Klickbait Kat Klickbait Kat

Cartoon Brew contributing author Vincent Alexander is also a talented animator who has just released his latest short Klickbait Kat online.

The short was written, directed, and animated by Alexander, who recruited his sister, Holly, to help with voice acting and his father, John, to perform the film’s ragtime score.

Klickbait Kat proudly spoofs modern influencer culture, obliterating the fourth wall in the process. A wannabe internet celebrity cat abandons the traditional cat and mouse game routine, opting instead to interact directly with the audience in a pathetic attempt to secure internet fame.

The Tex Avery-style slapstick 2d animation is loaded with gags that feel familiar and fresh at the same time and the film’s animal cast of characters is goofy but recognizable. The high-energy leading cat is quarrelsome and intentionally violent, while the slow and deliberate mouse has an easy answer to each of the feline’s aggressions.

Although the animation, visual gags, and soundtrack are rooted in a bygone era, Klickbait Kat doesn’t suffer from too much nostalgia as some throwback shorts can do. Alexander’s sense of humor feels entirely contemporary as he cleverly spoofs modern trends like artificial intelligence, ASMR, influencers begging for likes and subscribers, ill-advised pranks, reaction videos, and annoying ads. He even manages to sneak in a cheeky Rickroll easter egg.

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.

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