Trunk’s Layla Create​s A Gorgeous Animati​on For Cummins Trunk’s Layla Create​s A Gorgeous Animati​on For Cummins
Trunk Animation’s Layla Atkinson has just finished a beautiful short film for OWM&M and engine giant Cummins.

The film highlights and promotes Cummins’s dedication to not only meeting, but exceeding, European emissions legislation, currently known as Euro 6…… Turning dull European Union legislation on Nitrogen Oxide emissions into a beautiful film was no small feat. Yet, as Layla had previously worked with Cummins and OWM&M she was able to use the characters she had created before with their associated messages and look as a starting point for the film.

Animated using Flash and After Effects with textures added using Photoshop the film pans through a sumptuous layered rainforest hand drawn by Layla. Throughout the film Cummins’s key points appear in leaves, branches, grasses and as moss covering rocks. The integration of these key points into the natural growth of the rainforest reflects Cummins’s over arching message as the natural choice for Euro6. The pace of the film is perfectly supported by Fonic’s sound design and the music created by Ivan Arnold who Layla notes “Together created a beautiful soundtrack that really brought the film alive”.

Throughout the film Cummins’s characters make an appearance, such as the ladybird, their symbol for Euro6 and the chameleon that symbolises Cummins’s ability, like a chameleon, to integrate and blend into a companies ethos. The sumptuous colour palette emphasises the depth of the layers and reinforces the environmental aspect of Cummins’s message. An indirect influence on the look of the film was the work of illustrator Charley Harper. Layla notes “His fantastic book ‘an illustrated life’ has loads of gorgeous drawings in it that I love. But when I made the film, although I kept the book by me, I never opened it, as I didn’t want to copy his style accidentally. I also needed the plants and creatures in the film to be more simplified than his so that the emphasis throughout the film would be on the words”

Chris Arrant

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