“Monstroids” Animated Series in Development

LOS ANGELES, CA — Global brand management firm Evolution and Rollman Entertainment have partnered with creator Kevin Grevioux on the rights to Monstroids, Grevioux’s fresh twist on classic monsters from the upcoming Astounding Comics & Darkstorm Studios comic book series. Together, the team will utilize their expertise to develop and produce new content with an animated television series targeting boys 6-12 and spearhead a global brand strategy, licensing and retail development program for the property.

Evolution’s four partners, Travis J. Rutherford, Adam Unger, Stanley Lerman, and Ryan Broomberg, will focus primarily on developing and executing the Monstroids brand strategy; while Rollman Entertainment’s Eric S. Rollman, whose career includes presidential posts at both Marvel Animation and Saban/Fox Family Productions, will utilize his wealth of experience toward the development and production of the Monstroids television series. Rollman’s recent producing credits include Sea Rescue, NFL Rush Zone, LBX, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Wolverine & the X-Men, Spectacular Spider-Man, Super Hero Squad, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and while at Saban/Fox Family Productions, he was credited on over 7,500 episodes of animated and live-action television series and dozens of films.

The Monstroids television series is anticipated to have a Q2 2014 TV launch, with products at mass retail in fall 2014.   Key categories will include toys, video games, apparel, accessories, fast food, beverages and theme parks.

“The licensing potential for Monstroids is phenomenal,” commented Rutherford.  “The unique characters that comprise the Monstroids are rivaled only by the opportunities inherent with this imaginative, engaging and purely entertaining property.”

“Kevin has taken Hollywood’s favorite monsters and uniquely mixed them with robotics, creating a compelling new take on these classics, perfectly suited to animation with fun, action filled story lines that will ignite the imaginations of kids everywhere,” added Rollman.

“It’s a great honor to have partners like Evolution and Rollman Entertainment who see the vision of Monstroids so clearly,” said Grevioux. “I’ve wanted to bring these characters into the kids entertainment space for a long time now and am confident that with the collective experience within this group, it will translate into a monster success for everyone who comes on board with us.”

Half monster and half machine, the Monstroids are the most advanced man-made creatures ever constructed. Frankenborg, Gearwolf, Draculoid, Quasimotor, Harponica, Jackhammer, Mummitron, Drillbit, Megahurtz, Aquatech — were created by the sinister Dr. D. L. Frankenheim to assist him in his fiendish plot to take over the world. But Frankenheim built his creations too well. Rebelling against their megalomaniacal master, the Monstroids band together to fight battles that no one single monster, man or machine can, all in an effort to protect the righteous and preserve justice.