The Paralympics Get Animated The Paralympics Get Animated

The Paralympics Get Animated

100s of disabled and non-disabled young people from 12 countries and 23 schools are connecting live online to produce an animation celebrating the Paralympics in time for London 2012!

Inspired by some of the world’s Paralympians and a team of animators and musicians (all who, like the Paralympians, have a disability or are deaf), this project is a feat of inspiration, determination, courage and equality, the Paralympic values.

In the animation an animated Paralympic torch leaves Stoke Mandeville Stadium, the birthplace of the Paralympics where Dr. Guttmann started his pioneering work in 1945. It is waved off by young people from the UK and travels around the globe through the cultures of young people sharing elements of their cultures, land and townscapes, and featuring their thoughts and reflections on the Paralympic values as well as their own ambitions. The torch then returns to the UK in time for London 2012 to be greeted by young people from the UK, before it’s journey to Brazil for 2016.

The project is being lead by UK based Animator David Bunting, and USA based Oscar nominated Animator Gary Schwartz. Creative inspiration is also coming from Singapore based Paralympian and highly successful artist Greg Burns.  It is produced and Managed by Vicky Hope-Walker.

“The children in our small school had not heard of the Paralympics before?” Orchid Garden School, Katmandu

“It is great to be able to link in with a cultural project for London 2012?” Greg Burns, Paralympian and Artist

“This is great for our children, opening up the world to them?” Annabel Ashwell, Mandeville School

“This project is an enormous challenge, and technology doesn’t always work as well as we want, but it also the most exciting thing I have ever worked on. Bringing together young people from very varied lives and cultures, to be so inspired by the artists and Paralympian involved, and each other is at moments mind blowing for us?” Vicky Hope-Walker Project Manager