AniMazSpot Q3 Winners

AniMazSpot had a very close race for the top two shorts of the Third Quarter entries. Lots of terrific shorts, in different styles, different techniques, different stories, and from many different countries, and although there were several top vote getters, two clear winners emerged, which will go on to vie for Best of Festival at the fourth annual AniMazSpot 2012 festival, September 10 through 16.

Two from each quarter will make up the eight nominees for Best of Festival. The top Best of Festival Winner will receive Larry Loc’s Bozu Bronze trophy. Of course, other close runners-up will be nominated for various category awards, to be announced after the fourth and final quarter toward the middle of August. The final winners in all categories will be announced, and presented their awards on the last evening of the festival on September 16.

So, the two winners for this Third Quarter are:

Michael Zachary Huber for his Worlds Apart, which focuses on a teddy bear who’s the central character an adventure that is part science fiction, part thriller and part cautionary fairytale. Some of you may remember Mr. Huber for his short, The Offering, which was nominated for Best Design at AniMazSpot 2010. He studied animation at Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, California, and got some good advice from the AniMazSpot jury panel, and now works in the San Francisco Bay area.


Özgül Gürbüz for her Flawless Life, which follows a homeless man through the back alleys of Istanbul, where he finds something in a dumpster which changes his life, while giving us an insight into a life many of us can not even imagine. Ms. Gürbüz is from Istanbul, Turkey, where she studied at Anadolu University / Fine Arts / Animation. This is AniMazSpot’s first Quarterly Winner from Turkey, and if Gürbüz is any example, they hope more Turkish animators will follow.

Congratulations to these two Q3 winners, as well as the Q1 winners, Lissa Pascale and Nathan Jones, and the Q2 winners, Michaela Copikova and Michael Cawood. These six will be joined by the two winners of the Fourth and final Quarter to see who wins the Bozu Bronze trophy.

The fourth quarter now is open for entries and the deadline for submissions is July 16th, all entries are accepted and receive comments from the AniMazSpot jury panel. To submit a short visit, click “submit a short”