Dont Know What Dont Know What

“Employing the method of single frame editing, primarily focused on sound, the realistic film image transforms into a surreal, structuralist and finally even abstract film. It creates a musical composition while experimenting with the human voice and transforming language into sound and music. Don’t Know What questions classical rules of different film genres by combining elements of avant-garde film / video art and entertainment cinema.”

Film by Thomas Renoldner, Austria, 2019.

Screened at over 65 film festivals. Winner of grand prize at Ottawa (2019) and Off Limits award at Annecy (2019). Nominated for best short subject at Annie Awards (2020).

Concept, direction, animation, music, actor, producer: Thomas Renoldner
Camera: Ludwig Löckinger
Sound recording: Adnan Popovic
Set assistant: Sophia Egger-Karlegger
Sound design, color grading: Andi Haller
Financial support: Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery of Austria, Division for Arts and Culture), State Government of Upper Austria – Cultural Department

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