A new survey has produced detailed information on the animation industries of the Ibero-American region — Latin America, Spain, and Portugal (and tiny Andorra, which has no industry to speak of).

The Ibero-American Animation Quirino White Paper, which was unveiled last week at Mexico’s Pixelatl festival, set out to answer three essential questions about these industries: “Who are we? How many are we? Who can we co-produce with?”

The result is a vast database covering 23 countries. The researchers have collated information about 867 production houses, 262 training centers, 93 events, and 26 associations, including contact details and geographic maps.

Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are the most productive nations, with over 100 studios each, but smaller territories like Nicaragua and Cuba are also carefully surveyed.

Alongside the directory of events and organizations, the paper breaks down each country’s industry by the formats and techniques in which its studios work. A number of appendixes focus on key issues in the sector, such as the gender pay gap, and use case studies — Chile’s Zumbástico Studios, Tenerife’s Isla Cartoon policy — to illustrate progress in Ibero-American animation.

Source: Ibero-American Animation Quirino White Paper

The paper was announced in April at the Quirino Awards, and an earlier version of its data was released during Annecy Festival in June. It’s the latest in a series of new initiatives to forge ties between Latin America’s dynamic animation sectors, and also across the Atlantic to Spain and Portugal — other efforts include the Quirinos and Pixelatl’s Ideatoon contest. The researchers intend to update the paper next year with more granular data on areas like job numbers and box-office earnings.

The paper can be downloaded in both Spanish and English from the Quirinos’ website.

(Image at top: Beatriz Navas, left, and Beatriz Bartolomé present the white paper on September 5 at the Pixelatl Festival in Mexico.)

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