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Sauna Security Sauna Security

For some, a trip to the sauna is an enticing experience that’s looked forward to with great excitement. For others, it can be a high-stress endeavor that must be endured rather than enjoyed. Both groups are represented in comedic fashion in Nils Knoblich’s charming animated short Sauna Security, now available online.

Humans of all shapes and sizes, some entirely in the buff and others wrapped tightly in their towels, share the intimate quarters of a steamy sauna, where spa security strictly enforces the rules of the house until no customers remain to enjoy the facility.

Over-the-top animation, distinct character designs, and some wacky sound effects more than make up for the lack of dialogue in delivering one enjoyable gag after another.

Knoblich wrote, designed, and directed the short, which was produced by Martin Schmidt, Dennis Stein-Schomburg, and German studio Raumkapsel Animation. Knoblich also animated alongside Janina Putzker and Benedikt Hummel.

Script, Design, Production, and Direction: Nils Knoblich

Co-Production: Raumkapsel / Martin Schmidt,  Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Animation: Janina Putzker, Benedikt Hummel, Nils Knoblich

Coloring: Karo Twiddy, Filip Dippel, Janina Putzker, Nils Knoblich

Technical administration: Marc Angele

Score: Chiara Strickland, Andreas Pfeiffer

Sound and Mix: Sumophonic / Christian Heck

Voices: Christian Heck, Janina Putzker

Artistic Advise: Verena Fels, Martin Schmidt

Funded by: MFG Baden-Württemberg & HessenFilm und Medien

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