Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Leading Japanese production, sales and distribution company Toho is placing an added emphasis on animation in its new ten-year business plan.

The announcement came as Toho unveiled its 2021 financial results earlier this month. In the presentation, Toho revealed that revenues from animated productions had doubled over the previous year thanks to strong sales of anime packages, commercialization licenses, and video distribution.

After presenting financial results from the past year, the company shifted to the future and unveiled a new 10-year plan for growth and expansion. Within the structure of that plan, Toho establishes both medium-term and long-term goals in which animation will take on a far more significant role.

Until now, Toho’s business was built on three pillars: Movies, drama, and real estate. Animation had previously been just one part of the company’s movies business – along with production, distribution, and theater management. But the thought going forward is that animation will become a fourth, independent pillar.

Toho’s animation business will include theatrical feature animation as well as any TV series and video game productions which spin from them. It will also incorporate video distribution, commercialization, merchandising, stage production and overseas expansion for its animated IPs.

According to reports, there will be three primary initiatives driving the company’s animation business:

  • Active investment in planning and development. That is, the company will focus on acquiring existing animation rights as well as developing its own original properties.
  • Overseas. Toho is planning to set up bases and begin marketing its content in North America, while also opening pathways to begin co-producing with foreign partners.
  • Utilizing digital media. Toho will expand its original product development to smartphone apps, games, and other interactive content based on its animated properties.

Image at top: Toho’s “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle”

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Jamie Lang

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