“A small tight knit New England community is shaken by the arrival of a newcomer. Meanwhile, a mystical creature quietly affects the lives of the locals.”

Thesis film by Alan Jennings, USA, 2017, made at Calarts MFA Experimental program using TVPaint.

Screened at over 25 film festivals including Animafest Zagreb, Stuttgart, Klik, and Anifilm. Winner of best student film at Anima Syros (Greece) and special mentions at Linoleum (Ukraine) and Cardiff Animation Festival (Wales).

Direction and animation: Alan Jennings
Cast: Josh Shaffner, Blake Whitaker, Caitlin Craggs, Beth Murphy
Score: Diego Gaeta
Waterphone: Todd Barton & James Vitz-Wong
Theremin: Gordon Kurowski
Sound Mix: Craig Smith
Animation/color assistance: Amanda Bonaiuto, Anna Cangellaris, Gabriela Escovar, Annapurna Kumar, Kaylee SooHyun Lee, Adele Han Li, Sunny Liang, Beth Murphy, Dan Rowe, Jamie Wolfe, Shiyi Xiong