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Ward Kimball

Happy 100th Birthday, Ward Kimball!

Happy Centennial, Ward Kimball!
March 4, 1914—March 4, 2014

It’s been quite a century. Celebrate Ward’s legacy:

Your contributions to the art of animation won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

  • Can we reopen discussions about the book coming out?

  • Jenny Lerew

    Who else is in the picture with Ward and Crumb (besides John Kimball who I think is there)?!
    Happy Birthday, ICON-oclast!

    • AmidAmidi

      It’s packed with superstars: Top row, from left to right: John Kimball (a great animator and director in his own right), Al Dodge, George Probert (Firehouse Five clarinetist/soprano sax), Robert Crumb, Ward Kimball. Bottom row, from left to right: Robert Armstrong (creator of Mickey Rat), Spencer Quinn (actor/musician), Llyn Foulkes (Ward’s son-in-law and famous artist).

  • Richard

    This article only reminded me that we’re still not able to read Amid’s book.
    Anyway, thank you for the amazing pictures! :)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      We’ll never forget!

  • Jack Rabbit

    A good man who lived a good life…….

  • Sam

    How’s that book going?

  • WriterofthePlains

    Wow, Ward Kimball, Ray Bradbury, and Chuck Jones all together! I would’ve loved to have been a fly in that ice cube.

    • OtherDan

      Maybe not the most strategic spot for a fly in the room.

  • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

    What a character.

    Happy 100th Ward!

  • Roberto Severino

    Ultra talented superhuman. His accomplishments and sheer brilliance will not be forgotten.

  • Hankenshift

    Ward must’ve been crappin’ his pants standing next to Louis Armstrong!!

    Happy Birthday, Ward! Please come back–even for a moment–and kick Disney’s ass to release Amid’s book!!!!

    • AmidAmidi

      The only thing I can say is that I am as committed as ever to telling Ward’s story—whole and uncensored.

      PS – Ward played on numerous occasions with Louis Armstrong. Ward also jammed with Hoagy Carmichael, was friendly with Benny Goodman, backed up Bing Crosby on his radio show, and played on the same date as Duke Ellington. In other words, Ward was a legit musician. It’s a story that will be told.

      • Roberto Severino

        Even more awesome. I’m a huge fan of Satchmo, the Duke and the other musicians here as well as Ward Kimball. I really enjoyed his Firehouse 5 Plus 2 work too.

        On a sort of related note, there’s a cool Louis Armstrong blog I read regularly called The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong and I think if there were any cool stories about Ward meeting the man, they would be perfect for Ricky Riccardi, the jazz historian who runs the blog, to cover though it’s just as great if they are in your book too. He’s been doing a series of posts lately called Encounters with Louis, all fascinating reads.

  • James Madison

    Indeed! Happy Birthday, Ward Kimball!!!!!

  • OtherDan

    ‘Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom’ would still get the Oscar today. That’s one cartoon that holds up! Happy Birthday Mr. Kimball-you crazy glasses wearing fellow! He looks like he lived a good life…now, if we only had a good biography on the dude.