Wizzard of Krudd Wizzard of Krudd

The Wizzard of Krudd

Wizzard of Krudd

The Wizzard of Krudd is a Nick pilot created last year by Greg Miller (Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?) and Mike Stern. Nick recently passed on the idea so this weekend they posted the pilot onto YouTube. Looking at the credits, it looks like Miller and Stern had a creative hand in every aspect of the cartoon. (Dan Krall also provided some layout design.) I’m not entirely convinced of the concept, but they’ve set up an idea with plenty of visual potential, and their strong vision and execution helps Krudd stand out from the majority of pilots I’ve seen recently. Check it out below and see what you think.

  • OM

    …You know, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a concept for any cartoon that actually had me wanting to see the next episode. If you added a bit more sexual innuendo to it, the “Cartoon” Network *might* pick it up for an Adult Swim series. I mean, can you see color-changing mini-neon signs of the Wizz being placed all around Boston in public places? :)

  • This is awesome, I’ve been following Greg Miller’s production blog for a while and was pretty excited when he started posting stuff from this toon. I loved Robot Jones, and I never really understood why it was never really well-received. Hopefully people enjoy this more because I definitely did.

  • Sexyrobot

    lovit lovit lovit! it reminds me of sergio aragones brought to life…

  • Man, I really enjoyed that! So different and crazy, the art direction is awesome with, like sexyrobot said, definite hints of sergio aragones!!!

  • Charles Thompson

    Looks great, and personally I think the concept has a lot of potential, actually. I love the artwork.

  • looks great !!!

  • Sergio

    As each of you said, it LOOKS great. Not really surprising that it didn’t get picked up, though…the concept, story and characters are pretty weak.

  • The visuals remind me of early 70s-era Chuck Swenson stuff a’la “Dirty Duck” & “The Point”.

  • Greg & Mike are hidden geniuses behind everyone’s faves (Dexter, PPG, etc.). Time to give them another show already!!

  • haha wtf! That was weird and awesome and great.

  • Great to see something new from the duo that created “Whatever Happened To Robot Jones”. Looks great!

  • Seconteen

    AWESOME! I have always been a fan of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? so naturally I like this as well. It is very awesome. I love it.

  • Jessica

    oh yes! i am lov’n the “school house rock” animation style as well! i’m also a very big “Robot Jones fan too! please send me any information you have about robot jones or this!!!!!!!!