<em>Uncle Grandpa</em> by Peter Browngardt <em>Uncle Grandpa</em> by Peter Browngardt

Uncle Grandpa by Peter Browngardt

It was recently brought to my attention that we’ve never posted Uncle Grandpa on Cartoon Brew. We will right that wrong today. The artwork is funny, and the cartoon is clever and entertaining–things which can’t often be said of mainstream animation. Peter Browngardt made it for Cartoon Network’s Cartoonstitute program; he’s currently working on his own CN series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

(Thanks, Cory)

  • Phil

    Mistakes are god’s rainbows!

  • Uncle grandpa I saw a while ago and immediately was in love with it. I can’t wait to meet the kids that grow up on shows like this. Such a great piece!

  • christy


  • Karl Hungus

    HEAVY nod to Don Martin here.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Yes, that was funny and weird, blessedly weird..Uncle Grandpa looked like a cross between Spongebob and a Don Martin character.

  • Uncle Grandpa is pretty awesome.

  • Matthew


    The artwork is NOT funny, and the animation is neither clever or entertaining. It felt like a re-hashed, tired, over-used excuse for an animation “creative” to compile their nonsense ideas and pawn it off as edgy or “counter mainstream”.

    Please … next!

  • Seriously, I could have sworn I found that short here. This is just the sort of place that would highlight it.

    Maybe it was Drawn.ca, I dunno. In any case, I liked it considerably more than Matthew did, but that’s not tough. ;D

  • YES!!…YES!!

  • Anonymous

    That was a surreal experience. Enjoyably bizzare, though, so it’s all cool.

  • NC

    I agree with Matthew I laughed at the “stay in school and don’t do drugs” part then after that I got bored. Not a fan. Doesn’t have the charm of Adventure Time and it’s not pushing the edginess enough. It’s sort of a weird in-between, between trying to stay kid friendly but trying to be somewhat edgy and dark. I suggest sticking to one extreme, CN or AS, pick one, don’t straddle the fence.

  • Dave G

    Pete Browngardt is hilarious and I loved this short. Completely looking forward to his series.

  • AH YES!!!! Amid-I must admit I did send this to you a few months ago. I certainly understand it passing under your radar, as you probably get a thousand emails a day. But I am very, very happy that Cory got it done!!! I LOVE THIS CARTOON!!!! one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while, the voice acting, gags, funny drawings, its just awesome. Thanks for all the posts as usual, the work you guys do is much appreciated.

  • It made me barf flowers.

  • Roberto Severino

    I’ve seen this short several times, and I think it’s brilliant. A mystical flying tiger? Haha! I wish Cartoon Network had made this into a show, but oh well. I’m also looking forward to Pete Browngardt’s new show. Maybe it will actually give me a reason to watch that bottom of the barrel network that hates cartoons and the kids watching them by cramming cheesy reality show knock-offs down their throats.

  • VinceP

    SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • This piece isn’t for everyone, but I cried when I first watched it I was laughing so hard. Everyone I’ve show this to thinks I’m loony, but I feel Uncle Grandpa does that “random nonsense” humor perfectly. Would make a great Adult Swim series…

  • FP

    Funniest pilot CN ever failed to pick up. Beautiful and hilarious. Good morning.

  • I was bored at the 3:46…

    that never happened with the old cartoons!!!!!

  • NightmareIsNear

    Good or bad at least it’s animated and this makes Stu Snyder and Rob Sorcher morons for green lighting Unnatural History instead of the Cartoonstitute.

  • Demetre

    That was awesome. It may have been crude. But at least the characters are moving instead talking heads. This is what animation is all about, having fun, not taking themselves too seriously.

  • David Mackenzie


  • Pincushion12

    Ugly? Check.

    Unappealing? Check.

    Moronic? Check.

    Incoherent? Check.

    Not the slightest bit funny? Check.

    Limited movement and lazy animation that makes flash look good? Check.

    Stupidly immature to the point where a 6 year old child would feel insulted? Check.

    A seemingly constant barrage of fart jokes and stupid, random imagry substituting for any semblance of humor or wit? Double, Triple, Quadrupble Check.

    This…. may very well be one of the single worst things that it has ever been my misfortune to witness.

    This was almost painful to behold. It’s like it was conceived not only to waste time, but to kill braincells.

    Anyone who actually claims to like this awful, poorly made tripe couldn’t possibly have a single intelligent reason as to why. I’ve seen better things come out of NEWGROUNDS. And that’s saying something.

    In fact, I have the suspicion that this ugly, unfunny, blithering load of inane, derivative, inconsequential horcecrap may be lowering my I.Q.

    Yup… motor functions, beginning to dull.

    Typing stuff knowing how to doingness starting to go aways…. interlelegense iz like going down. omg i kant spelll or make the think stuff anymore….

    duuuhhh whut waz i sayeing? o yah duuuhh thiz waz kewl itz waz liek every offer kartoonz i seen but it had farting n i liek teh part wehn there was a comooter and he farted on teh munsters duhhh wath a guud show i hop dey maek more duuuuh

  • Pincushion12

    By the way. My last post there… I was being facetious.

    I don’t even know what point I was really trying to make.

    I actually did enjoy Uncle Grandpa to some extent. Even though I only cracked a smile and I did think the art was ugly, I was mostly overexaggerating. Wildly. And being a prick.

    I guess I was sort of parodying the stuffy, know-it-all pathetic geekery exhibited by the kind of militant, self-absorbed “Comic Book Guys” of Simpson’s fame that the internet (and this very site, on MANY occasions) are known for.

    Mostly to prove sort of a thinly vield point at the kind of comments you get often, here. Or that the editors often, make, themselves.

    I guess this site gets so much of this goofy, self-absorbed, militantly hateful rampant negativity, that I didn’t want to feel left out and I wanted to…. blend in?

    Yeeeah. Let’s go with that one.

  • When i first saw this a while ago, I also was scratching myself “why isn’t this on tv?!”.

    On a side note, Uncle grandpa reminds me of Bill Murray. Simply awesome.

  • Chuz


  • WoodyG

    Uncle Grandpa was nominated for an Emmy! Will Uncle Grandpa wear his rainbow suspenders to the big show?

  • ed

    aaand, this uncle is a Don Martin’ son

  • The Don

    It’s more like a really weird acid trip