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What’s Wrong With Ruth?

Today’s episode of Cartoon Network Pilot Playhouse asks the eternal question, What’s Wrong With Ruth? (created by William Reiss).

(Thanks, Charles Brubaker)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Gad, what annoying characters, paired up with even more annoying voiceover work (Edie McClurg excepted). Still trying to reproduce the alchemy of Spongebob, and coming up way short. What’s wrong with Ruth? Plenty. Attitude and yelling cannot be equated with character and storytelling. This short, like Ruth, is trying too hard. I sympathized with the townsfolk, I wanted to throw garbage at this little pest.

    Please, aspiring production companies–don’t try to give what you think the network suits want, come up with your own ideas. True, they’ll be shut down like everything else in CN’s pilot program, but at least you can sleep at night not feeling like you’ve prostituted yourself.

  • that was really really really bizarre. And yet really really really entertaining.
    Although I think that duck/goose was my favorite part.

  • Iritscen

    Looks like the early birds maxed out the guy’s bandwidth. Too bad for the rest of us!

  • Katella Gate

    Jerry: Your link broke their bandwidth. I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

  • Jason

    I think it’s yet another case of someone who doesn’t know how to write funny, so he writes loud, stupid, mean and obnoxious. Again, it’s beginning to be very clear why CN has elected to feature more live-action in its lineup. I’d take a pass on toons too if stuff like THIS was what I had to choose from.

  • chdr

    Just as a clarification: this pilot is not part of the Cartoonstitute, and was produced in 2007, before the current execs were even in office. Just saying that before everybody jumps on the “let’s blame LIVE-ACTION NETWORK!!!” bandwagon.

    As for the short, it was shrill, incomprehensible, and ugly. I can see why it was turned down.

  • *chdr*

    Depending WHEN in 2007, Synder might have been in office. He came to the network in June of that year. Anyway, yeah. I looked at it several times, and it was still confusing. Guess there is such a thing as too strange. Can see why the network passed on it.

  • Actually, the copyright date in the end credit reads 2006, so…yeah.

    I can see why this was passed. Even by current standards it was very strange.

  • This was done before the new regime – I worked on it…

  • Looney Lover

    What you are looking at here is the result of the old development team. from 2006 and earlier. This cartoon had tons of executives tampering with it as almost all the old pilots at CN had. This artist/ director is a really talented and funny guy. I think If you looked up Bill Reiss’ Chowder episodes you would have a better opinion of the artist and get a better picture of what old development did to a creator/ artist. It is a real shame that the Cartoonsittute didn’t become a permanent fixture of CN.

  • Arthur F

    Another rejected CN vehicle? This time appearing like an unfinished, thin version of some “Rocco”-era extra elevated to standalone status. Needs so much work still… and yes to all of the above comments, as to shouty, hyper, etc…don’t get it at all, what happened to writing and character. Still, if you ‘ve ever seen the original pilot to Family Guy, which looks and feels nothing like the final Family Guy, you can imagine how much is still possible to turnaround. But CN is specializing in cartoons – theoretically – so they should be a bit further up on the ladder when it comes to picking the riper ones.

  • Scott G.

    I saw some art for this a couple of years ago in the halls at Cartoon Network when I visited a friend there, and was really looking forward to seeing it become a series. I haven’t seen the pilot you linked (it isn’t available anymore) but aren’t these pilots supposed to be a little ‘out there’?

    If this is the same William Reiss that did some of the early Spongebob stuff and rocked out some great episodes of Chowder, they totally should have let him have his own series.

  • Actually he just did get his own series at Disney and for what it’s worth some of the Chowder stuff he wrote was the best on the Chowder.