Buzzco Creates Animation for TED’s Ted Ed Initiative Buzzco Creates Animation for TED’s Ted Ed Initiative

Buzzco recently animated a short film for TED’s new educational initiative, TED Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing, an open platform dedicated to providing high school and college teachers a new way to use video content on the web. TED’s Chris Anderson described the new initiative on Posterous, where he explains the process for “flipping” web video content into lessons that can easily be assigned in class or as homework, complete with context, follow-up questions and further resources.

Buzzco’s Sex Determination: More Complicated Than You Thought is featured in Anderson’s post as an example of the collaboration between teachers and animators for the new platform. Additional short films can be viewed on the TED Ed YouTube channel, which launched in March.

New York animation icon Candy Kugel and the rest of the Buzzco team completed the project, which runs five and a half minutes, in only two and a half weeks from script to final product. Now there’s a lesson worth sharing!

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