Immersive Disney Animation Immersive Disney Animation

Toronto-based Lighthouse Immersive Inc., the venue operator for locations that hosted the Immersive Disney Animation experience, has filed for creditor protection in Canada, as well as a supplementary bankruptcy filing in the United States. Lighthouse Immersive Studios, a subsidiary company that produced the Disney experience, is not experiencing any financial difficulties and operating as usual.

The U.S. Chapter 15 filing was made in Delaware’s U.S. bankruptcy court (case numbers 23-11021 and 23-11022). This type of filing is ancillary to an international creditor filing.

The company’s financial woes were foreshadowed last month when Lighthouse cancelled the Immersive Disney Animation experience in Houston, postponed the L.A. launch, and abruptly shut down the exhibit in both Atlanta and Dallas. At the time, it was not known that the company was experiencing financial difficulties.

The company first attracted attention for its immersive Van Gogh exhibit, and has since launched a variety of touring immersive exhibits centered around King Tut, Monet, Klimt, and Frida Kahlo. Its Disney show, which premiered only eight months ago, was developed in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios and showcased both classic and contemporary Disney animated films.

Per a report in Bloomberg, the company’s court filing reveals that they have obtained financing to remain operational through bankruptcy proceedings.

UPDATE: This story was updated to reflect that venue operator Lighthouse Immersive Inc., and not show producer Lighthouse Immersive Studios, filed for creditor protection in Canada. Both companies are subsidiaries of Lighthouse Immersive.