Call For Entries: Inaugural Jack Davis Humor Show

To Take Your Place In The Inaugural JACK DAVIS HUMOR SHOW
~ A National Juried Exhibition ~

Whereas: It was 1950 when Jack Davis made his way from Atlanta to New York City to take his place as an illustrator, create light hearted, energetic and irreverent images that provided, as all popular media must, a true and honest reflection of our life and times.

And Whereas: Over the next half century Jack Davis established himself as one of the preeminent illustrators in America, with no artist having more success packing more people in less space, by his myriad creations lauded by one and all as peerless visual extravaganzas: parties to which we are all invited, and at which we all seem to be having an exceedingly good time.

And Also Whereas: The appreciation of said humorous illustration in all its manifestations is a time honored tradition for both young and old, whether as comic books, political and social satire, on and in magazines or as art for the movie and music industries, this long tradition of humorous illustration being a critical (if at times negligently under appreciated) cornerstone of American popular culture.

And Additionally Whereas: Humorous illustrators in creating said works serve as the court jesters, the comic commentators and coal mine canaries of said popular culture and are thus deserving their place in the spotlight, it is hereby decreed that THE JACK DAVIS HUMOR SHOW will take place, and all aforementioned creators of humorous illustration in its varied and wondrous forms are invited join the fray, celebrate a grand tradition, and in so doing do their part to keep the party going!

Therefore: Let the word go out to all said professional illustrators engaged in the editorial and advertising fields, and to all creators of cartoons and comics, that they are hereby invited to submit their finest work to a jury of their peers, with all successfully adjudicated work being exhibited at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation galleries for the period of January 21 thru February 22, 2013, and online at: for a period of not less than one year.