“Ben & Izzy” Set for North American Debut

Los Angeles, CARGH Entertainment announces the July 2012 debut of Ben and Izzy, on, a new online destination for children’s programming targeted to kid audiences in the U.S. and Canada. The announcement was made today by Rubicon Group Holding CEO Randa Ayoubi.

A 3D animated action-adventure comedy series, Ben and Izzy follows the tales of two eleven-year-old boys, Ben, an American, and Izzy, a Jordanian, who embark on historical quests to ancient times and places in the Middle East and Africa region. The property has proven a favorite with kids on Cartoon Network Arabia, and in its featured window on Emirates and Qatar Airlines flights.

“It is exciting to be extending the reach of this wonderful series to new regions of the world,” said Ayoubi.  “Kidobi’s safe, kid friendly portal provides a great platform to share Ben and Izzy’s many adventures in the MENA region with children across the globe in North America.”

“We are thrilled to be featuring Ben and Izzy at It is a program we have been following since it came into the marketplace as a pilot because of its unique storyline that explores foreign cultures. Ben and Izzy is an important new addition to our programming lineup for kids in the U.S. and Canada,” said Eric Sorenson, Director of Research & Content at Kibodi.

Ben and Izzy travel the world with their archaeologist grandfathers in search of lost artifacts. With the spirited genie Yasmine at their side, the outspoken young Jordanian (Izzy) and the precocious adolescent American (Ben) endeavor to rescue antiquities from black market baddie Clutchford Wells and his silent but feisty henchwoman Roxanne. Although according to Ben and Izzy, Yasmine is often the thorn in their collective side