Barking Orders Barking Orders

When Queen Elizabeth passed away on Thursday, there were rumors that comedy might be cancelled in the U.K. while the land mourns the death of its long-serving sovereign. But we believe that sometimes the best medicine for melancholy is levity, so we’ve singled out Alexander Tullo’s absurd royal succession short Barking Orders as our short pick of the day.

In the film, a tragic accident claims the lives of the entire royal family and the order of succession lands on an unlikely heir to the crown, in this case the queen’s corgi.

The pup’s adorable face, too-short legs, and fluffy butt betray an inner darkness which prove that this queen’s best friend doesn’t have the right temperament to be a head of state. Taking some liberties with how much power the leading royal has, the short see’s Britain’s furry leader take a tyrannical turn before being scolded by its caretaker.

Barking Orders was Tullo’s final project at Ringling College of Art and Design and won silver at the 2021 Student Academy Awards in the domestic animation school category. Of the film, Tullo has explained:

This project is the culmination of everything I’ve learned at Ringling and hopefully will be my passport to new experiences and memories at studios and festivals around the world.

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