    This is the second time that Cartoon Network has delayed a new episode. Last time, I had to wait 3 weeks for the new episode. This time, I had to wait four weeks, but it was worth it. There are seven new episodes left and I hope they don’t delay any of them.

  • I’ve noticed a trend. Episodes with more potential are directed by three directors Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone and Keith Baxter. Those episodes have pretty good animation, pacing and even more incidental music. They could work as a Looney Tunes sitcom of a quality not so far from the Duck Dodgers series if the scripts were just a little bit better. That’s what happened with this last episode. Daffy’s and Porky’s plot was good enough to sustain a whole episode but Bugs’ plot was a little too sitcommy and didn’t totally fit with Bugs’ personality, so it only worked sporadically. The other problem are the really distracting backgrounds, but generally this was a pretty decent episode. I just wish they’d hire more (and better) writers.

  • Justin

    Episode 20 was very good and funny. The ending was really crazy. It was hilarious how Foghorn Leghorn made Daffy think he was jumping off the building to his death.

    The music video was okay, but it wasn’t catchy.

    The Roadrunner cartoon was awesome and hilarious. It was cool to see the Coyote as Batman. It was the best and funniest one I’ve seen since the motorcycle and disguise Roadrunners.

  • Episode 20 was interesting in parts, like the idea of Daffy trying to live without Bugs, Daffy acting like a C.E.O. or the wackiness involved on relying in the muffin’ man to take big corporative decisions. I wonder if Foghorn Leghorn considering Daffy as his best counselor is going to become a running gag cause it could get old pretty fast.

    Bugs’ dialogues are still a little dull and some of the gags drag on too much, but I like how the premises and resolutions are getting a little more wackier/surreal recently. That’s more than nothing.

  • Justin

    Episode 21 was awesome and funny. I thought the writing was very good. This episode is a great example of how stupid it is to get mad over something as little as french fries.

    The music video with Lola was also awesome and funny. I liked how they included celebrities like Mr. T, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, and Harrison Ford.

  • Justin

    Episode 22 was really awesome and funny. The part where Daffy disguised himself as Tina was comedy gold. He looked exactly like her! His disguised voice was funny too! Looks like he’s gonna stop being a wizard. It’s still hilarious to see Lola as a crazy woman driver! I think Daffy and Bugs both learned a lesson in honesty when they revealed themselves at the end.

    The music video was good. It was funny when Daffy kept interrupting Porky.

    Porky seems to have problems with girls. I’m hoping that Petunia Pig will appear in one of the next 4 episodes.

  • Surprisingly Lola is hilarious in videoclips, I really liked the President Day clip that was very reminiscent of Animaniacs. I also loved her in the We’re In Love clip, but I hate her character in the regular episodes.

  • joe

    Episode 22 was garbage. It just shows me that these writers don’t know what they’re doing with these characters. They try to push Bugs into a cross-dressing plot (BECAUSE THAT’S JUST LIKE THE OLD CARTOONS, RIGHT?) but for no other reason than to have Bugs in a dress. He’s not doing it for Porky or to trick anybody into thinking he’s a woman or anything, he’s just in the dress three times to be “wacky.” They set something up but don’t go anywhere with it. It’s like they’re jogging in place than really progressing the story line.

    Daffy being a cosmetologist SOUNDS funny, but they don’t DO anything with it. The just expect you to laugh because “Hey, it’s Daffy doing something he usually wouldn’t do! ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS?” No, it’s not, shitty executives. Not unless you do something with that plot line. But’s it’s just there.

    There weren’t any actual jokes in this episode at all, just one “wacky” concept after another to get the fans to laugh at stuff the Looney Tunes characters would never do, with no reason to do them and no personality. Why should I care about these characters? They’re not funny OR endearing, you only care about them because they’re logos.

    My God, do I hate this show.


  • I insist: the Merry Melodies clips are the only part of the show that’s really enjoyable. I loved Presidents Day lyrics and I loved the music and animation in Giant Robot Love.

    The sitcoms parts are generally dull, full of uninspired dialogue and characterizations and every fun idea is wasted using it in the most mundane way.

    The videoclips have fast paced jokes, better characterizations and sometimes pretty good animation.I’d rather watch a show that only included the Merry Melodies and Roadrunner clips.

  • Justin

    Episode 23 was pretty crazy. There were several parts that were silly, but it was still funny. Daffy went WAY too far with swindling Porky’s money. I doubt that he’ll ever learn his lesson. The car wash sequence was hilarious! “TURN OFF THE WATER!”

    The music video was good. It was great to see Pepe Le Pew in it.

  • The car wash sequence was funny, I give them that. Some of the general ideas could have worked but I don’t think classic Daffy would have been this mean to classic Porky EVER. Yes, he used to take advantage of him or make him crazy, but it was never in a such deliberated way. The plot had more action and conflict that other episodes and it delivered some scattered laughs, but most of the time Daffy was just a bit too unlikeable to be funny.

  • Justin

    Episode 24 was very funny. It was hilarious how Bugs made a simple task extremely difficult. I’m glad that Porky took a stand against Daffy when he was forced to be his butler. It was great to see Lola and Tina again.

    Daffy’s music video was also very funny. It’s funny to see Daffy singing about what to get and what not to get him for his birthday. The Roadrunner cartoon was funny too. I liked how the Coyote used the windmill propeller as a helicopter.

  • Justin

    Episode 25 was really funny and crazy! I like they put in things that made Daffy think Porky was the murderer. Lola’s story about how she broke her leg was really funny, especially when she kept adding stuff to it to make it more dramatic.

    When I write my review for the 26th episode, I will give my final thoughts on the first season of this show and what I think are the best and worst of the episodes, music videos, and Roadrunner cartoons.

    • Episode 25 was ok but the storyline was used in the Tiny Toons episode “America’s Least Wanted”. That is totally unoriginal.

  • Justin

    Episode 26 was a great and funny episode to end this first season. It’s one of the funniest episodes. I thought it was interesting to see Sylvester’s mom. Both Sylvester’s and Granny’s plots were hilarious. It was great to see the 2D version of the new Wile E. Coyote. The music video and the Roadrunner cartoon were both good.

    And now for my final thoughts about the first season of “The Looney Tunes Show:” I love it. I think they did a really good job with it. There are a few things I don’t like about it, such as replacing June Foray with a black woman to do Witch Hazel, but everything else I like. I love Tina Russo Duck. She’s a great addition to the cast, and she makes a great boyfriend for Daffy. I’m glad they included Lola Bunny on this show. The animation in this show is awesome. Thank God that it didn’t look mechanical like “Johnny Test.” Please let us know if they’re gonna do a second season. I’m looking forward to it.

    The best episodes are episodes 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, and 26. The worst episode is the third one, “Jailbird and Jailbunny.”

    The best of the music videos are “Queso Bandito,” “We Are in Love,” “Skunk Funk,” “President’s Day,” and “Chintzy.” The worst music videos are “Grilled Cheese” and “I’m a Martian.”

    The best of the Roadrunner shorts are “Vicious Cycles,” “Camo-Coyote,” and “Another Bat Idea.” I don’t think any of the Roadrunner shorts are bad. They’re all funny and creative.

  • I love the new Looney Tunes style and I love that they’ve added females to the cast. I think Lola’s personality is funny and she fits in nicely with the other Looney Tunes. I also love the Merrie Melodies. My favourites are definitely “President’s Day”, “We Are In Love”, “Yellow Bird” ^ “You Like/I Like”. I don’t really like “Grilled Cheese”, “Queso Bandito”, “Chicken Hawk”, “The Wizard” & “Pizzariba”. I am very disappointed that season one’s Merrie Melodies did not have a Bugs Bunny solo, Lola & Tina duet and a Tina solo. I’m not a fan of the CGI animation of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

  • Roberto

    I didn’t see some of the last episodes but I watched this last one.It was nice that they focused on Sylvester for a change. I thought the initial part was actually pretty good. Sylvester’s obsession with the laser point brought some nice slapstick and wacky situations, but everything got to sitcommy after that with the conflict he had with his mother and all that. Wasted potential as usual. The main plot that involved Bugs, Daffy and Granny was ok-ish for a sitcom.

    The tune of the Merrie Melody was enjoyable though I’m not really a fan of this portrait of Porky as some kind of nerd that can’t get a girlfriend.

  • Will there be a Season 2? I hope so. I want to know when we will get to see Petunia Pig.