Punch Punch Forever! Punch Punch Forever!

Watch 11-year-old Gogo Matsumoto single-handedly take out a team of bloodthirsty baseball-obsessed demons in Speedoru’s Punch Punch Forever!, today’s Cartoon Brew pick.

Animated with a fun and strikingly authentic 1980s-1990s aesthetic enhanced by VHS artifacts, advertising bumpers, and commercial cuts. There is also a bit of meta fun the video’s description, where Speedoru explains that they found this tape in an old box where a rat bit him and made him go blind.

The film features non-stop action and visual gags highlighted by bright colors and ultra-emotional facial expressions that embody the best of that era of Japanese animation, all set to an intense electronic soundtrack that fits well with the frantic storyline.

As for the storyline, Speedoru’s synopsis reads:

Gogo Matsumoto, an 11-year old aloof martial arts prodigy, along with her half-demon older sister; Nono, her mama; Mama, and her cool pet frog; Coolfrog, embark to compete in a martial arts tournament that pits humans against a near-infinite barrage of demons from another realm called the Akumugai. If a human can come out triumphant, they will be granted a wish from the Akumugai’s warlord, Emperor Koro. Can Gogo overcome this impossibe challenge? If so, will she wish for a big, like REALLY big hambrguger? I hope so!

Punch Punch Forever! has only been out for a week, and already amassed more than 1.6 million views. The eight-minute short flies by, leaving us hoping for follow-up episodes where we can learn more about Gogo and her non-traditional family.

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Jamie Lang

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