“The Simpsons” vs Fox News: Not Really Much of a Controversy “The Simpsons” vs Fox News: Not Really Much of a Controversy

“The Simpsons” vs Fox News: Not Really Much of a Controversy

This news piece by Taiwanese animation studio Next Media Animation succinctly points out that the feud between The Simpsons and Fox News doesn’t mean much since whoever wins, it still benefits the same guy–News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch. It’s a depressing thought, but at least the imaginative depictions of Murdoch and The Simpsons writers made me smile.

(via David OReilly’s Twitter)

  • Michael F.

    I don’t know if the studio is doing this as a serious idea or if it’s legitimate. But it is very entertaining though. There’s actually a few bits that have been used on Conan recently (including Andy Richter getting mad over his yogurt being stolen).

  • awesome, i loved the old shark pick pocketing

  • Iritscen

    These guys are almost frighteningly well-informed on the subject. I wasn’t expecting something this insightful. I love the juxtaposition of Bill O’Reilly and Kent Brockman, that’s a classic.

  • Alison

    If only all news reports used animation sequences, it wouldn’t be as boring or vindictive at times.

  • Jackson

    Since fox “news” tends to just make up controversy (as well as “news”) this rings true. The Simpson’s is fiction, too.

  • NC

    Nice job reporting something we’ve known for the past twenty years, but still pretty funny. I didn’t know that the Taiwanese use phrases like “jumping the shark”.

  • tonma

    these clips are getting funnier. I bet billy o’reilly hate them too.

  • Matt Sullivan

    IDIOCRACY has become reality. I’m so depressed.

  • Carl

    Who cares? They’ve been excreting episode after episode of Simpsons for years past its sell-by date… resulting in a really big pile of cowflop.

  • David Breneman

    Exercise for the class: Who was the most biased, opportunistic, sensation-mongering, opinion-driven newsman: Murdoch or Pulitzer?

    …Thought so.

  • I LOL’ed at the stereotypical stoner hippie Liberal Writers. Although the shark-suit was farther out there….

    Kudos for Groening and co. for biting the hand that feeds them!

  • Anthrocoon

    “Boy that Fox News is false news, Rethuglican propaganda. Well, I’m off to watch Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show, Glee, NFL Football, American Idol, House…” :) More money for Rupert,
    and I don’t mean Stewie’s teddy bear.

    Simpsons, FG etc have poked fun at Fox or Fox News before.
    FG had Stewie mention a whole bunch of Fox (broadcast) shows that were failures…one Simpsons episode showed a Fox News truck showing up and blaring out “We are the champions” right after Bush got re-elected. I’m mostly
    conservative and laughed at that! More like “damn right!”

    Fox News gets huge ratings with its night-time shows (5 times what Olbermann may get). It appeals to a major demo of Americans. If you look at a pie chart of ratings you may have Fox News on one side while the other 50 per cent is made up of CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, etc. I suppose if there were more than one right-leaning channel you have have the moderate-to-right audience split in a similar way. And I’ll close by quoting Seth MacFarlane, when asked how he felt about Murdoch being right-wing and yet giving his show a home:
    “Rupert is a businessman first and a Republican second”

    In other words, you can have FG portray Bush as being a simpleton, and Rupert laughs all the way to the bank.

    As does Seth.

  • Anthrocoon

    And kudos to Seth for having Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy.
    There was some bashing of the Left, and slightly more to the Right, but it was a great episode and Seth and
    El Rushbo provided great entertainment. (I’ll add btw
    that Simpsons voice Harry Shearer occasionally “bites the hand that feeds him” by lampooning Murdoch on his public radio show Le Show… and for the record, among the corporate contributors to NPR in a 2008 disclosure was
    “Fox Broadcasting Company”…those wascally wepublicans!)