Film by Giacomo Manzotti, Italy, 2019. Camera and DOP: Mario Zorzi. Sound design: Sonicmeal (Fabio Giacomo, Sirna Maraboli).

See behind the scenes photos of the film’s production HERE.

Director’s notes:

The Immortality of The Crab is an experimental animated short film shot on Super 8 film, made with in-camera editing and no post production. In this movie, the synaesthetic research between sound and image is accomplished by connecting the animations, made on 1,125 cardboard frames, with an original soundtrack produced in a very curious way…

The title refers to the time spent between the birth of the embryonal idea and the production of the short. “The Immortality of the crab” is a South American expression, almost no longer used, which indicates the act of daydreaming. This film symbolizes the director’s release from the specter of procrastination, a condition he systematically faced when daydreaming about possible ways to give shape to his idea.

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