UK’s Big Giggles Sign Co-Production Deal with India’s Eden Animation Studio UK’s Big Giggles Sign Co-Production Deal with India’s Eden Animation Studio

UK’s Big Giggles Sign Co-Production Deal with India’s Eden Animation Studio

Big Giggles Ltd. and Eden Animation Studio Pvt Ltd are pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic agreement to pool their talents and resources in the co- production and exploitation of multiple projects for Children’s TV series, Home Video and Multi-Platform Licensing.

Big Giggles, based in Telford, UK, has become recognised as a consistently successful supplier of renowned and potentially very profitable Intellectual Properties. Big Giggles have an exceptional portfolio of self owned and in house developed properties that have been signed for television and licensing by some of the most influential companies in the entertainment industry for Worldwide Representation

Eden Animation Studio, based in Rajasthan, INDIA is a dedicated production house of quality animated contents based on original IPs targeting audience across the world. The studio holds an exciting bouquet of IPs already produced and few in different stages of production.

Project # 1 – Mac & Co, 3D CGi, 52 x11 mins, Budget 2 million USD.

Mac and Co is a series of adventures centering on a bouncy, fun loving, excitable and very special and determined little red truck who is gearing up for lots of adventures with his best friends. Mac and his friends live at the Great Grille Truckstop which is at the centre of a very busy town called Coggington a transport distribution hub network that spans the world!

The little red truck likes to make new friends from many different countries and is excited and amazed by their interesting cultures and cargo. Every day is a different adventure and Mac & Co manage to resolve issues and make sure that business gets done so that the wheels of Industry turn smoothly in Coggington.

Project # 2 – Noa; sailing into adventure 3D CGi, 26 x 22 mins, Budget 3 million USD
A great escape story filled with exciting adventures as a group of exotic animals, led by Noa, a rock’n’roll loving Chinchilla escape their dingy pet shop prison in Manhattan. The quirky friends build an Ark and sail the highs vowing to help other creatures in peril across the world. Noa and his friends are posed with environmental and ecological issues and are introduced to the dilemmas faced by endangered species. Throughout the episodes there is a great deal of fun and humour even in the tightest spots and the underlying theme of hope overcoming adversity is always evident.

Project # 3 – Mindi the Mermaid 2D, 52 x 7 mins, Budget 1 million USD.

A lovely series of underwater stories as fun loving Mindi and her family face the everyday issues of life beneath the deep blue sea in a little lost world called Salt City. Children and parents can identify with Mindi as the series portrays a modern and contemporary family, focusing on everyday activities and the dynamics within it.

Cindy Edwards, MD of Big Giggles stated “It’s fantastic that Eden Animation have recognised the huge potential that our unique properties offer; we’re excited by the prospect of working with such a prolific production company and look forward to an exciting partnership!

Dinesh Jain, Chairman of Eden Animation informed, “We are looking forward to working with Big Giggles and bringing the properties on a successful journey across the world!”