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Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle Of Dogs’ VR Experience To Launch At Sundance

Wes Anderson has teamed up with Montreal, Canada-based vr studio Felix & Paul Studios to create a vr experience centered around his upcoming stop-motion feature Isle of Dogs.

The project – Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality) – is set to debut next month in the New Frontier program at the Sundance Film Festival.

Details about the vr project are sparse, but the description explains that the experience inserts the viewer into the miniature world of the film, “face to face with the cast of dogs as they are interviewed on set, while the crew of the film works around you to create the animation you are seeing.”

Expect to see film studios create more vr tie-ins for animation releases. Earlier this year, Disney-Pixar released the first vr tie-in for one of its features, Coco VR, created with Facebook’s Oculus division and vr studio Magnopus.

  • KW

    Everyone seems to be trying to come up with a reason to use VR without even asking if its necessary. Sure this will probably be neat to experience in VR but it doesn’t sound like anything that cant be watched on a regular screen. The only convincing use I’ve seen for VR so far is what it was originally made for, video games.

    • GW

      The VR that we see right now is very basic compared to what we’ll see in the future. It will probably be less of a particular story experience than a world you can roam around in and use artificial voices and sound effects so that there can be more full realistic consequences. I can think of several uses for VR. There’s virtual environments to interact in, worlds where you can explore shapes, and thought experiment simulations. One thing you can also do is customize stories so that they’re exactly the way you want them. That’s probably the endpoint of interactive fiction as we’re exploring it today. Well at least until we start messing around inside of people’s heads. I haven’t interacted with VR much other than Google Spotlight Stories and the like. I don’t know how much I’ll use it in the future. Too many gadgets and not enough time.